,,,,, Among TRAFFIC Live Auction Entries.

Afternoon folks!!

If you are into .CO domains, some of the most prime available will be auctioned off to the highest bidder in South Beach on October 19th. Along with the headliners,,,,, will be some 175 other high profile domain names. Many with substantial traffic.

I expect the auction will be well into the 7 figures. That’s what will happen when you have great domains at great prices. The entire first release is here.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Here are My 10 Steps to Succeed on Any Project. Failure costs Time not Money.

Afternoon Folks!!

You have heard the expression 'Dress for Success'. But you also have to 'Think for Success' and plan to have a success.

Here is what I mean and here are the bullet points to get you there.

1. Make a decision and do it with a sense of urgency

2. Set a goal

3. Develop a plan to get to the goal.

4. Define amount of TIME not a defined amount of MONEY to get to the goal.

5. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

6. Don't waste time or get bogged down with bullshit.

7. Evaluate, re-evaluate, evaluate again and again and at every new point of progress.

8. Relax, take your time

9. Go like hell like there is no tomorrow

10. Know the difference

#4 is where I believe so many go wrong.

Folks want to learn by example. There is an example right in front of you. The one I use ALL the time. The one I used on Monday.

Howard and I decided to do a show before ICANN Meeting. That was the decision.

We then set a goal and what we want and need to achieve.

We set a TIME line.

Then doing it RIGHT trumps how much this or that costs. So when you restrain yourself with an artificial budget that somebody, committee, or boardroom made up, it just strangles all the right decisions right out of the equation and as a result, STUPID decisions are made. And as bad, TIMELY decisions are never made. Paralysis sets in and failure is not far behind.

Then prioritize what needs to be done and set deadlines for having them done. Don't wait for the deadline to complete. Complete everything early. There will always be a fire to put out and you'll need that time.

You can apply this formula to anything and everything. It works. It works every time unless someone varies from the SIMPLE guidelines.

It's also important when you see that the time is not working well, not to be afraid to abandon. If you fail and you fail the RIGHT WAY, it costs little or nothing. When you fail the other way and often it is also VERY expensive.

So that's the road and formula I use. Hope that helps you!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz