The Single Most Important Issue YOU Face in the Next Year

Morning Folks!!

What I write on my blog is only half of the story. You, the commenter, provide the other half. I open up an issue and you close the issue. I bring up a few points and you folks fill in the rest of the points. I have a good pulse on things because I ask many people and get a wide array of feedback. Sometimes I play devils advocate.

So what are the issues that face you in the next 12-18 months? Today? Tomorrow? What are your challenges? What are your progress points? What does the gTLD's mean to you if anything? Are you in the black? Are you tapping into your savings?

I read that folks have lost 40% of their net worh since the recession began. Of course that becomes relative. If you are just starting out you are likely bucking the trend. If you have been out there for decades, then you may fall into this group.

What blows me away about this recession is I don't believe it is a recession at all. I see jobs with nobody smart enough or talented enough to fill them. I see jobs that are beneath students. (Sorry in my book, no such thing) Substitute 'Lazy' because while they think the job is beneath them, they don't realize that the experience they get they don't have to pay for and they can draw on those experiences long after they left that job and employ them in future positions. And they get paid for it!

What's the problem? Well they have to learn to show up. They have to be disciplined to get themselves there on time. They actually have to work with others and if they are a fuck up, they are gonna toss their ass out the door no matter how cool they are. Don't carry their weight? They will throw them out on their ass! Not the boss, the 19 year old coworkers that have to deal with it and do their job as well as theirs. I can't tell you how many 'Jocks' I have seen crying as their peers toss them out of a restaurant kitchen.

Sales are what drives everything and since the focus is not sales these days, that becomes the problem. Few understand or know how to sell. The art of selling. CEO's used to be the best salesman. Today it is the best accountant or lawyer or something else unrelated to sales. Sales are the top of the pyramid. Nothing in this world happens until a sale is made. I must have said that 20 times on this blog though the years. So I have to laugh at 'Start-ups' because their eye is almost never on sales and almost always on getting money. But with no sales, you are just supporting the guys that refuse to work for McDonald's. 21st century panhandling?

The real reason a company should be looking for money is because they can't fill the orders fast enough. Because they can't grow fast enough. Because SALES is pushing them. Because they need to expand and grow and make more money. They are already profitable and can't plow the money back into the business fast enough.

Today startups start with ZERO SALES! That ain't no startup, that's a personal charity.

Sorry for the ramble and rant. One thought just led to another and here we are. So what's your rant today? How do you see it? How does the overall mood play into your business?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

40 thoughts on “The Single Most Important Issue YOU Face in the Next Year

  1. Martin

    Never forget the role luck played in your success Rick.
    You were lucky to have been at a time in America where opportunity wasn’t being hunted down & slaughtered.
    The America I have grown up has been a pure lie and the foundations for making solid decisions have been few and far between because most everything is a ‘who moved my cheese’ experience.
    I am all for hard work and starting at the bottom and working ones way up but as a younger person than yourself I can tell you that your belief that my Generation is simply too lazy to work is ill informed. We just recognize most of what your generation has sold us is a bunch of lies [education, pensions, stock markets etc…]and its got our head spinning.
    So again,…..never underestimate how lucky you have been. Right time, right place in history.

  2. Rick Schwartz

    @Martin, I really am sorry you see the world that way. YOU have to make your own opportunity. Not getting on the first step of a ladder because it is beneath somebody is just a terrible way to look at things.
    You have the #1 money making tool in the history of mankind in front of you that I did not have. Nor an iPhone. Nor Fed Ex. Nor the money to even purchase those things if they were available. Luck always plays a role, but it is no excuse for a bad outlook and a bad attitude.
    The harder you work, the luckier you get. I hope you learn soon just how wrong you are. There are plenty of people out there finding success. You have wasted your energy to find an excuse. You see things as done to you by others. Others. lol

  3. Martin

    @ Rick
    I am not resigned and am still fighting the fight. I am an existentialist at heart.
    My point was simply that all the institutions YOU [and your generation] could rely on are crumbling, and my generation has had our rational faculties assaulted by a scope of mis-truths from your generation [not blaming you personally] that are an abomination.
    So….no excuses to fight the fight but the existing opportunity in America isnt even close to what your generation had [Fed-Ex and the internet doesnt negate competing with Indians in Delhi looking to work for $20 a day].
    Just saying.

  4. Rick Schwartz

    Then blame those politicians worldwide that should be in jails instead of in power.
    Blame the folks in Washington for saying one thing before they run for office and do something else when they get into office. Blame 50% of the country that don’t even cast a ballot and still complain. Blame ourselves for short term memory and giving passes to our friends or politicians when they do wrong.

  5. andy kelly

    Ricks right on this one. To win you have to have a winning mindset. We all know the world is run – in the main – by gangsters and it always has been and probably always will.
    Thing is to every down turn there is an upside. Seek yours out is what Rick is saying.
    No point in a mentality that says”The game is unfair so I’m taking my ball home with me”
    If you do well then you have funds to help out a few folks that deserve to be helped.
    I’m 45 and Irish so I’m guessing im mid generation from you and Rick? I wasted far too much time years back sticking two fingers up at”the system”
    Total waste of time. Get in, work hard and reap the harvest.
    There are always opportunities so find one.

  6. @domains

    Rick and Martin, I think you both have good points. Yes, no matter what you should always get in there and work hard. But this is a tough economic landscape with bankrupt governments, high unemployment, investment losses, euro troubles, etc. Remember though that past generations did have to deal with a great depression, world wars, runaway inflation, and the cold war. Time is better spent figuring how to get ahead instead of why you can’t. There are always opportunities in every situation if you look hard enough.

  7. Kevin

    Once you reach midway in life, the single most important issue you face each year is your health. Nothing else matters, including having all the success and money in the world, if you get a serious illness. And as each year goes by, more and more things can go wrong inside your body.

  8. John Lyotier

    In my first real job since leaving university (circa 1997 in a junior marketing and product management role for enterprise banking software preparing for the pending doom of Y2K), I received the following advice from a mentor,”If you want to succeed…Work harder than your boss. Show up before he/she does. And don’t leave until 15 minutes after he/she forces you out the door or after they’ve already gone.”
    Of course, today the work follows you home with 24×7 connectivity, but the message remains clear. Go out and work for your own success.

  9. Mason

    Rick & Martin –
    You both are talking past each other. You both seem to agree more than you disagree. Namely, that it is incumbent on the individual to put his/her head down and plow ahead, DESPITE the world being against them.
    I think where you disagree is the MAGNITUDE of how badly this current generation has been screwed over by the previous generations (Baby boomers). We currently have an”economy” that is 70% driven by consumption. I don’t know what you call that – but I don’t believe that is a productive economy. This Ponzi scheme we currently have is surely going to collapse upon itself in all of our life times. This credit market is like a twilight zone episode – all upside down and burning through cash at warp speed rate.
    If you believe like I do – we are heading into a FOURTH TURNING – that this period in history will be comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930’s and the Civil War of the 1860’s, then you may be able to locate the upcoming opportunities when this FOURTH TURNING unravels. See See also,
    Opportunities will abound soon. Keep your powder dry.
    Rick – not sure how you reconcile your statement”Today startups start with ZERO SALES! That ain’t no startup, that’s a personal charity.” and”You have the #1 money making tool in the history of mankind in front of you that I did not have.”
    How do you make sales unless you develop a business which costs money ???

  10. Scott Alliy

    I see future opportunities in developing countries not declining countries.
    Readers can decide which are which based on their own vision opinions and biases and which direction and geo locations they should concentrate their efforts upon.
    Thankfully we are in a global and not neighborhood business.

  11. Devsheffield

    Great post, Rick. Here’s my rant as a follow up.
    I’m 38. I guess that puts me somewhere in the middle. As narrow-minded as some people think Rick is on occasion, I have to say that he’s typically pretty accurate in his predictions, as well as his view of the current state of this particular industry. This seemingly popular idea that”hey, we’re in a down economy, so most of the blame should be placed on the older generation” is just rubbish. Plain and simple. Opportunity is everywhere. The problem is attitude. Work ethic seems to have been lost. Respect seems to have been lost. Arrogance is absolutely through the fucking ceiling. You so many younger people bitching about how they are not able to find success or a job in a down economy. Where does failure play a role? Are they to good to fail first? You MUST fail before tasting ANY success. Again. And again. and Again. Yet they fail once or twice and then outright blame the”system”, instead. They have zero modesty and feel entitled to immediate success. Don’t get me wrong..this generation bleeds an enormous amount of creativity. The problem, is that it lacks the muscle and humbleness. Every kid with an ipad and an overnight idea thinks they are the next Steve Jobs out of the gates. They focus so much of their energy on the”image” of being an Entrepreneur, rather than actually being an Entrepreneur. Are there a handful of younger people who behave this way, yet still manage to find success? Sure there are, but like Tom Petty said, even the losers get lucky sometimes. But that ain’t the norm, nor should it ever be expected. There are so many of these hipster, Steve Jobs wanna-bees. In comparison to the number of people of this generation who are aspiring Entrepreneurs, very few will have the modesty, experience and the muscle to withstand the sands of time. At the moment this viewpoint may seem false, but that’s because there is so much BULLSHIT and FLUFF being exchanged right now. Good ideas are a dime a dozen; but if the idea lacks muscle it’s doomed. Any business based purely on”Handouts” is not a solid business. Good ideas + previous failures + experience + respect + execution (muscle) = success.

  12. Garry Epperson

    Read the story of Aristotle Onassis if you want to learn how to sell without having a business. He is the epitome of that method.

  13. John

    Not sure if you are implying that the US is a declining country or not but think about this:
    Where are people going to go for music? China
    Where are people go to go for films? Bollywood?
    Which country is capable of being the global currency?
    If you want to bet on”emerging economies”, so be it. I hear .CO (columbia is a great choice.)
    The US has too much of a stranglehold on popular culture to think that things will change anytime soon. Not saying it won’t happen, but don’t expect to see it in your lifetime.
    Think Asia is going to take over? Whose ideas are they going to copy? Who are they going to imitate and copy to achieve international success? People here are spending as much as they can to be”American”.
    The US is hurting, no question about it but,really, who can take over?
    PS. I live in Asia. I am not an American. I see the rah rah attitude that the US is hurting, but I still don’t see anyone stepping up. I still see Asian businesses looking for expand into the US. I still see people prepare to immigrate, live and study there.
    The US takes a lot of shit. There are a number of reasons, but the main one is jealousy.

  14. Kevin

    @ Garry
    My favorite Aristotle Onassis quote >>>
    “The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.”
    Aristotle Onassis

  15. Krishna Nalamothu

    I am from India. I recently sold one domain for $2000 (bought for just $8) to a German multinational company.
    Previous generations don’t have this kind of opportunities (sitting in a small room and doing sales with global companies).
    My request: just look at positive side. Our generation is very fortunate when compared to previous ones.
    I am also facing problems due to current financial crisis but these issues are part and parcel of life.

  16. Krishna Nalamothu

    I am also tankful to my previous generations for making life better by inventing internet, computers, car, electrical and electronics so on.
    I am hoping that best minds of this generation will make life better for future generations by inventing new things.
    It may be waste of time to discuss about poiticians (country is irrelevant except few visionaries).

  17. Donny

    We will just print more money if this country needs it. Other countries can’t do that. If it was a ponzi most people would not care and forget it about it in 6 months anyway. Yea money will be worth less but your domain names won’t be.
    Can’t say current gen is all lazy,some are posting pictures of themselves eating food on Facebook. That is experience that will take you to the top lol…
    Old gen is cool. Can’t knock them, look at ww2, Can’t go up to a vet and tell them they ruined it for us. To be fair, certain individuals of all ages have messed it all up for us. That is done must move on now.
    Now imagine Donald Draper and Roger Sterling with an iPhone, they would kick ass. The reason is they know how to deal with people. This current gen and not all of them, do not know how to deal with people face to face. They post shit on fb all day, re tweet the same garbage and pretend to be journalists saying the obvious things. I don’t really care what they do I think it funny and interesting. But if you’re young and spending 3 hours a day on posting on fb and tweeting then you can only blame yourself.
    But health is most important like ken said, negativity can really destroy your health.
    Donny M

  18. Rick Schwartz

    “How do you make sales unless you develop a business which costs money?”
    You go out and get”Test sales”. If you can’t go out and get a sale without any overhead, you certainly can’t go out and get sales with overhead. You have a sample of your product or service and try to sell it. If nobody buys it, you got nothing and you did not lose much other than time. If 3 different people buy it, you have a business. All before the overhead. First you have to prove you have a viable business.
    That’s the way I do it and I get a result whichever way it goes. Before the overhead, not after. Before you hire people, not after.

  19. Mason

    I hear what your saying about going out and getting”Test Sales” to ascertain whether there even exists a viable business. And I certainly appreciate the PRINCIPLE that you are trying to impart when you claim”Today startups start with ZERO SALES! That ain’t no startup, that’s a personal charity.”
    Nevertheless, the ability to achieve success still necessitates a level of risk taking in which the success of the endeavor will not be ascertained until well past the post launch stage.
    There is risk associated with the development of the prototype and final product, marketing risk, general operations risk that all the moving interdepartmental pieces will be able to ramp up in conjunction, finance, cash-flow and accounting risk, and of course ability to develop a sales team and the risk associated with achieving sales.
    Not disagreeing with your general principles – I think I may just disagree on the need of an entrepreneur to risk money in order to make money. And even sample sales only tell part of the story.
    Best regards,

  20. dex

    Wow! Rick, I couldn’t agree more. First of all, I don’t believe in luck. Luck is just an excuse to blame something when things don’t go your way.
    Start-ups are somewhat laughable. I, too, agree that start-ups are charities. Go on any”crowd funding” website and you will see for yourself. Why should I give my hard earned money to these”start-ups”? Just cause they’re asking for it? NO WAY!!!
    My response when I hear people crying that they can’t find a job, Wal-Mart is always hiring. More often than not, their response is”oh, I don’t want to work there”. What!?!?!? Then stop your bitching and create something or go pick aluminum cans!
    Sorry, Martin, but you’re 100% wrong. Oh, and I’m not Rick’s age in case you’re wondering. I’m 33.

  21. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick and commentators,
    I as well as any of you know about shattered dreams and phony Big Money politicians and Banks and Insurance companies and on and on.
    I understand your pain. Please take some collective advice from someone who has crashed and burned at times only to get up and dust myself off and go at it again. I needed to be able to laugh at all these seeming failures,as learning experiences on how not to do something again. Most importantly you need to laugh at yourself and really mean it. Edison crashed and burned numerous times only to be totally triumphant.
    Einstein used to belly laugh at himself constantly and yet they all went on to be Super Achievers. Failure is a large part of being Successful. Go ahead LAUGH !
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  22. Martin

    I like you Rick. Think you are more than lucky. Think you are actually a product of hard work and ingenuity.
    I refused to ‘go greek’ when I was in college.
    Couldn’t do it.
    You are a Free Mason.
    Couldnt do that either [one world government agenda disgusts me].
    Need to win on my terms.
    Blame the politicians though Rick? They own the game.

  23. Eva

    Rick you got the point, but don’t be so harsh to the startups. I’m one of them, but totally agree with u. Some of us will make the future, right? I don’t blame anyone for the time I live in, there’s no point looking back.
    [ Jesus replied,”No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”– Lk 9:62]

  24. John B

    One point to add about”I see jobs with nobody smart enough or talented enough to fill them”. You have lost sight of what a job is, an agreement between a worker and a boss. It is not one-way.
    I hear of companies with a list of qualifications, education and experience no human on the planet can meet; they then cry and pull out their hair about a lack of qualified applicants. Bull. Like you have implied many times, Rick, if you want an opportunity, make one.
    If a company cannot find an employee to do what it needs done, it should make that employee. These companies could pull the most qualified applicant and train them. Yes, I said it, train them. On the job training. Like there used to be back in our day. But they don’t.
    Instead we get failure scripts like”I see jobs with nobody smart enough or talented enough to fill them”, unfilled jobs and masses of people desperate to work.

  25. Joe

    Excellent post Rick and I totally agree. Back in 2001 right before the dot com bubble burst I worked with a small start up who was after the likes of Akamai (content delivery). The company had great ideas, patents pending, good people, and investors handing over tons of cash. But what they didnt have was CUSTOMERS! Needless to say they went backrupt.
    Today, I’m still doing very much the same thing, only older now with a more stable fortune 1000 company. We have positions coming open all of the time. We can never fill them because no one is qualified…. Or many who we interview feel the starting position are below them.
    To the kids – I hate to break the news to you, but the liberal arts degree isn’t going to pay the bills(statistically speaking).
    Your MBA that you just got does not mean you deserve to be CEO, let alone deserve the”six figures” you claim you deserve at your first real job. And no, being head of your fraternity party planning team does not mean your a good worker. It means you like to party!
    Be realistic, work hard, be aggressive, and above all gets sales or work with some one who can close the deals.

  26. Mark

    We see what you are talking about a great deal in the franchise industry, Rick. Those just entering the workforce after school think many jobs are beneath them. Like everyone owes them something. A strong sense of entitlement if you will.
    Another point you make is the”no sales syndrome”. We find that many in their 20’s and 30’s are unable to carry on an intelligent conversation face to face. We often come away thinking that all of the technology has actually handicapped them in a way. If it is not a text message or social check-in type thing, many are lost.
    Some of our kids share the exact thing with us. They say they are educated but uncomfortable interviewing for a job. They have no problem mass-emailing or linking resumes mind you, but the actual face to face interview skill set is lacking and elusive. We promote the idea of pushing through the tough times by just going ahead and doing it rather than backing away from it. We remind them that challenges they face are actually opportunities for growth and success. It really is just that simple.
    Although I have rambled, I want to close by saying we have the most talented and educated population on the planet. If we ever figure out how to maximize everyone’s potential, we will skyrocket back to being at the very pinnacle again. Thank you:-)

  27. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick, and Commentators
    I think we all can agree,that in any Business proposition you need to lead with your strongest foot forward. In Todays “New World Marketing”it is absoulutely Key that you pull out all the stops and present a professional platform for your Business.
    We would like to make an IMPORTANT POINT that many online Businesses miss :
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  28. Show us the money..

    Joe. It hasn’t changed, I was arguing this point with a net player asking its backers for millions more to support a new initiative.. And they couldn’t definitely elucidate how they would get the revenues…. If you can’t shown how your going to monetize something then all the cost calculations in the world are worth jack all, you go into business to make money, anyone can spend it.

  29. L

    A lot of people who are doing the building are simply doing so to pick the pockets of the VCs who are hurling money like morons at anything remotely novel.
    My ex partner recently got a high six figure seed for what I firmly believe is a complete horses-ass of a web app. Figure half of that just got allocated to”officer” salaries in their 3 man operation. They’re pretty much guaranteed at least one more funding round upon launch.
    It’s very, very good to be creative and skilled in the tech world right now.

  30. no one

    mother fucker. I’m out of a job. Crossroads now. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Kinda been worried about this for few months now and workers gone. Next week is when reality will kick in.

  31. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick, Top O the Day To You !
    I thought of you this morning when I awoke, and our last conversation.
    I will be publishing a report very soon that entails some more revelations for Businessmen and Domaners.
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  32. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    The Thompson Rueters Acquisition !
    I know this company well. I worked with them for 15+ years.
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  33. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
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  34. Jeff Schneider

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  35. Jeff Schneider

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  36. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
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  37. Jeff Schneider

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  38. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    When the underlying fundamentals of the stock markets are as well positioned for an upside Blow as we have seen ,we have this Headline:
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    This talk is extremely BULLISH !
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