Just a few Guidelines I TRY to use When Picking a Domain Name.

Morning Folks!!

Look, we all have varying degrees of portfolios. Junk today could be worth a big bounty tomorrow. So if you believe in something, don’t let it go. But never close your mind and eyes to new information. NEVER!

I am about to give you some.

Domaining is figuring out what OTHERS think and do. How OTHERS behave and what they buy. How OTHERS spend their time if given a choice. It ain’t about you and me, it is about everyone else. We are the only 2 people that really don’t count.

It’s about figuring out what others will do before they even know as things unfold.

THAT my friends is why it is about type in traffic. It was then, it is today and it will be about that tomorrow. That is what to aim for. You want at least 1 OTHER person out of 6 BILLION to think like you do. If not, you, me all of us are off the mark on THAT part of the equation. And I submit that is one hell of an important piece of the puzzle. Regardless of what some continue to doubt or understand and I am going to explain it in just a few paragraphs down.

Now that does not mean it is all about type ins. Most time I don’t care. I don’t care because I already know the numbers to one degree or another. The type in to me is like a validation stamp. Certified. One grade higher.

The next piece and maybe #1 are those that buy a domain that does not pass the radio test. Another CRUCIAL element of any domain name.

You have to aim for 6th Grade easy spelling that is unmistakable if possible.

Brandables are great. I have no problem with taking the biggest risk of all. But it still has to pass those tests described above or in my mind disqualifies that domain and limiting it's potential forever.

Domains are not stone even though they have facets like diamonds because they can sometimes be used in multiple ways. Not stone. They evolve. They age like fine wine. Grapes. They ripen at different stages and points in time. And some are worthless garbage. Pigeon Sh*t.

We are all pruning our holdings to get rid of those domains that serve no purpose or were perishable or that ship just never came in. Edwards2008.com is probably disposable. Lol

I look at a domain at what it could be. How it could be the best use. Who would be best suited to do that in a perfect world?

And the biggie for me, bigger than type ins. Bigger than any other piece of the puzzle. Could I see it advertised on TV, Radio, Billboards, etc? Could I see a campaign based around that domain name? Could what I have on it go viral and then will it be easy to use as a “Word of mouth” medium?

Lastly don’t chase yesterday, chase what will unfold tomorrow. With all the new stuff coming out, new sectors coming to market, new technology being released, there is opportunity for new veins and new sources of traffic. Type ins! Maybe you won’t find an ocean. But you can surely use some rivers and streams and creeks.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz