Do you Know Which Domains in Your Portfolio are Worth $1 Million or More?? $100k or More?

Morning Folks!!

At first glance you may just laugh when I ask “Do you Know Which Domains in Your Portfolio are Worth $1 Million or More??” That is a VERY serious question. I have made a living off of those that don’t know the answer.

Let me be blunt. Most domainers would not get this one right. The ability to OBJECTIVELY pick the potential million dollar names is what it is all about. It is the #1 factor. It trumps every other.

I guess the point of my writings are that there are plenty of $1M domains out there when you know the elements to look for. When you see it through the eyes of others. When you have the PATIENCE to let the market catch up to what we already forgot.

You can apply that to $100,000 domains as well. Much easier to pick those. They stand out on a list like they were in neon lights. Flashing neon lights.

Folks, we are many years ahead of the masses. For some that causes frustration. For others they just endure day by day as they watch the world around them change and evolve and understand. They all look for what we have but are still putting the puzzle together. For that matter, so are we. But we are a few exits past where they are. And many will leap frog over us. That’s a GREAT thing.
Like I have said this year….the net may have been around for 25 years but this is the first year of the net in terms of the masses. 2010 got their interest. 2011 got them and now they are going to discover what we already have while uncovering things we never thought of. I call that progress. I call that exactly where we should be at this point in the history of the universe. Sprinkle a little luck along the way and don’t second guess what you do. Celebrate it!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz