Bing Scores….From the”I Told You So” File

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Figuring out how things will unfold is key to what we all do. Mike Berkens made a post today on the progress of Bing. They are eating away at Google.

Let's rewind to my post of July 17, 2009. This is what I said then: 'So those that think Bing is not here to stay and not going to take substantial market share, will be proved wrong within 18-36 months and indications will be obvious much sooner.'

Now see what many folks said from my original post. Long way to go, but momentum takes time. And speaking of time, 18 months was the EXACT amount of time for this to begin to unfold.

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Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “Bing Scores….From the”I Told You So” File

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Great Call as usual !
    Bing is most certainly gaining traction with smart marketing techniques. While Google has sold out to the media pressure to get into the pants of consumers. This google strategy was their strength at one time when they were a plain vanilla supplier of information. Lately their strategy has veered sharply from the very thing that brought them success.
    Like we said earlier when any network passes out your personal info. for marketing channel reasons there is an inevitable backlash from consumers. Not only that when you start censoring and segregating people into marketing channel categories they sooner or later get the picture. Google needs to learn the past mistakes of people that try to manipulate and control markets instead of serving people. Far better to learn how to fairly serve people with new and innovative ideas, instead of trying to protect market share at any cost. TRUST is key to consumers and when that is lost you start losing the battle.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Jim

    I use Bing a lot more as it is a more generic clutterless search engine. Never thought it would happen so quick, but Google has in some keyword searches effectively thrown out generic search in favour of their own Google Directory.

  3. UFO

    Bing doesn’t seem to have made any inroads in search traffic with sites I monitor. Explorer is falling through the floor in its use. Google is snapping up more operating systems software it seems.
    Its obvious that Bing must use Googles ranking of sites for their own index (or have a weighting) as when pages move up in Google they do likewise in Bing. The inbound market share of traffic stays constant. I generally see 20:1 ratio in favour of Google to Bing.
    Also, market share where? If it is growing in China but Bing/Google are constant in the US then US consumers are not switching.
    Google should make their publisher widget more like the real thing and more publishers would have them on their webpages. Google would quite quickly get back market share.

  4. Robin Ong

    Once upon a time, there was an evil witch (who happened to call Gates) who came and terrorized the whole village; each time demanding for exorbitant ransom for the use of a small portion of the farmland. A white knight came along and start giving away new lands to be developed and farmed by the villagers…FOC. Slowly and surely, the white knight gained trust and before you know it, he turned greedy too. And now, the villagers are cheering for the witch to return with a shining armor. Sick.

  5. ScottM

    I’m seeing actually the opposite … sites moving up on Bing and Google is lagging weeks or a month behind before they move up on Google everything. Google’s cry of foul play against Microsoft appears specious to say the least. The”Related Searches” on Google Everything appear to be heavily weighted in favor of showing the same heavy hitters that are major sponsored advertisers on Google. Anybody spending even a small amount of time working on SEO has probably noticed this too. Don’t know if that’s why Eric Schmidt was tossed out and Sergey and Larry are now taking over again but seemingly it has something to do with Google losing ground to Bing and it’s purety of search.
    Bing made mistakes too, they bought the domain from my good friend in 2008 which was a good move, but then squandered the opportunity to do it right and ended up shutting down the Bing Cashback site last year.

  6. Jimmy James

    Robin….I only want the evil witch to have as much power as the white knight….nothing more, nothing less.


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