Social Network is Really Social Genius. Have you ever REALLY seen Genius?

Morning Folks!!

I watched “The Social Network” DVD yesterday after watching it in the theater a few months back. I watched scenes over and over again. I could not stop dreaming about it last night. Again.

A movie like the Social Network is about a dream. An idea. Success like this is so very rare, but success like this also keeps dreams alive and ideas coming because you just never know when you will hit a nerve. Hit something big. And even if you hit something small, like owning a few domain names and building on that, it still works. It still fuels the dream.

The next part of the movie was understanding genius in action working. Social genius is a hard thing to communicate but it did that in the first scene and every scene after.

I don’t ever recall a movie being so contemporary. EVER! Do you?

In 2002 this juggernaut did not even exist. More users in Bosnia than roads.

This is a special movie like none other in HISTORY. I have watched it twice and played a few scenes over. I will watch again today. There is a blueprint here. There is a story of the fasting growing company in history. The youngest MULTI-Billionaire in history. Self made. A genius figuring out a simple but complex rubix cube. The valuation has gone from $25 Billion to 3x that in just a YEAR! I wrote this last night directly after watching. Like the first time, there were tears in my eyes. Everything was blurry but I typed as fast as I could anyways with a dozen misspells. But the thoughts are here. Every scene is a book! Every scene is genius. Every scene means something. Every scene worth watching over and over and over again.

Then I woke up this morning to see that the movie won a number of Golden Globe Awards. Well deserved. This is a true look into genius in a way that I have never seen genius. I am in awe of such a mind knowing I am not even in that type of orbit or could be. But the glimpse into that…..PRICELESS.

If you have not seen this movie, you are missing something very special and you are doing your self a disservice.. I would urge you to get it, watch it, watch it again and it won’t be until the 3rd time that you even begin to understand what is going on. Sheer genius. We are just mere mortals.

The Hula-Hoop has finally met it's match. I believe this to be the biggest business phenomena in history because we are all involved. Studying this is what it is all about. Understanding our limitations. The power of a simple idea that fills a void. This is just the beginning of the phenomenon, not the end and THAT is what makes this the most important movie in my lifetime and how we as domain asset holders and web based businesses and and everyone else in the universe can/will all directly and indirectly benefit.

Add to that a roadmap, a template a motivator a host of other adjectives that would take me a YEAR to get into. It is that deep. That simple. That important. and the story is still being written and that is what makes this unique. Don't waste a second, if you are reading this and have not ordered and watched it by this time next week........then you wasted valuable time.

Mark Zuckerberg is your new best friend. A friend you will never have to meet or see to understand but will get to know intimately. Forget if you like him or not. Business is not about like. It is about watching this genius and watching the movie that allows you to see and witness and UNDERSTAND genius. Of course we could only hope to understand. But they make that genius visible so mere mortals like us can identify genius when we see it and THAT is the greatest takeawy of the movie among so many I would not even know where to start or end and maye there is no end.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

44 thoughts on “Social Network is Really Social Genius. Have you ever REALLY seen Genius?

  1. prosper

    Watched the movie last night as well. Best scene is when Sean Parker tells Mark in the Sushi Restaurant to,”Drop the”The” in TheFacebook…it sounds better.”
    I’ve watched this scene over and over, mainly because this was Mark’s”Get It” moment. There was so much meaning behind that few seconds scene.

  2. Greg

    The most importand event is the idea is built upon something that did not even exist in the first part of my or your lifetime. Reminds me of computer class on the old radio shack tr80’s, i even did my homework in the store because no one even had computers anywhere else. stick figure simple video games, simple loops. Amazing story, great movie. Huge change, he imagined the unimaginable.

  3. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Thanks for the post. I watched the movie once already and plan to repeat soon. Though the movie tells a story that is imperfect ,because of hollywoods slant, lots of it is factual regardless. There is a genius in all of us and I witness this everyday. All of us domainers control the foundation of the internet. Just like the settlers who went west and felt the fear and did it anyway, they were early stage dreamers and innovators without really realizing it.
    It is happening again today and the movie reflects that reality. These settlers made their journey in groups. We as a group of settlers own the foundation of the largest business expansion in history.”Those who own and control the foundation or land are in greater control of this business expansion than they realize”. This is a great gift as well as responsibility.
    My dream is to be a small part of the powerfull business creation cycle we are in the early stages of. There are millions of people without jobs that yearn for an opportunity. Lets all work together to make that happen.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. RB

    They never mentioned how FB acquired the domain. That would have been an interesting side story.

  5. Domain Report

    My favorite part was the club scene with MZ and Sean Parker. The speech that started with the Victoria’s Secret story and the warning not to sell out too early was great. I also liked the song playing in the background,”Sound of Violence”. I think that scene captures a lot of the potential that was to come.
    There is a lot you can say about the movie, and it’s amazing it has been done so soon after the start of FB. You’d expect to see a movie like this in maybe 10 more years, but they probably figured FB is so popular that it would be a big hit movie now.
    The interesting parts to me were the fight between parties for ownership, how the whole idea came about for the site, how fast it grew, how little money was needed to start it up, how ironic it is that someone with that kind of personality started the biggest social networking site ever, Sean Parker of Napster fame was involved (didn’t know that before), and the kind of money that gets thrown around for a hot start up. I rarely buy a movie DVD but will likely buy this one.

  6. Muhammad Asadi

    You know Rick?, my feelings was just like you when i saw this movie 4 weeks ago. I repeated it many and many times. I’ll still doing that until getting a full understanding. Thank you for this interesting review.

  7. AlanR

    Rick, I haven’t seen the movie yet but from what I’ve heard so far, I plan on it. The one thing you didn’t make clear is what genius are you referring to exactly. Are you only referring to MZ or the movie makers or both? Now we know that MZ is a genius but you also have to give the people who made the movie the title of genius too because of how well they told the story. They could have done a terrible job of that and I bet no one would be talking about the movie today. Years ago, they made a movie made for TV about how Microsoft and Apple got started called,”Pirates of Silicon Valley”. The story is a great story but the movie more or less sucked and it didn’t win any praise or awards.
    Anyway, if they ever make a movie about the the domain business someday, you will be the key player in that story! You are the true genius behind the success of the domain industry as we know it today. I wonder who will play your part? Tom Cruise? Maybe George Clooney?


    Does anyone know who provided the info for the movie? To me, it seemed like Eduardo would appeal to the audience, and MZ looked a bit socially unept and unlikeable. So you would think the story was told from Eduardo’s point of view. Did MZ give any consultation to the movie too?

  9. Frank Michlick

    “Aaron Sorkin adapted his screenplay from Ben Mezrich’s 2009 nonfiction book The Accidental Billionaires.[…] No Facebook personnel, including founder Mark Zuckerberg, were involved with the project, although Eduardo Saverin was a consultant for Mezrich’s story.[3]”
    “Mark Zuckerberg declined to speak with Ben Mezrich while the book was being researched and after Zuckerberg and Saverin settled their lawsuit, Saverin broke off contact with the author.”

  10. MyLocator

    Fb’s user interface is filled with preexisting and inevitable social evolution.
    A good domain name, luck, timing and hundreds of millions of venture funding made fb what it is today. I have yet to find genius at Fb, maybe i need to see the movie.

  11. Josh

    Glancing through the 500 most popular websites. Facebook, Google, eBay, Yahoo, DrudgeReport, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, Flickr, Craigslist… And you can continue down the list.
    How many of those were category killer domains? How many were even generic? The upside to the facebook story is it teaches people how to register a domain. The downside is it teaches them you don’t need a good domain. And the top 500 proves it.

  12. MyLocator

    Yeah and if was named, or it would have the same success? Myspace and FB the two legends of social were both generally generic. In today’s social arms race your domain brand is your most valuable asset.

  13. Dave

    The people left holding the bag will be the shareholders after FB goes public. VC’s are no dummies in the pass the hot potato game. Reminds me of Jon Paulson and Goldman making billions on the sub-prime market, but the American people paid him (through AIG and then through Goldman) for that trade when TARP was passed.
    Rick, I think there are better examples of entrepreneurship that we can aspire to.

  14. Anunt

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  15. DomainsHeat

    I also recommend book for all of you: founders at work. Very inspiring!
    I am planning to watch it tonight! Need some inspiration.
    Also wonder if I can monetize in domain I have, let me know if anybody is interested. We could put some discussions there about the movie…
    Looking for partners and investors to help me with many interesting ideas like crowdsourcing for example…

  16. Michael Dew

    Hi Rick,
    I really enjoyed your post and appreciate your thoughts. The”Facebook” story is very compelling and inspires many to think big. I know as a Domainer I keep looking for rhe right idea to take to the world! The internet makes it all possible. I can’t stop thinking how a Facebook story may play into my domain””
    Mike Dew

  17. Rick Schwartz

    There are some disturbing parts of the story that indicate MZ is a sociopath by cutting out Eduardo. That was very bad. As for the twins, I think they were lucky to get the $65 Million.
    The achievement is the point. More eyeballs than all the networks and cable TV combined I would hazard to guess.
    The movie makers were definitely geniuses to be able to show genius in scene after scene. There was no dead time in that movie. Not a second. I can’t stop dreaming about it almost every night.
    I barely use Facebook myself. We used if for TRAFFIC last year and that was very useful. But personally, not much. I guess I am just not that social.
    This is still an”Infant” and that may be the biggest story. There just has been nothing like this and it is interesting and important to watch. Facebook is changing habits. Is making people stay online every day and do it longer. It’s their starting point, not their destination. That has great value.

  18. Andrew Rosener

    Rick – you should do everything in your power to get Zuckerberg as our guest speaker for TRAFFIC Fort Lauderdale.
    Now that is a speaker with impact and relevance!

  19. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    There are two major points to be gleaned from Social Network.
    1. Choose your Partners carefully!
    2. It is not about the money initially, Build it the money follows!
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  20. Gypsum Fantastic

    It is a good film, well acted and also has a killer soundtrack.
    However it is worth pointing out that without the initial funding provided by Eduardo, and the later involvement of Sean Parker, Zuckerberg/Facebook wouldn’t be anywhere near where it is today.

  21. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    Greetings! Thanks a lot for the great review & interests you created in us. I watched it once without understanding anything. Now you made me to watch it again and again until I understand its hidden value. I sent your message to my teen son to give it a try
    as it may give him power to show his hidden talents. But his view, ‘only genius is born with a rare lifetime opportunity like MZ’.
    Any way! Grateful for your insights, I always cared about.
    Have a good Day!!

  22. AlanR

    Rick, I’m like you when it comes to using FB. I’m not social and in fact, I’m probably considered anti-social so basically, I don’t get FB at all. It makes no sense to me. The only reason I got a FB page is because my daughter kept bugging me to get one but I rarely get on there. Most of my friends and relatives are pissed at me because I haven’t allowed them as friends in a timely manner.
    If FB was a domain extension, it would be bigger than .com and all the others tld’s combined. If FB started using sub-domains instead of sub-pages, then it would be the largest extension ever, even though it would be a second level tld. So to me, the moral of the story is that you can brand any domain and make it into a virtual world by either giving away pages like FB does or by selling off sub-domains! Of course, the shorter the domain, the better it would be as a second level extension. So far, the success of any website hasn’t been the domain, it’s always been the personality behind it. A domain is the platform that gives anyone a soapbox to stand on to be seen around the world. The better the domain, then the easier it is!

  23. ScottM

    We shouldn’t discount the value of and the name Facebook is very catchy and brandable, regardless of the technology and the social network it represents. 5 years ago it was My Space, 10 years ago it was sites like eBay and Gateway that were the darlings of the internet. Everything eventually peaks and then fades, Facebook will probably always be around but some kind of easier, less cumbersome social networking tool will eventually emerge and the masses will run to it as they did with instant messaging and e-mail and party lines previously. Whoever has the foresight to come up with the million or billion dollar name for the next biggest thing wins the lottery, and will also end up being sued by his former friends or colleagues who helped him or her along the way!

  24. Anunt

    Read my comments above!
    Who listened to me and bought AAPL shares today?
    AAPL went from $326 to $357 and now back down to $345 area.
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  25. David Horn

    Watched the movie. Perfect Jewish idea stealer. Special thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for showing such a bad example of Jews.

  26. JayJay

    (quote: Rick Schwartz said…
    This is still an”Infant” and that may be the biggest story. There just has been nothing******?? /../ It’s their starting point, not their destination. That has great value. :quote)
    Sorry to burst your bubble but I guess you (like me) would be equally fascinated with a movie based on how youtube or twitter started.
    Equally compelling too would be the Larry Page – Sergey Brin story and how they founded the Internet’s most powerful and influential biz opp from their back garage.
    That my friend is true entrepreneurial and technical genius at it’s finest! :)

  27. L.

    I feel fortunate to be able to work with the producers of this movie.
    Guess what @David Horn? They are all Jewish! Rather ignorant comment.
    Anyway, these filmmakers are finely tuned into their craft and have always been sort of the revolutionaries of film making. Some also did Curious Case Of Benjamin Button. Ironically we met on high end TV commercials.
    I’m on the opposite side of the coin here then a lot of domainer’s/developer’s. My portfolio consists mostly of business development domains and some for creative development of entertainment type sites. I’m finding it’s not easy to come across domain/developers that get the creative side and how to monetize that.


    Rick, I completely disagree with you. Opps, that got your attention :) Of course we both know
    MZ was not a sociopath, but the opoposite. Eduardo eliminated himself. It is clearly shown. Look what he did: did not believe in the idea, froze their account, did not move to California. He sabotaged the whole project. They all got shares EXCEPT Eduardo. Why? Because Eduardo failed the final test. He did not check HIS paperes. They were testing him. Last chance and he screw himself up, big time.


    I have a domain, it is their name, but it will work fine. MZ will not oppose it, it will get his attention.
    I can do development, see my projects. Hope we can make tons of money and be able to help others. LOVE
    I think the movie was about LOVE. Love made it all happen…

  30. Domainsheat

    I think the critical point was that MZ turned his back on Sean Parker. What really happened there?? Sean was arrested, no charges were filed, but he looses Facebook president position. Or is he still??
    I believe Sean is the main genius who figured it all out. Idea and code is not enough. You need to be real hacker like Sean was. Sean Parker was the guy.
    The answer is very simple. Be happy, focus and apply. Focus on love and happiness.

  31. Anunt

    Domainers who just park domains and just sit there like idiots need to watch this movie…
    You guys need to take your best domain name and develop it and make it a huge success!
    Frank Schilling, Kevin Ham, Rick, etc… domain names or just one website …i’ll take
    I think you guys can create the next facebook if you guys get the smartest people together in one room and use all the resources.
    Rick, you need to get 10 top domainers together and create the next facebook….i know you domainers can do it…you just need to get this group together and do it…make it happen!
    Get this group together at your next TRAFFIC Show…and just do it…you guys together are way smarter than facebook!
    Make it happen…Do it!!!

  32. Chadi

    I’m all fine with this post except for the term”mere mortals” as opposed to”sheer genius”… Ideas cannot be owned by anyone, they’re inspired…
    Haven’t seen the movie yet. Now I’m anxious to.

  33. Chadi

    Hey Rick,
    I went by your advise and saw the movie yesterday. My thoughts:
    It planet mark, and all around are visitors, characters who are doomed by the script they are in but oblivious to; to survive, they had to overcome the script (to overcome Mark himself) which is not possible. Its not what they were scripted for. Their survival rate is measured by the degree they can live up to the mark’s pace and preserve their roles inside his script, because he understood the internet so well that he embodied its nature; and so they were not facing Mark, but the truth of the internet.
    True, your latest comment kinda sums things up as though Mark spoke it:”The Twin brothers kinda invented the Job, and Mark got it…”.
    The movie projected the idea that ideas are not good enough if not acted upon and immediately, which takes a huge amount of inspiration and focus.
    However still, I’m still not OK with”mere mortals” as opposed to”Sheer Genius”…
    You see, I am a Gnostic who believe in reincarnation, and what comes around cannot but go around not necessarily in a life time… Everyone will be genius at something in some life, yet being genius in the age of the internet is without a doubt something unique and special.

  34. Landon White

    Keep this up and you may well be …
    the NEW Tony Robinson (with a Beard) :-)

  35. Jim Sickorez

    I can’t agree with you more…I’ve watched the movie several times now and living right here in Boston, it makes it that much more real…A year ago I joined a group at Microsofts research lab (N.E.R.D) in Cambridge, MA and some of the kids I’ve met over the past year are just like Mark…Brillant, young and are one step ahead of the next trend or application…

  36. Brian

    I saw the movie back in September, and it was very very powerful. It has inspired me a lot. And my mental state has change a lot as I have become more aggressive in the way I’m doing business. The way I used to deal was to think about setup, economy, planning and consequences, and a lot of times things just stops as I saw too may difficulties, and kept moving the safe direction, the comfort zone. The way MZ worked in the movie was full speed ahead, burning people up, and reach the goal by all means, kicked me in the teethes, I’m not like that and never will become like that, friendships are really important to me, and the social side where I care about employees a lot will not change a lot too. But the movie has helped me in thinking much bigger, thinking about where I want to end up with a project, and not how many difficulties there will be on the way. It has also helped in the way that I can demand more not only from myself but also my partners and employees. I’m investing more in development then I have ever done before, but I also see that what we are planning are new ideas,not old or others ideas that we make better or tweak a little, so we might spend more cash, but everybody works better and faster with new challenges, and the cash invested now will come back quicker as the things we are producing are much more current. Certainly an eyeopener to me, another one is the documentary Gasland, it will move you too, see it as soon as you can.


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