SPECIAL EDITION: My domain DeJour….Today VirtualTours.com

Morning Folks!!

When it rains, it pours. One of my all time favorite domains is VirtualTours.com. I have waited a long time for things to progress and still not the vision I see. My true vision is to be able to go “Virtually” to any and every corner of the world while in the comfort of your home. Or maybe a Deep Freezer if you want a virtual tour of the North Pole just for effect. With Google Street View etc we are well on the way. But not quite there. 20 year plan would put this into business in 2017. How much is a virtual tour of any place worth?

About 10 days ago I started receiving very serious inquiries about this domain. Until now, it had always been a popular tire kicker in my lot of domains. Now, there was something different. A product attached. But the value of my domain is in direct proportion to the idea and the market. So if this is a company with a $1 Million plan it would have no value to me. How much can my domain be worth if his top floor goes only to $1 Million? On the other hand, a larger vision will be a larger return and a much higher floor. Pigeons and Eagles some might say.

I am in no rush to sell. I would rather technology catch up with the domain to bring my idea to life. Plus as a real estate play with Property.com, Properties.com, ModelHomes.com, RealEstateforsale.com and a host of others, VirtualTours.com is too important a piece of that puzzle to break up.

This is just a real time example of 10 negotiations in progress with one domain name and new interest daily. Just one kernel of popcorn that could pop. And if not, I will just stick to my original game plan and let technology catch up with my idea.

And for future inquiries, I need no more than a link right here and we will all save a lot of time and energy. Thank you sincerely for your interest in VirtualTours.com. Those are my initial parameters. It there is a fit, lmk. If not good luck on finding one that is.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz