Dot Com Bowl? Dot Co Bowl? Facebook Bowl? Take our Super Bowl Polls

Good Evening folks!!

Are we about to watch the Beer bowl....I mean Super Bowl, going back and becoming the .com bowl? The .co Bowl? The Facebook Bowl? The Soft Drink Bowl? The Auto Bowl, Snack Bowl? Which Bowl are we about to see? Some of you will be seeing the Toilet Bowl.(sorry, could not help myself)

Super Bowl....Where Sport Intersects with Capitalism, Madison Avenue, Testosterone and Ego's, tailgater's, partiers, beer drinkers, joint smokers, butt shakers, Facebook and tweets from the stadium. This is a Super Bowl with a new twist. Will Facebook compete with the commercials? Questions that have never been thought of and never been asked and certainly never been reacted to.

Things are changing faster than anyone can even record or benchmark them. But that does not mean progress is being made. It means things are changing and you can always make money when things are doing that. Momentum creates cash flow but without sales there is no real progress.

Give us your knee jerk reactions to each commercial. Hit or miss? Cute or effective? Funny or not? Does it SELL the product? Is there something memorable? Waste of money? Let's disect and name the winners that make you want what they have to sell. Make you want to do business with them. Make you want to do something other than just be passive.

I am surprised they are interrupting the commercials with this silly football game. Anyway, this is an 'Editorial Poll'. Tell us in real time what you think.

enjoy! ;-)

Have a GREAT Time!

Rick Schwartz


30 thoughts on “Dot Com Bowl? Dot Co Bowl? Facebook Bowl? Take our Super Bowl Polls

  1. Dean

    We have sunk to a new level of idiocy with the .Co commercial. Mark my words this is a huge marketing flaw.

  2. Anunt

    Worst commercial as always…GoDaddy!
    An average Joe who watches any godaddy commercial will always think Godaddy is a porn site…so when that average Joe visits this site, he will be very very disappointed and will go back to one of his regular porn sites …,,,,,, etc.
    They could have used that superbowl ad money and bought targeted traffic ads from google…much better results for the money!
    It’s a crying shame when an online company makes huge mistakes like this…they should know better!

  3. Kevin

    Using a comedian (Joan Rivers) to brand .co????
    What were they thinking with that marketing decision???????
    I’d bet 99.999% of the viewers didn’t get it.
    They should have used an ultra successful Internet superstar like Mark Cuban.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Domainers were the only people watching the Go-Daddy ads that realized the .co extension was being presented. The Ads were poorly executed and did not telegraph a message to be understood. I would give these ads a 3 out of 10 score for effectiveness.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider

  5. DumbestThingIHaveEverSeen

    That was pitiful. It just goes to show you that the .co Registry, Go-Daddy, and Icann have absolutely no shame.
    It boggles the mind that someone would come up with .co and try to scam the public with this shit.
    Shame on all of the domaining industry. Pathetic and really, really dumb. What a waste.

  6. Donny

    On the .co commercial it will create a lot buzz. They are not trying to win awards they are wanting to create buzz, shock to people. They did it again and will reap the rewards later.
    Smart move and it will pay off. They targeted a certain group of individuals in my opinion.
    You’re selling domain names it’s not like your selling a car. Only so much you can do with a domain name. Why do you think geico does so well with insurance.

  7. cue

    Lost opportunity. The godaddy commercial was a blunder. Instead of talking about success stories, they make a joke of the industry. Success stories of business owners that succeeded in down times, and it all started with a relevant domain name.
    IMO the Darth Vader commercial was awesome. The Dorito finger licker will be a classic – why didn’t anyone think of that before.

  8. james

    Godaddy is very happy with the results they said their most sucessful advert ever and theirs sales was record results, So they must be doing somthing right, I think they have increased the value on .co domain names.

  9. SL

    My wife:”What was that all about?”
    Me:”Instead of .com, you can use .co now.”
    Wife:”Oh. I like .com better. So far the Doritos commercials are the best.”

  10. Rick Schwartz

    ok, my take
    #1 the .co commercial made the Today Show review. But not for .co. It was ok for Godaddy.COM but the true winner was Joan Rivers. She is the buzz but not the product. It did nothing to educate the consumer about WHY .co shoud be important to them. Compare that with the VW Darth Vader commercial where the kid AND the product are the focus.
    The second commercial was much more effective.
    I watched the Superbowl with a non domainer. When I told him about .co, he said one word. A knee jerk reaction.”Scam!”
    Don’t kill the messenger. Just telling you what he said and I can’t say I was surprised. What was surprising is how forcefully he said it.

  11. rob sequin

    Waiting for the press release from .co to tell us how many new registrations they got from the Super Bowl commercial.
    They should be proud to say how many tens of thousands of new regs they get, right? We’ll see. Time will tell.
    No press release WITH EXACT NUMBERS means the commercial was a big flop. General positive hype in the press release or no press release will mean .co is a failure.
    .co went from 500k registrations in September 2010 to 600k+ right now and Juan Calle is out there saying that .co will have five million registrations in five years.
    At this recent rate of registrations, it would take 12 years to reach five million registrations and that’s with ZERO drops.
    Time to cut the shit with the .co hype.

  12. em

    Since when did hot bikini babes in previous GoDaddy commercials do anything to ‘educate’ the public about domains? That was provocative advertising, not education. Yet they seem to get outstanding numbers. The Joan Rivers twist is also provocative but in a different way. So if it had been another hot bikini babe, would it then have ‘not’ been a scam?
    The other day you talked about ‘awareness’ and this gives value to things. Oprah makes people aware of her books, network etc. in between the lines of her constant monologue/dialogue. She seems to be the focus yet her plugging tactics are some of the best around. Joan Rivers has a similar method and she will apply it with .co. Maybe not what you would expect, but nonetheless, highly effective. I believe Oprah’s numbers speak for themselves. Her way is obviously extraordinarily successful, like it or not.

  13. Rick Schwartz

    em, imo it is different because folks are familiar with .com. Few know about .co. To that end it missed the mark. What was being sold lost the focus. They did a decent job for godaddy and that is fine. But they did not do as well for the .co message and what it is and why it is important.
    Compare that with the”Dorito Commercials” You say the product name when you reference the spot. The VW Darth Vader commercial is another example. With this one it is Joan Rivers that wins on how much was focused on her. In the coming days we will all need to listen to how the media names this spot. I think most will say the Joan Rivers Commercial. Many will say the godaddy commercial. NONE will say the .co commercial and THAT is my point. Only we see that part. The guys in the bleachers did not get that part.
    I see Joan Rivers as the big winner. And what you say may be true about marketing after with which I freely put on the other side of the equation. Owning, I could/would benefit from that.
    I am adding weight to each side of the equation and closing my eyes to none of the evidence in either direction. You can look at each step from both sides of the equation. Either way, the jury is still out and it will likely be months or years before a conclusion is made.
    But there is no doubt that this knife is capable of cutting both ways and we all get to dissect it together every step of the way because each step is new information.

  14. Jeff Bhavnanie

    If you noticed URLS missing this year. Many companies are realizing this method of advertising isn’t helping them, but helping facebook, that’s why you saw pepsi doing this, (a redirect to their FB page from their .com) Days of pissing away traffic to FB is coming to a slow end.

  15. Rick Schwartz

    Jeff, Have encountered a lot of that lately and I think it is one of the stupidest things I have seen. Sending your advertised traffic to a 3rd party site. Just too dumb for words. And slow end is right. Most are just getting on board that train to nowhere. :-)
    Far from over imo. Duh

  16. Gazzip

    Well I don’t think .co owners have much to worry about owners coming after them yet.
    SuperBowl was shown live on BBC1 (in UK) – No Ads, none, nada, niet
    I did’nt see any sign of GoDaddy at all over here.
    Impact for .co on this side of the pond = not alot so far.
    It is in The Daily Mail (online) but as Rick said, its more about Joan Rivers than .co, I don’t think they even mentioned .co
    Read it and see what you think.
    I have nothing against Joan Rivers but I can honestly say with hand on heart that ad takes the word CHEESY to another level.
    The”HOT” internet version – I don’t even want to comment on that one TBH.

  17. DontBuy.CO

    I had a friend who thought the AD was a spoof and not a real AD for .co, he thought it was a parody as he thought that Joan Rivers was a parody of the other Godaddy girls. Bottom line, he thought the whole AD was that Godaddy was just mocking itself in good fun.
    .CO’s message was lost…

  18. AlanR

    GoDaddy has done such a good job of branding that I doubt many people noticed the .co. I wouldn’t be surprised that that commercial sold more dotcoms than .co because the ad was confusing. The first ad didn’t sell why anyone needed a .co and then the second ad made the first add look like a gimmick so I give this ad a thumbs down for effectiveness when it comes to selling a targeted product.
    My favorite ad was the guy who thought he sent an email that was a”reply to all”. How many of us have had that feeling before where we thought we were sending a reply to someone but found out it went to everyone instead? But I don’t remember what company the ad was selling though.

  19. ScottM

    AlanR got it right I think. I just talked to a friend who has never registered a domain ever. She said,”should I just go and register it at Go Daddy since I saw the commercial last night on the Super Bowl?” and I said well that’s OK for now. The domain she wanted however was not available in .com, but was in .co so she asked me if she should just register it as a .co instead, since it was on sale. I said no let’s come up with a good 2 word .com instead.
    But I think that Go Daddy commercial was targeted for the masses like her who may have never registered a domain before. When they find that their .com is not available but is in .co many will get suckered into registering it innocently finding it worthless for search engines and traffic and some will get blindsided later by URDP’s or trademark suits. I think .co only makes sense if you have the same in .com or .tv, .net etc. But the $3 million+ cost of the GoDaddy Super Bowl ad will never directly pay for itself of course, but now I see that GoDaddy’s new. com registrations are now raised to $11.99 instead of the previous first time $7.99 they used to be. Bob Parsons is no dummy — he will get his money back one way or the other from the cost of these spots and pass it on to current registrant renewals and new registrants. But not from me. As soon as the backorders that I got on GoDaddy last year come up for renewal I will move them to a $8.99 regsitrar in India or elsewhere.

  20. Michael Hallisey

    Scott I have never paid more then 7.99 to renew my domains just wait for them to send you that last email or renew more then six domains.
    I think GoDaddy made a good commercial to get people to register more domains but I think the average person on the Internet doesn’t want to pay a $30 renewal fee for .co! Yesterday their was a deal on Godaddy to register one .com for 5.99 up to five years! I would rather have a .com for five years then one year for .co for the same price.

  21. ScottM

    Thanks Michael, actually I just got a renewal notice from Go Daddy yesterday. Agree with you I’d rather have a .com for 5 years versus a .co for the same price for one year, still I don’t believe in long-term renewals as it’s giving money before a service to a registrar and Go Daddy especially is already making plenty. Chances are I will sell a domain before 5 years hopefully but if not then year-to-year renewal works for me and sometimes I move them to other registrars. I only have 7 domains at GoDaddy and only because I back-ordered them there and will move them out, I have hundreds at other registrars either in India or BulkRegiser-Enom. I was most concerned with my friend she wants a new domain and instead of being $7.99 previously at GoDaddy she now will fork over another $4 to pay for their Super Bowl and/or help buy Bob another vacation home!
    .com $11.99**
    .net $14.99**
    .org $14.99**
    .info $10.69 $7.99**
    .mobi $14.99
    .biz $14.99**
    .us $19.99
    .ws $14.99
    **Plus ICANN fee of 18 cents
    per domain name year.
    Standard list price shown. Your renewal cost may be less. Please log in to your account on for specific pricing

  22. AlanR

    For a lot of small businesses, it would be the ultimate dream to run a Superbowl ad because of the chance that their business could get a huge boost. But it is almost impossible for a small businesses to come up with $3,000,000 to run a 30 second ad on the Superbowl. Wouldn’t it be great if someone started a campaign by either running a contest or competition with a bunch of big shot Madison Ave. executives sponsoring such an effort or by giving every small business in the US an equal chance by buying tickets to enter to win a contest to run their Superbowl ad. Whoever does run such a contest could generate so much buzz and publicity that it could be a worthwhile venture by itself. Just a thought!

  23. ScottM

    When I was in a graduate school marketing class in 1983 the professor was an advertising expert and well known. The day after the Super Bowl he conducted an experiment. He asked each student to write down 10 Super Bowl commercials and advertisers that they remembered from the Super Bowl. Then he tallied all of them up. The surprising finding was that almost 1/2 of the commercials and advertisers that us students said we remembered never even aired. Yes the obvious ones like Pepsi, Doritos etc. did air but the lesser ones when you are trying to remember 10 you tend to fill in the blanks and make up the rest.
    For the advertisers that didn’t pony up any cash for a Super Bowl ad, but people thought they saw their commercial, then the Super Bowl was a great success for their business! But for some advertisers that did pay for an ad and were not remembered it was a bust. One thing we took away was that there are hardly any direct response ads during the Super Bowl; at this tier of top-dollar spots it’s too much of a crapshoot and the cost per order or response is just too high, the commercial would never pay for itself that way. However, if you are an advertiser just looking for gross impressions then the Super Bowl is probably the greatest vehicle ever for reaching that many eyeballs at one time, but you have to discount that many of those eyeballs are fairly or heavily drunk, away from the TV taking a leak or chowing down when any given commercial comes on.

  24. Michael Hallisey

    Go to Google type in Godaddy and the fist ad is always GoDaddy and you can register as many .com domains as you want for 7.49 up to 10 years. I normally register for 2 to 5 years because I plan on building site for the domains instead of selling them.


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