Breaking! Biggest SOB in the Industry. But Which Industry? Which SOB?

Morning Folks!!

Since some consider me the biggest SOB in the Industry I wonder how many other SOB's are out there? My guess is a whole lot. At every level. In every office. In every family. In every situation. Every day. You tend to be an SOB to some when you protect what you love.

So I am happy to announce that the nicest guy in the industry (Mike Berkens) and the biggest SOB in the industry have teamed up to buy SOB.COM. An 'LLL' domain with traffic that means something and was cheap by today's standards at just $45,000 and negotiated by Andrew Rosener of who did a great job bagging this asset.

Those $$$ just seem a whole lot safer in domains than in my bank account. In 5 years that money will be worth much less in buying power than it is today while this domain will maintain value and increase with the tide at a bare minimum. That's before it is even activated.

Mike an I have several other domains that we have accumulated over the years. But this one I liked the instant I heard it. So from one SOB to another.....Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz