50 Tickets SOLD! Discount Extented Until 5PM TODAY!!

Morning Folks!!

First, all the first 50 tickets are sold. These folks
receive the $100 room credit and a special gift from Rick and Howard valued at
$100. Effectively making admission $795. We have decided to extend it until 5PM
TODAY! After that, the next 50 will still receive the $100 Hotel Credit. When
those tickets are sold, then it just is a flat $995 until July 31.
So there are significant reasons to sign up right now without delay. Less than
half the cost of what it will be in just 90 days! $1000 less right now than it
will be then. Every tick of the clock just costs you more money. Just do it and
sign up right now. Your admission is fully refundable up until just 7 days
before the show. How do you lose by acting now. This sign up page will be removed at 5PM PDT TODAY and all future signups can be made here and still save $100.

Below is our schedule. Not only is this schedule subject to
change, it will change as we improve the agenda
to make sure it is packed with
useful things you can employ and use all year long. You will never go
hungry as we will have first class foods, drinks and snacks throughout
the day. All included with your admission. The way you expect us to do
it and just a tad better for good mesaure.

We are looking for sponsors
for pre show events for smaller groups of domainers. Wave running, Exotic Cars,
Beach Volleyball, Midnight Night Club Hopper or your special South Beach idea
or event. Contact Howard at howard@neulaw.com for availability and

Later this week or next and before we all get distracted by
summer, I will tell you about our Keynote speaker. Somebody I would imagine you
never heard of before but what he has to share with you will enrich your life
and that of your families. You will work smarter and reap more rewards than you
might have otherwise. Simon will dazzle you and you will take away renewed! He
won’t sell us any extra tickets, and the critics will be using bull horns but
his words will be with you long after the show is over.

Sunday October 17th

Noon Registration Opens

2PM Early Bird Networking. Make the most of your time and
meet folks early

4PM TRAFFIC Orientation. First time to TRAFFIC? We have a
special little gathering just for you to begin to meet some new folks and make
your days at TRAFFIC as rewarding as possible. We are much more than a

6PM Sunday Night…..Opening cocktail party. The party that
launched an industry and opened the doors to many deals and long lasting friendships. Be the guest of Rick and
Howard as once again bring a life changing event to life.

Monday October 18th

9AM Registration Opens

9AM-10AM Speed Networking TRAFFIC Style. You spoke, we
listened. Meet folks early and make the most of TRAFFIC. Prefer to sleep? Come
on, only a couple days of work to make a lifetime of difference. Get with the

Monday, 10:00 am Brunch. The most lavish feast to celebrate
2 days ahead of hard work and opportunity. (No pigeons allowed)

10:45 Opening Remarks by Rick and Howard. After a year in
the background, Rick and Howard take the stage to tell you what they really
think and what has happened over the year and what will be happening in the
next year or two as they see it.

11:15 Keynote by Simon. When we had the Orlando show at
Disney we have been trying to find out where the hell they get the “Pixie
Dust”. Well Simon is a Disney Alumni who is going to share that with us. This
will be life changing for you. Mark my words. The domain business is not about
domains, it is about business. And business is about life. Listen to what Simon Says! I personally
guarantee you will walk away with a treasure that will last a lifetime.

12:15 – 12:30 Break

12:30 Presentation and discussion of an industry in
change. An all out informal and
frank discussion of what we have done right, what we have done wrong and where
to in the future as folks diversify into other avenues and parts of the
Internet. No panel, just an open forum where anything goes. We will review
sales for the year and see what trends are developing.

1:45-2:00 Coffee Break

2:00 Seminar. Where the hell are our developing partners?
Can you develop a website without developing a business? SEO or Spammers? Can
you tell the difference? Relevance, popularity or something else? Who can find,
get and keep the real traffic? Graphics, coding. Development of true businesses
with a cash register. How other successes will drive our sector. Mini sites or
mini goals? We don’t know all the answers, so let’s have at it. A live forum
where anything goes.

3:00 Is the Gold Rush beginning or ending? The impact of the
new gtld’s, IDN, and will .whatever be meaningful. When? How big an impact or none at all? Is the second coming
of .com hope, hype or the future? How much is result oriented and how much is
wishful thinking?

4:00 Greed, Corruption, wrong doing, what companies and
organizations have not been good industry stewards? At TRAFFIC we let it all
hang out and let the chips fall where they may. A no bars hold discussion on
Google, Yahoo, the registrars, PPC companies and all the rest. If the shoe


6:30-9:00PM Relax, enjoy the hotel and South Beach. The hotel is smack dab right in the middle of all the action.

9:00 The Famous
TRAFFIC Party at one of South Beach’s “Secret Spots” that just happens to be
WORLD famous! This IS South Beachat its' best. Sponsored by .CO

Tuesday October 19th

10:00 AM Awards Brunch and Elevator Pitches. For the 6th
year in a row TRAFFIC will present the most coveted awards in the Domain
Industry in which the best of the best are recognized for their successes and
contributions. Your votes have been counted and tabulated and these are your

The awards will follow the 2 minute Elevator pitch. Have a
new service or product? It is a long standing tradition at TRAFFIC to help
introduce attendees to the newest solutions available. We provide the time and
platform because their success is our success collectively.

11:30 Free networking Schmooze with the exhibitors

12:30 Seminar….Anatomy of a Type in. Who is the person
typing in your domain and why are they doing it? Are they frustrated with the
results being served at threw search engines? Which came first, the chicken or
the egg? Our panel will get into the mind of the surfer.

1:30PM Seminar
Prospecting for End Users. Flip or hold? Which is the best strategy? Is
there a price point where domainers should no longer be buying unless they have
a plan for a business? Is the end user easier to find than you think?

2:30 Meeting of
the Chiefs. This event is always interesting. Heads of the industry will
discuss where we are and what the next 12 months are likely to look like and
why. We will discuss .whatever and the chances any will be more successful than
.mobi. PPC, Development, scandals. The most action packed, tell like it is, no
holds barred panel in the entire industry.

4:00 Get Ready to Rumble! The famous TRAFFIC AUCTION
conducted by Rick Latona Auctions. Drinks, food, lots of action.

9:00PM Farewell Party at one of the hottest clubs on South

Wednesday October 20th

9AM-10AM Safe travels breakfast. Get a quick but delicious
breakfast before you hit the road or start your day. A last chance to say some
goodbyes and reflect how great the week was. Another TRAFFIC under the belt.
See ya next year!