….The Domain I Never Wanted to Sell

Morning Folks!!

The deal was headlines around the entire world from CNN to some 125 newspapers and more. If not for that sale, I doubt TRAFFIC would have happened in 2004. The sale gave me more mileage than anything else I ever did. But did I want to sell? No.

I was divorced just months before. I did not see it coming and most of my cash went with it. Some $5M at the time between cash and property. But most importantly, my domains, home and other critically important things were kept. (Maybe I should have talked to MM) But it took me out of the 'Domain Game' during a very important point in time. So I missed a very potent unique opportunity and had to focus on rebuilding my life until 2005 when I purchased to replace my previous 'Crown Jewel'.

This is the first time I am ever telling this story. I think I only realized the impact on my life when I looked back earlier this summer and began to analyze things. But hey, you deal the hand you are dealt and make the best of it every day of your life.

Could have been a lot worse.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz