The Gold Rush of 1898 and A 1998 Alaskan Cruise that Proved Domains to be #1 Investment in History

Morning Folks!!

My job was the same as the gold miner EXACTLY 100 years before. Mine as much gold as fast as possible and don't worry about anything until you lay your stake and get back to town. Their premise with a different booty. Their trail with a different prize.

Coincidentally I was in Alaska in 1998 on a cruise. The centennial of the gold rush. I did not know that before I went and when I found out, my body shuttered. We were walking an historical parallel. I already knew that and with oil wells I based my everything on that viewpoint. But what I had were gold mines that were also spewing oil. And they were not in Alaska, they were in Times Square and by the Ocean and other places people pass and are interested in going to.

But the moment I learned of the EXACT time and there was a second parallel, it did something to me that I will never forget. I never looked back after that moment. The moment that destiny proves you are on some exact path and your job is to stay on course no matter what the naysayers say. No matter the snickers. No matter the laughs. No matter what. I became an Evangelist. Not for religion, but for domains. For increasing business. For beating your competition. For being the best in your category. For reaching the next level no matter what that level is. I preached since 1996, but now it was a different level. Now I had confirmed what it was that I saw and could go out with a bolder more confident message.

The Internet was still the enemy. Most companies were yet to have an online presence let alone doing any ecommerce. Media wanted to put a dagger thru the heart of this beast and kill it. Today you can see why they were so scared. But then, who knew?

And then there was that one other magical moment on that trip. We were one day behind Bill Gates and Warren Buffett and an all celebrity cruise. It was just then that Gates had been crowned the richest man in the world for the first time. I was on some sort of a magic carpet and whatever doubts I may have had before that trip, never surfaced again.

But I bought a miners hat on that trip and started to wear it. See I was thankful that while many thousands died searching for gold, I had the luxury of sitting in my bathrobe in a warm safe home and do the same thing they did. It was my tribute and my guilt.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz