Mud vs Oil. Facebook vs Impression Based Advertising. Fruit Juice Based Mud.

Morning Folks!!

First of all if you are sick of hearing about Facebook, go get a shot and cure your problem. Now while I don't use Facebook much please don't underestimate the revolutions both figuratively and literally that are going on. Facebook is a front row seat to human nature. To history. To the future. It is where the masses are and if you want to succeed, you need the masses. Their behavior is how folks make money in life.

The biggest single Advertising mistake since the demise of Impression Based Advertising nearly 10 years ago is in full swing. Facebook has some great elements and is useful in many ways. But today let me talk about the worst way. I am watching morons drive their own advertising traffic to Facebook. It is hysterical. Some already figured it out and stopped. But the masses are just beginning to make this mistake at a time they can hardly afford mistakes.

Now I am not saying Facebook is not a good marketing tool. What I am saying is sending traffic to a 3rd party site while you are paying the advertising is akin to being insane. Facebook has a place, but driving traffic there in lieu of your own website is moronic. But enjoy the chuckle. It is ok. They are looking. Just looking in the wrong direction. Opening the wrong doors. But they are searching and eventually they will figure it out. That is why Facebook is so important. It helps folks figure it out. It changes habits. It gets people online for more and more HOURS each day.

We have gone from a TV based society to an Internet based society faster than anyone thought possible. We are not even there yet and the change is massive.

Btw, we already figured it out. You know and I know what they want and have what they need. So relax, enjoy life and be patient. I guarantee they will be happy campers once they open our door. Once they get tired of being fooled by impression based advertising. Or fooled by search as they sell traffic like fruit juice. 10% real fruit, 90% sugar and water and other things I probably can’t even pronounce.

Search today is 10% real traffic. OIL Mixed with 90% MUD! That’s only if you are lucky. More often you get much more mud if that algorithm is working well. At least the fruit juice tastes good. You all know what mud tastes like and it sure does not taste any better to the guy spending $$$ on it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

16 thoughts on “Mud vs Oil. Facebook vs Impression Based Advertising. Fruit Juice Based Mud.

  1. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    All your points are well taken. I would like to add one more myself of why you are so right on the money.
    Question ? Have any of you ever been solicited for business by a glad handing phony coming at you with a smile and looking at you as a marketing channel only.
    This is exactly what these social sites are up to. By the way do you really trust that glad handing individual ? People are smarter than you think. Long run business people coming at you for business win the day hands down!
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  2. Greg

    I yell at the tv everytime i see facebook/whatever in a commercial. Finally during the superbowl i saw one ad with a domain/facebook and did say”finally!” they got it right.

  3. ScottM

    “Mud” may be putting it politely, we know what it really is and what it smells like! In working on a SEO project recently, one thing we noticed is those Twitter feeds and Facebook updates are being indexed by Google, sometimes in a special news section within the Everything search (Not News) and in some cases causing an uptick in a company’s Google Everything rankings, and that may be why some advertising are grasping at Facebook so much.

  4. BullShitWebsites

    I called it face*shit.
    Most ppl don’t realize that facebook control your account and they can take away your account just like some morons still using worpress or blog as their main website.
    For $10 or less, you can get your own domain and a hosting plan.

  5. Danny Pryor

    THANK YOU!!! I have a couple people who think I’m making a mistake NOT advertising on FB, and all I tell them is I can buy domains with that money. LOL! I don’t buy too many domains, because I’m picky and budgets are tight. I won’t buy any advertising, period. Click a link to go to an FB page or a Tweety bird? NOT! ;-)

  6. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    A very interesting subject you just touched in.But the problem is our site(s) is not up to that standard of level playing field as FB.

  7. AlanR

    I see the day when Facebook goes totally virtual where they are using a platform a lot like”Second Life” is using. That is the direction the net is heading, where shopping, working, socializing and even vacations will be done in virtual worlds. We are seeing the first signs of that now but in 5 years, it will be more of a reality and I think in 10 years or less, it will be the norm. With Facebook’s fan base, they will have the edge when that happens. So instead of lots of domains and extensions competing with each other in the future, I think there will most likely be just a few dominate forces on the net gobbling up most all those people to setup a shop or socialize in the next shopping malls of the future. As we have seen with Facebook, it only takes one domain to setup a world of its own or an internet that is separate from the rest.

  8. Edward Norton

    @ AlanR
    Facebook is passe, Dumbo,
    The fact that old turd like you who won’t even post
    his”last name is RAVING \ …
    means it already UNCOOL idiot.


  9. AlanR

    LOL You keep acting like I did something wrong. I’m obviously smarter than you are by all your ridiculous posts and attacks! It’s funny, I don’t see you bugging all the others about not having last names so I must be a threat to your low intelligence by all your attacks. How many other aliases are you going to use here? I can count about a dozen you are using so far. It seems you are the one who is obsessed about impressing Rick and believe me, he knows who you are and he’s definitely not impressed. He also knows who I am so I’m not hiding anything but you sure are. What a low life coward you are!

  10. Edward Norton

    I’m obviously smarter than you are by all your ridiculous posts and attacks
    yes you are so smart, he,he,
    I will prove you a outright liar.
    I have never posted a single post before,
    I say quote one,
    better still point out who are the other people 12
    people i am supposted to be.
    LOL, you said:
    Facebook devoted fans will be around in
    ten years for a marketing advantage
    (rolling eyes!)
    ( you are so smart, he,he,
    When anybody
    points attention to your BLOWHARD mouth (self important posts)
    you accuse them of being in CAHOOTS, you are just a parnoid fool with no life and no Domain achievments.
    ALAN R So what is your last name? IMPOSTER!

  11. AlanR

    LOL How do you like that, an impostor calling me an impostor! Just shows what a joke you are! You ever going to get anything right? I never said that about Facebook so you miss quoted me again so what does that tell everyone about your credibility? Just like you miss quoted me about pushing .co’s when I wasn’t. You are simply a trouble maker who fits the profile of a sociopath which makes you a very sick person and the type of person who no one could ever trust doing business with! Eventually, you will be exposed to the others who you really are so I wonder how much more rope you will take with you before that happens? You go by a lot of different aliases here and sometimes, what’s surprising, you even use your real name.
    You might have some fooled here about who you really are but I know who you are! You must think you are so clever by changing your style of writing to disguise who you are but you don’t have me fooled. You truly are the definition of”a nut” case! I’ve never done anything to you or anyone here to justify your attacks and I’m sure most here can see that. Like I said, I must be a threat to you since you are always trying to attack me. You must be worried that I’m trying to take the little attention if any away from you that you think you might have. Believe me, no one likes you or has any respect for a mean spirited bigot like you. And when you are finally exposed, most here won’t be surprised that it is you from past behavior!
    Do us all a big favor and go play somewhere else because you are as irritating as a monkey loose at a picnic. You are a little man who tries to pump himself up to look big by trying to deflate others but to the people here, you look like a fool and irrelevant to the domain space! If you keep up your lame attacks, it just makes my case! Too bad you can’t see that but then, no one can convince a crazy man that he’s crazy either!

  12. owen frager

    Maybe it’s part of a campaign that Facebook requires so the customer pays per action and they can measure and verify and of course the agency sets it up this way so they can bill the client and deduct their Facebook commission. Makes no sense to us but makes sense to an agency who has only their interest at heart and a hundred of brand examples to support their advice.

  13. Carmen

    Everything will change when (and if) Facebook launches their own search engine. So perhaps those”stupid” advertisers aren’t so stupid after all. What if they know more than the rest of us?

  14. Dan

    Hi Rick…Another ‘Beauty’,
    I feel like I have been living in parallel posting land the last couple days. :)
    For those that do not know, this happen a ‘bit’ back. I ‘get’ and agree with Ricks entire you will see.
    In this case, as long as they do NOT make: Facebook/JC or whatever their”FB url is”… their main url for Advertsing & Marketing, and just use keep using their…com to Advertise and Market with,
    I think this move is OK:
    JCPenney Advances Social Sales Model To FaceBook
    “J.C. Penney has became the first major retailer to move its entire online inventory to Facebook, allowing shoppers to not only view its products but also purchase them from within the social media site.” (250,000 product’s)
    Now we get to a couple things I posted a few days ago….replies to post…about 3 I will rub together
    #1. I missed the “.CO”…glad I did now, I will not even watch it online. The “.Com” spot…for a lack of a better word, ‘sucked’.
    It is to bad “Bob” can not come up with good a 30 sec spot for his company.
    His obsession with the fact that, his commercials have to be Girls half or fully nude…has always been a problem. Over the years he has had more rejected commercials than any other advertiser. A few years ago, they had to reject his commercial 7 times, before they accepted one.
    I think the big winner was: (FREE PR & Huge Amounts Of Traffic, without having to spend a penny)
    Which brings me to something I have never understood and never will. I do not know the exact $ amount of what a 30 sec spot went for this year…I think it was around: $ 3 million….
    Now, If I was the owner of say ‘The domains”…and I am going to put up this kind of money for a 30 sec spot.
    You better believe, during the entire 30 sec spot, I am going to have the ‘URL”, TheDomains .com somewhere on the screen for the entire 3o seconds of the commercial.
    Yet, to this day… Everyone that spends this kind of money, has their domain name destination…in the “last frame” of the commercial only… and it is only shown for: 1/2 to maybe 2 seconds at the most.
    Has never made much sense to me…and never will. IMHO
    A Reply to My Post Above:
    “You better believe, during the entire 30 sec spot, I am going to have the ‘URL”, TheDomains .com somewhere on the screen for the entire 3o seconds of the commercial.”
    CHATTER.COM followed your approach is a force.
    My Reply Back To The Above:
    Good point…. I guess “1″ doing it correctly out of “61″ (if I counted correctly) is not bad of a ratio. :)
    So I guess I will have to give:
    CHATTER .COM & Facebook/???
    As being the two winners… as far as domain name advertising in this years Superbowl.
    Last Reply Post:
    Even though I put, Facebook .com/???? as one of the two winners in the domain advertising for this years ‘SB’.
    I will be dammed if I can remember anything that came after the “/” of all of them.
    That being said, Facebook .com/??? still a winner…as it was in 5 – 8 or so commercials and ‘FB’ did not have to pay a ‘penny’…. for all the extra free traffic & PR.
    I thought the: Kim Kardashian was a good one, but I have no idea what came after the “/”
    She should have bought the: .com domain name of her product or company she was advertising….had it on every frame of the 30 second’s… with just the “FB” logo next to it…to let people know the could go to either place or both.
    Again, just IMHO…. :)
    So, I am total agreement with”Rick”….
    Insane spending $3 million+ driving traffic to ‘someone else’s website ~ Insane NOT having your own URL ~ Insane NOT having your URL displayed on the screen for the entire length of the commercial, Instead of just the last 1/2 to 2 seconds of the last frame.
    Thanks for letting me post my observations & views… I had expressed right after the”SB”.
    Best To All!
    *Please note: I corrected some spelling, and added just a couple words, just for clarification of my points*

  15. Toledo foam

    This is exactly what these individuals are up to. By the way do you really believe in that grateful passing personal ? Individuals are more intelligent than you think. Lengthy run company owners arriving at you for company win the day arms down!


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