Rick scores a pair of 6 figure sales with Back to Back Domain Deals

Morning Folks!!

Not often you get two separate 6 figure deals at the exact
same time. But on Monday afternoon that was
exactly what happened. The first one I can not release the details of as yet
only to say it was just under $200k.
The second one was SydneyHotels.com that I hand registered early on for $100 and sold for $100,000. Both
deals were clean, hassle free and met my criteria. Both parties found me. It just keeps validating what I have said since the day I got on the net. 'Domains will go up faster in value than any other asset in the history of mankind.' Never believed, yet never challenged. Theory turns into fact and it gets validated with nearly every reported domain deal.

I hope to report on the details in the upcoming weeks and will be releasing some .other news in the coming days.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz