My Domain Inquiries for January 2011.

Morning Folks!!

Franky gets 3x as many inquiries in a day than I get in a month and then some. But I love the idea he had to list domains that folks are interested in. So I did something I never did. I went through my emails of the last 30 days and here are the domains that have been inquired about. Many are ones that I get offers on nearly every week.

I am not sure what if any value this will have but if nothing else, it is just something I can refer to from time to time. Now I can't list all of them because some are in active negotiations and others should remain private until some time passes. The domains with asterisks are domains with multiple inquiries.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz**************************

23 thoughts on “My Domain Inquiries for January 2011.

  1. Jim

    @Charley -“The domains with asterisks are domains with multiple inquiries.”
    Some awesome names Rick, thanks for sharing. This is almost like a benchmark for many of us to judge our names by. Interesting to note that these are all .COM!
    .COM is King, right?

  2. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    This information will most certainly educate DOMAINERS on forming their own strategies, you are brilliant! Give away what you covet and the skies will open up to you. Bravo Rick !
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. AV

    N.B. All .com domains. The number of emails I get from end users saying ‘I am X from; we are looking for a .com presence’ is quite astounding.

  4. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for sharing the information public.No one else will dare to do like you did.But HOW & WHERE Franky list his domains? If possible appreciate for some tips please.Thank you.
    Best regards,

  5. Landon White

    @ gary dell
    I am led to believe by the super natural povers vested in me,
    that there are pre-conditions to procurement of
    You must submit a sworn affidavit from 107 Virgins
    that in there eyes you are the Man
    (a stud kicking in the stall all night)
    If you canot obtain above said verification
    a letter from you mother …
    stating that you are a good boy and a mensch
    should suffice and put you in the bidding que.

  6. Favorite Domains

    ** Domains are very nice and no doubt you receive multiple inquiries. is similar to my domain (-ing form) and it would grow in value once US states approve online betting. is favorite among them.

  7. Donny

    Just throwing this out here.
    GD also has a cool tool which shows how many who-is searches are done with your name under exportable list. Not sure if the others have them. Most of you probably are already aware of it though.
    Donny M

  8. domain guy

    yes rick this has a lot of value illustrating exactly what generates public inquiries.of note
    there are no geo inquiries here.
    there are no .co inquiries here.
    all domains are short.
    further illustration for viewers could include multiple inquiry domains and amount approxmately rejected by and rejected.
    this would help viewers see how superior your neogiation skills are.

  9. William

    The quality of your names are 10x that of Schilling. The wholesale value of this list is probably higher than the wholesale value of any list he posts on a random day.
    How much do you want for :)

  10. Joey Starkey

    Thanks for sharing…gives us newbies all a little clue. I get names solicited to me that are just terrible. Kind of makes me scratch my head sometimes.
    Justs points out that the reason some domainers are not making it is the pidgeon shi* that is out there.

  11. Matt Leonard

    My favorite inquiry over the past year has to be the guy that wanted to buy one of my names (and claimed never to have purchased a domain before) for his kid to use as a blog. A bit of WHOIS research on the email address that he used to contact me showed a portfolio of hundreds of names in the same genre!

  12. Michael H. Berkens

    We also started listing the domain names we received inquiries on every month for on our new Corporate site
    We not only list every offer we have received for the month which require a $2,500 bid (Frank’s offers do not) but we also now list every offer in excess of $10K that we have turned down and also all recent sales.

  13. Gazzip

    Thanks for sharing Rick, it would be great if you could also give an indication of the prices you turned down.

  14. Meyer

    Imagine how many email inquiries you would receive
    if you had some good domains.
    (You know I’m teasing.)
    Impressive list.


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