Why Your Precious Content May be Worthless Without a “Mousetrap” on the End.

Morning Folks!!

Ok, let's start here year #5 with this. Content ain’t shit without a “Mousetrap” attached to it that can produce dollars. You can spam the engines for a living and try to fake folks out or you can build a business.

You can have the entire content of the universe on your site and it is meaningless if you have little or no traffic or even if you have masses of traffic and no way to turn a profit. The “Mousetrap” that I used to talk about in the 1990’s is not talked about in domaining and now is the time to do it.

What is content? Content are keys to locks. Answers to questions. Depending how you use your content, you will either be giving something away for free or creating a “Mousetrap” that has a purpose behind the content. An idea behind the content. A profit making business behind the content. A Cash Register! Without that, you have a content page to spam the engines and basically hustle like a waitress for the rest of your life.

You can CHASE mice and hunt them with a shotgun or you can TRAP them. If you hunt them you have to work hard and your job is never done. Plus your home will be riddled with holes from the buckshot. But when you set a “Mousetrap”, you can go about your life and come back periodically to see if your “Hunt” was successful. You could even do that at multiple locations simultaneously. That's called working smarter not harder. Working less to get more. Cloning your work. Thinking is the work. It is hard work. But with thought you can jump from last to first even if you come late.

Domain + Traffic + Something traffic wants + Mousetrap = Sales + Dollars + Profit + Building a business.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz