Apple App Store……Just another Instant Multi-Billion Dollar Business

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The Apple App Store for Mac opened the other day. What can I say. I love it! Pissed away $300 in a flash. But a small price to pay for more productivity. Now even more 'Glue' between your computer and your iPhone and iPad. I see a widening net Apple is using to cover the globe and the marketplace and their share of it. You can only be impressed by what Apple has done over the past few years. Providing tools that make life more fluid and easier to work with.


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Not to get off track, but Preferences?
Just one mans view. But leave it to Apple to bring progress to us faster than anyone else. I'd love to see an Apple and Facebook alliance. I think that could happen some day.

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Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Apple App Store……Just another Instant Multi-Billion Dollar Business

  1. Josh

    Yeah I was an Apple fan boy for a while but grew tired of the difficulty with iTunes and lack of control over the iPhone. And then the Droid X and 2 came out, far surpassing the iPhone in my opinion. Decades ago, Apple was similarly innovative. They had the better personal computer!
    But Apple lost the personal computer war for the exactly the same reasons they will lose the smart phone (and smart pad) wars. Closed and difficult to deal with architecture, unnecessary hardware and software (apple store) restrictions, unjustifiably high prices, and because innovation is of limited supply where as other companies’ ability to copy your idea and appeal to the masses better are not. Heck, can you even replace the iphone battery without voiding your warranty? I know on the iphone 3 you couldn’t–just symptomatic of the problem with Apple.
    The parallels between the early 1990s and now are so uncanny, sometimes I can’t believe Apple is going to make the same mistakes again. My money’s on Google’s Android OS phones over the iPhone. Sorry Rick.


    Still pissed at Apple for forcing me to babysit a 80GB I-pod Classic from 2005…basically FOREVER.I transferred all of my music that did’nt make the”digital leap”…then sold all the CD’s/LP’s.You STOLE that music as far as they’re concerned…because any attempt at transferring it to a newer device will delete it.Not interested in a x,xxx figure”do-over” just now.I’m a Motorola Android phone guy just now…but I might just bite on the next-gen I-pad if it has a decent two way cam…and a way to print docs.

  3. Anunt

    Buy AAPL stock now…its going higher…
    Verizon going to announce verizon iphone deal on Tuesday!
    Then apple earnings report comes out on Jan. 18…and its going to be very strong…ipad sales have been very strong this christmas season…
    New ipad 2 coming out soon…
    New macs and ipods coming out soon…
    Apple has nothing but great things lined up…
    AAPL stock is going to fly higher…way higher!


    I agree with Apple critics, they will collapse eventually like all giants. There are newcomers in the game, Android is one of them. In Asia people can not afford IPhone, Nokia has many cool phones and it is very popular. Asia is the biggest market now…

  5. Don

    Man your so behind. Let’s say you did buy it at 340.00 double that in 5 years it would 680. 100% or 20 percent a year… Big deal.
    Buying 10 domain names at even 5k a pop would be better if you know what your doing. Why would you say buy apple now. You should be saying buy domain names now.
    Domain names are exciting. Anyone can own apple, but only 1 person can hold a piece of internet property that only you own.
    My bet is on buying 5 more good names at 10k each this year and watching them turn into 10 to 20 times in value in 5 years.
    .com and .co only. Though buy at your own risk. I will refer back to this post I made in 3 years.

  6. ScottM

    The IPhone’s demise may come from the corporate arrogance at Apple. First no flash, I get that on my HTC Windows 6.5 phone. The real problem is the battery, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the phone with someone using their IPhone, their battery dies and they tell me they will call me back in a couple hours after it recharges. This is for time sensitive business calls. With almost any other phone, you pop off the cover and put in a spare battery and you’re back on the phone in 30 seconds. Same with the Ipod too requiring an expensive send-back to Apple to replace the battery one its no longer good. Other phone manufacturers like Motorola, HTC are all using the same common small USB cord and charger, but not Apple.


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