This is what Franky Really Said but Could Not. Let me Interpret

Morning Folks!!

Do you know how to read between the lines?? The single most important post in the domain industry in a very long time was posted last night. It is much more than a post. This is something you need to read several times and study.

This is the type historical parallel that should give everyone reading this the fuel to persevere and keep moving forward. This is OUR story. This is OUR future. This is OUR present. This is Franky's GIFT to all domainers.

This was not a blog post that was easy to write. I would think many days of thought went into this. Maybe weeks. Maybe been thinking of it for years and just did not know how to put it into words.

After you do that, you need to insert and also change some names. Let me interpret Mr. Getty's Blog post. Oh, my mistake, I meant Franky as he talked about Shell Oil. Or was it Google?

Either way, I interpret the words to have the most impact with PPC companies whose fate was laid out rather well.

I don't mince words. pay attention to this post more than any you have ever read. PERIOD!

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz