2011 and Everyone is In The Game. Real World, 3D World, Turning into a Virtual World

Morning Folks!!

This will be the first year that folks are online and engaged. 2010 we hit “Critical Mass”. It was a LONG time coming, but welcome to the Virtual world to come.

I know the big buzz is 3D. But let me tell you what I think. First, my generation has been waiting for 3D for 50 some years. Now that it is here, it may be just a fad passing through and this is why I think that.

First, the glasses suck. Second the glasses suck. It is harder to multitask if not impossible. Let’s just say there are a host of pitfalls and we’ll see if those pitfalls doom the product .

But that is not even what I am writing about today. See in my mind, “Virtual” would trump 3D. Yes they are a bit different. But I would say Virtual takes it a step further. Imagine seeing a movie from inside the scene or any where in it? Imagine going to any tourist place and having the total experience of being there. Or 50% of the experience. Exponentially what we have now. Google street is a first step.

Maybe we will all be buying little domes that could give you the illusion of actually being wherever. What I see over the past 15 years are the building blocks getting assembled. We have yet to integrate those building blocks. We are well on the way.

For people that can put a man on the moon, this leap is tiny in comparison and it already exists in different forms. Now that nearly everyone is spending time online each and every day, they will want more. They will want to turn their computers and lives into a true virtual reality capable of things we cannot even fathom at this point.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

25 thoughts on “2011 and Everyone is In The Game. Real World, 3D World, Turning into a Virtual World

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We can only imagine the virtual illusions that are coming to the web. Picture this: Buying a car and seeing yourself in the car in a setting of all admiring onlookers and their obvious approval of your choice. Can you imagine other scenarios? The commercial applications and its value tell me that yes you are right.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Metal Tiger)

  2. David L.G

    I would like to disagree but one more time that’s the view I share totally. Virtuality will have more value in the future that reality.
    Growth goes where there is a potential.
    As I wrote in an article, we give already more value to paper money that anything. We have transferred value to something which have no value. This is the trend. Domain names will be one of the next major financial instrument.
    In fact, our reality is our own virtuality. That’s the reality we have all created themselves and blind us.
    Vituality is the Reality with the big R. This what we see and what we don’t see. Look the Universe. Dark matters represent 80% of the Universe. Is what we see the reality or our own virtuality?

  3. Shane

    I don’t want to squat on your article but I wrote an article saying the same thing and it was the most popular article I ever wrote. Big media picked it up and thousands agreed with our thoughts. Will it stay. Yes. Will everything be 3d. No. Type in 3d fad in google and I come up

  4. Rick Schwartz

    It is okay to agree with me. ;-)
    I think we will be proved right which is probably against what many others may think.
    I have nearly 100 domains starting with the word”Virtual” that were registered in the 1990’s. So I have been waiting for this day for a very long time. To me 3D is just a stepping stone to virtual.

  5. nicholas kamau

    You post alot of really good shit about why domains and the web has finally taken off.. you are missing one very key ingredient. :)
    Our wonderful Arab Friends are still stuck in pre 2006 economy where consumers will automagically want to pay for $4 gas. Those days are gone – with every b.s press release by the government about job gains we see .20 cts go up on the gallon. Yet there is a widely ignored fact that they have barrels of that crap sitting in storage units.
    Well heres where domains come in.
    Opec stupidity of quickly Rising Gas prices(like people have money for it) + Wide spread use of the internet in america(where it matters) + wide acceptance of broadband and acceptance that people can work from home and not be babied around and still be super productive = Doom for the oil producing countries.
    Here i am a web guy and this days – i just take my car to the grocery store and back and occasionally to the mall to the apple store. :) Then back home to work from my timewarner connection.
    Thats it – no b.s travelling just basic stuff. Those days of driving around aimlessly are gone. I can order, pay for bills online + pretty much live online without worrying about anything.
    So guess what so does the rest of america – so if you thought domain prices are high now.. wait 3 years when they really go bananas.
    Cheers and a happy new year. :)

  6. Rick Schwartz

    nicholas, that is an excellent point. Something I used to factor in early on but don’t pay much attention to now. Thanks for drawing my attention back to it. Add in what a pain in the ass it is to get on a plane and travel is going way down.
    There are so many invisible factors at work and they are all converging together RIGHT NOW. It is really incredible to watch this. So may folks I know and respect are seeing the same thing.
    matter of fact, the week between Christmas and New Years was possibly the most interesting ever. I had some 8 meetings that all have incredible opportunities and more are on the way.
    2011 is like a bag of popcorn. A long period of nothing and then they all start popping uncontrollably. Quickly. Quicker than any of us are truly prepared for.


    Agree with you about the”fleeting” nature of 3D…Rick.Yes-3D based technologies & domains will have their”moment”.But the future-both technologically and from the domain standpoint-will involve names that aptly describe IMMERSION.Everything I read speaks to that environment.

  8. Kevin

    Hey Rick did you aquire any 3D names and if yes could you post a few.Also what about”pre-salt” oil,layers and fields do you think that will get better press and have some internet staying power?I would love to hear what your thoughts are.Have a great Sunday.

  9. owen frager

    You really believe there will be a world in 15 years and we’ll be in it
    It won’t be 2012 but even NASA is predicting sure hit from solar explosion 2013
    Before that there’s the gov and cities broke and out of lifelines, China’s dominance and growing demands for oil and food…. that will be taken from us,,, you know…

  10. Kevin Davis

    Put down the pipe Owen and don’t be so paranoid.Everything will work itself out and people will start giving back more love in the future.You have a good soul and so do others.Believe ;)

  11. ValueDrops.com

    3D is just not there yet even if they claim it is, but 3D will eventually find a way to be part of our lives without glasses.
    I agree virtual is the end goal and not just virtual places, but the internet itself will be virtual and everything we do will be virtual, including a phone call. A phone call would be like you’re having a conversation in person.
    However, I think it’ll take another 100 years to get there and I say this as a Web Programmer.

  12. Anunt

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    It’s going higher…way higher…very soon…
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  13. jberryhill

    “For people that can put a man on the moon”
    That was one of those socialist government programs I’ve heard so much about lately.
    Don’t you think it’s about time that we quit making a government program the benchmark for technological accomplishment?
    Crap like the moon landing, Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, the internet, etc., are not things that should have been done privately, instead of spending taxpayer’s money on things the government has no business doing.

  14. jberryhill

    “are things that should have been done privately”
    dunno how the”not” slipped in there.

  15. DR.VEGAS

    “Don’t you think it’s about time that we quit making a government program the benchmark for technological accomplishment?”
    Um…dude-a go little easy on the neo-con / libertarian radio talking points.You are aware that THE INTERNET was a creation of BIG GOVERNMENT too…right? I see NOTHING wrong with”free market” forces taking over a government entity & making it more functional.Neither doe Google…or Microsoft…or Apple…or Me…or…

  16. rjb

    I agree with your call on Virtual vs 3D.
    Really, what people want is a 3D experience that they are inside and involved in, for gaming, socializing, etc. That is the Virtual World. I remember watching 3D movies in the 80’s with those glasses, so it’s not a new technology.
    But actually feeling like you are inside and involved in the scene is the virtual feeling which is the next step. I too have some virtual domains because of this. I think in a Virtual setting people can step outside themselves and have experiences they might never get in the real world, which is part of the excitement. Combat, action, love, socializing, travel – it could all be possible.

  17. Donny1

    These terms of 3d and holograms are fine. But one word exists for all of these and that is the term LIVE. You can see it in live gambling and other sites.
    Also 3d messes with kids eyes and brain function. I saw this in an article, if this is true that is not good. You want your kids looking virtual or holograms instead of 3d.

  18. David L.G

    3D is reality. People want a”true virtual reality capable of things we cannot even fathom at this point”. I think it is quite clear and it is an interesting ideas.
    Obviously, Rick took the red pills long time ago.
    Remember, … Rick is only offering the true.

  19. Sri

    Happy New Year Rick.
    This is the most interesting post by you in recent times. And, the comments about technology and future are certainly refreshing.
    Wish the best of 2011 and the future to you and all fellow readers too.


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