The Domain Industry Reborn. Thank You Google!! (And Groupon)

Morning folks!!

This is a great day for some and a nightmare for others. I am here to applaud Google’s decision. Taking the CRAP out of results helps everyone. Especially domains with natural type in traffic.

I mean step back and think for a second. Why would Google want to pay for traffic that they gave for free to begin with??? Crappy, washing machine traffic with very little real value other than it went thru the Google Laundromat controlled by the spammer. Google giveth, Google taketh away. Hooray for Google!!!

So I would imagine that when you get rid of the “Ghost traffic” you can replace with more meaningful traffic and you can pay more because you are not wasting all those dollars and getting crappy results.

More than that…..GROUPON is Google’s worst nightmare. Groupon is costing Google a fortune. Groupon is a thorn in the side of Google and finally Google has to satisfy their customers instead of fucking their customers. Why? Because Groupon is giving GREAT value and results business owners see.

Things are tied together.

In turn, we may start seeing payouts stop being strangled because they are talking SOME of the MUD out. They are being forced by Groupon to show their customers that Google is a value. Google forced to compete! Google cleaning up the results.

This is GREAT news for the domainer that has natural type in traffic. It may not be obvious overnight, but this is a huge step in the right direction.

A distinction MUST be made between spammed traffic and real traffic. There IS a difference.

Many of you are not going to be happy with my post. But when you base your business in the control of spamming the engines, what else did you really expect?

I hope they ban eHow. What a crappy experience and I don’t even know if the stuff they print is accurate.

Now most of you won’t even see the Groupon-Google connection. But this is the bigger than you think. There was a reason Google wanted to buy Groupon rather than compete with them. Now you are seeing it manifest itself. Why? Groupon is kicking ass. Business owners love Groupon and so does the consumer. Compare that to how they feel about Google.

No connection??…..keep thinking that. 99% won’t agree. That is why I roll the way I do. But go ahead, take a shot. Tell me why I am wrong. The future will be my proof. I can only hope trademarks are next!

And of course on the other side of the street you have Facebook and they too are aiming at Google. So a 2 front war. And have you noticed that Google is still a long way from their $750 stock prices pre crash? Others have eclipsed where they were. Not Google. They are still off 25% and have gone nowhere recently.

So Google having to react to these challenges is a very good thing for all concerned in the long run. Imagine Google may now worry about actually giving their customers quality results! That can only help domainers with REAL type in traffic. Gold is gold and maybe they can now separate the mud out. JMO.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz