Time to Reveal Career Earnings. I’ll make the leap!

Morning Folks!!

In every Sport stats are kept and are made public for annual
and career earnings. You see it at
the box office every weekend. They keep track and the $$$ brings in more $$$
and interest. That is the reason they do it to begin with. They do it in Real
Estate to both create competition and interest among other things.

I believe domainers should begin to do this. It is not
enough to have a list of folks that made a million or more. Even restaurants
and car dealers keep score by dollar volume.

So I will take the lead. Not because I want to. Not to brag
either. But it is interesting. It is something that should be known. It is a
number I actually know. I did a Quicken Report. Voila!

Let me state that I am WAY down on the list of earners in
the domain business. I can name DOZENS that have earned more. Much more. They
have each earned hundreds of millions and or have assets equal to that and
more. So I am just doing this to start the conversation.

This does not include future payments. Ok, maybe I should not reveal. But it even surprised me.

So my question is why is everything so
secretive in domaining when we see just the opposite everywhere else? Are we stunting our own growth?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz