Money isn’t everything. But Financial Security Is!!

Morning Folks!!

If you don’t have financial security, you don’t have your health either. Between worrying and maybe not enough cash for a medical emergency, your mortgage, etc. you are at the mercy of outside factors and other forces. So financial security is key.

There are thousands preaching one form of investment or other to protect and grow your assets. Reason being this is the #1 concern in life once you hit a certain stage or are struck with an illness that can take you out of the game. Or maybe a different challenge along the way.

I lived out of a suitcase for years. I could not afford to settle down or stop. I had to keep the sales and dollars coming in to get me to the next place let alone a home. The 1970’s were much worse than current conditions. There was so much less opportunity. Things moved slower.

Others based domain values on PPC and I never bought into that. It was flawed. Now everyone can see why and just how ridiculous that was. Now that did not mean you could not extract valuable data out of those numbers. Just not a way to base value. Guidelines and hints to the future.

I looked at it a bit different. If a domain makes $10 a day, how much would you have to have in the bank to earn $10/day? Whether it be PPC or Lead Gen or Lease or whatever.

$1000? Nope

$5000? Nope

$10,000? Nope

$100,000? Getting Closer

$365,000? BINGO

$365,000 @ 1% is $3650/Year

Sure, things can fluctuate. There are variables. Interest can go to 5%. So divide by 5 = $73,000

So a domain making $10 a day TODAY has a value somewhere between $73,000 and $375,000. Sell for less than that and you left a lot of money on the table.

But wait. That $10/day domain was making $50/day. It may return to those levels. Even exceed those levels. Consistency is key. Jack Rabbit earnings have to be looked at over a 365 day period to figure out a true daily level and that only if you JACK is still earning regularly.

Wait again. New opportunities can come up and make your domain even more valuable. So why sell just because you got an offer? You have the hardest asset in the universe to obtain. A profit making, income producing asset.

Buy income streams not domain names. All income streams are attached to a domain name however all domains are not attached to an income stream.

Yes, I know, there are no more type in domains. Fine. You win. Say that is true. That means the domains WITH type in traffic continue to have great value and I just proved it.

So the point is a type in domain with daily income is the single best investment on the planet today. Why would someone sell an income stream that may last forever? Because he wants to buy something RIGHT NOW. Pay off a note. Buy a toy. He has a “Circumstance”. That’s what makes the world go round. Circumstance. There is no more powerful motivator than circumstance.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: This is 'Face Value'. Raw Land. Undeveloped.