TRAFFIC Vancouver Opens TODAY! South Beach to Announce Keynoter!!!

Morning Folks!!

Vancouver TRAFFICopens today and it marks our first trip to
Canada. In the past year or so TRAFFIC has gone to Australia, Holland, Italy
and still have Ireland and Hong Kong before year’s end plus the big bash on
South Beach. We know Rick Latona and his team have been working hard to make Vancouver another history making event before heading to
Dublinin August.

In a few days I will be sending out the first detailed
information about our South Beach show in October. Unlike past years, the
schedule is mostly complete. Howard and I have contracted for our guest speaker. Somebody
you may never have heard of but will change your life with his words and
thoughts. I really mean, change your life. He will reveal secrets that have
long been locked deep because who was keeping those secrets. But when you get
fired from a company like that, there are tales to tell and laundry to sort out. I have heard some of those
tales and they are captivating and will help all of us in our journey.

At TRAFFIC we take great risks to get great results. When we
don’t do it right, everyone knows. So we have no choice but to hit perfection
each and every time. We have to nail it each and every time. We have to make it something special
each and every time.

So stay tuned for more news as it develops in Vancouver and
then spread worldwide in the coming months. TRAFFIC means business and the sprint is on!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz