Grand Slam Domain Caught in The Bleachers. Lifetime Reward for a Good Catch!

Morning Folks!!

While I write for domainers, I aim for the bleachers as I have stated before. Those far removed from Domaining as an Industry. Those on Main Street, Corporate America and beyond. I can't say I have been all that successful in that. Matter of fact, it is my single greatest disappointment that I can't get this ball out of the domain stadium. Can't quite break that shell open. That I have failed to attract those outside the industry in a meaningful way.

Yesterday I got some evidence that the shell is breaking and when this shell breaks it will break far and wide. I often talk about 'Overnight Successes'. I also mention that an 'Overnight Success' usually takes up to 20 years to obtain.

Now I need to protect the identity of the person but I can tell you he has very impressive credentials and is employed by a Fortune 100 company. High on the list. To 'Further the cause' as he put it, has given me permission to publish this.


just wanted to say hello and thank you!

In 2000 I read a book that changed my life - 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'.

Growing up in the Bronx from a lower middle income family nobody ever explained to me simply about assets and liabilities. Within four months I had acquired 4 Quads and 2 homes and the fun began.

Last week lightning struck again, my good friend (Name Removed) introduced me to your blog. It always amazes me when successful people in earnest tell you how to do something to be like them in simple terms and people don't do it.

Your initial formula variable was clear, if you want to know Domaining read my posts, for the last week that is what I did, not just read them devoured them.

It immediately clicked that domains are no different than real estate investing, something I am familiar with. You have commercial, multi family, appreciation plays, cash flow plays, development of raw land, etc.

You incredibly, simply, and clearly saw and communicated where this is headed, having the actual domain of the product(nouns) or services(noun, verb, adjective) will be a crucial component in the coming years.

Once that connection was made the rest was mechanics. I immediately went into action mode, on a whim I started looking into all the major components that make up my industry. To my AMAZEMENT, most of these company marketing 'geniuses' have not had the foresight to recognize this, these products are specialized so they range from $5,000 to $ 1,000,000+ a pop

also they are symbiotic so it will be obvious to the end user how they can 'down sell', 'up sell', 'side sell', sell sell sell .

I 'quietly' started registering them, I can honestly say, I control about 10% of the equipment in my industry, And by the time I am done this week, I will have everything that is still available which would probably constitute about 20% - 30% percent of the major items.

Simply put, if my industry were a car, I would have the brakes, the transmission, not the tires but the hubcap, not the battery but smaller items like the cigarette lighter (which would be important to smokers, or phone users for power) etc.

Think of the post where you mentioned about the numbnuts who believed that did not have value, when clearly in the medical industry it meant something. Whenever possible I bought singular and plural, one for the premium provider the other for a cash registry.

Similar to and

Next is your phase 2, next month I will contact the manufacturers of these products give them options, and the fun begins. (All options will have a cash flow component - better to have % of X companies)

The cool thing is I am a systems analyst/software developer so my world is processes, both software and operational. I can develop the site for them or not, but more important I can develop the process of developing the sites. (Not Give a man to fish, Not teach a man to fish, I’m talking teach a man how to teach others how to fish and you feed the entire community)

So in two weeks, with a 'whopping' $2,000 dollars, i will control around 200 of my industries equipment domains. (Yes i know i can register cheaper than $10/domain but i have been with them for 8 years and they have always done right by me.)

In your words, you created we just followed, you were out there in the jungle with a machete, It’s easy for people to be Monday morning Quaterbacks or criticize how you incorrectly swung the machete to chop that vine, because grabbing a weapon and standing at post requires energy, purpose and balls, three commodities in demand these days if you ask me, but whose asking.

So in many posts you mention if one person gets it, it’s worth it.

Well I don't know about the rest of the world, but this guy GETS IT and is exceedingly grateful to you for it.

I want to thank the reader for taking the time to read what I have and actually employ it. This is what is all about. That is why we are still in the early stages of all this. If you are not making it, why not try what he tried?

So here is a guy domaining for 2 weeks that gets it. So simple. But are you willing to do what he did? If you are not making decent money, maybe it is time to throw in the towel, stop what you are doing, stop thinking the way you do and take a week or two and start reading this blog starting in April 2007. You don't have to agree with everything I say, but only a fool would disagree with everything I say.

Success starts with 16 hour days. Most work for 8 hours, sleep for 8 hours and play for 8 hours.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

46 thoughts on “Grand Slam Domain Caught in The Bleachers. Lifetime Reward for a Good Catch!

  1. Elliot Silver

    I hope the guy follows up with you in a few months to let you (and us) know how he did with this.
    One issue is that if the companies and their management didn’t understand enough about domain names to hand register them, it might be difficult to get them to buy them at a premium price.
    Wishing this guy all the best.

  2. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I know for a fact, that many more closet Domainers exist. They want to keep a low profile so as to not draw attention to a finite pool of secondary Market domain names available.
    Warren Buffet and many others are active under the radar purchasers as well as many others whose Eyes are Wide Open.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Elliot,
    It is not difficult to sell an end user what he wants if he really wants it. The trick is being there before him !
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  4. Shane Cultra

    All he’s done is employ the”do what you know” method. He knows his industry and used that information to register great keywords within. The only requirement here is you actually have to know an industry. Grow up doing only internet and you don’t know much anything else. They all think they can learn to ride a bike while reading about it on the net and watching a few videos. This is why you see so many people come out of an industry and do well. They have direct inside knowledge that they can monetize.
    Gratefully, Shane Cultra (Something Meaningless Here) (Publicity for my Company Here)

  5. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    I spoke about the leveling of the playing field as pertaining to the lower 40% of our population,in your previous post.
    The pendulum is starting to swing the other way when you consider the lopsidedness of things. The top one percent of American earners saw their incomes spike 275 percent between 1979 and 2007, while the bottom one-fifth of Americans saw their wealth grow by only 20 percent during the same period, according to the Congressional Budget Office. In addition, the top 10 percent of U.S. earners control two-thirds of the country’s wealth.
    This country cannot sustain its lead in the world if these figures continue. I believe that they indeed are changing for the better, as we speak. This will be accomplished by Internet business expansion, as well as the inevitable swing in the pendulum the other way, as it has in the past. BET ON IT !
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  6. JamesD

    Without knowing what the domains are or the industry they relate to, it’s impossible to say whether he’s ‘got it’ or not.

  7. Orangelo

    I find it very impressive a systems analyst/software developer understands domains. He’s a rare breed.
    Usually techies no matter how hard they try can’t understand investing in domains. They generally don’t understand any form of investing or entrepreneurship.
    I hope he does well and also becomes a known player in our little corner of the Net.

  8. John

    Just curious, He said he has already regged over 200 names so FAST. Were these all .COM? If not, he may want to re-read your blog.

  9. DigiNames

    I agree with this comment. Charging ahead with a little bit of knowledge is sometimes dangerous. I have seen many newbies that hear about domain name investing and go hand-register 200 domains in their first two weeks. The problem is most of the names are crap (which is why they are all available) and will end up dropping in a year.
    He might get $2000 worth in an education, but whether he will actually ‘gets it’ and will actually be successful is not clear. I wish him the best of luck with it.

  10. Jaime E

    Wow this is really cool!,
    3rd day as a member of this blog and I am already stimulating excellent discourse.
    To answer some questions:
    John not all domains are .com, one (1) is a .net because in this case I wanted both the .com and the .net.
    JamesD, absolutely your right, not knowing the domains or the industry it is impossible to say whether I got it. But it is even beyond that, you could know what domains I have and be in the industry, but if I don’t make any money I still don’t get it.
    I believe is all about not only the domain but adding to it the value and the customer.
    and Orangelo I would love to play in this little corner of the net.
    I think you guys are amazing mavericks; I believe that there is enough wealth out there for everyone willing to take the time.
    Here is my gift to all of you,
    (Rick not knowing the rules to this blog you decide about transparency ), it can probably be applied to all markets. To your point Shane it is maximized when you know the market.
    I went the biggest Expo website in my industry. In one page of the convention center, I had the top 400 companies, their websites, their points of contact, heck their underwear size
    Put all that info in a database for cross reference and mass emails…. Just kidding about the underwear.
    Then I went website by website looking at their top products, and saw if they were taken.
    Now that I have everything I will create motivating emails detailing value, options, vision with examples of companies in the same industry that are already taking advantage of this strategy.
    I suspect the top manufacturers of Optical Inspectors, reel counters, industrial imagers, and 100 more instruments that don’t mean squat to you but are the life blood to them will at least entertain my emails.
    And then the fun begins….
    Will it work to some degree, of course it will. To what degree we shall see….
    Rick I would love to provide a vehicle by which you guys can track this experiment real time…. An online reality blog show, as the Domain turns.
    All I know is 1 week, 2k, actually someone already offered me 10K to be part of this experiment. He knows with me it’s better than the bank.
    Please understand I am not trying to underestimate Domaining or pontificate of “how I can walk on water”, all I’m saying is there are some fundamental lessons that can be gleamed from one market to another, and having product (Domain), value and customer before buying will put you ahead of the game……….. hey but most of you guys already knew that.
    oh Yea, Elliot selling would be my last resort, cashflow rules.

  11. Aggro

    He”gets it”? Senile is more like it
    Another idiot who thinks owning some obscure equipent component part names means he’s somehow cornered the market.
    Big fking LOL!
    Just like how if I own,,, – is not the same as owning
    It don’t matter shit what HE thinks it’s worth IF the ones spending the money DON’T see value
    And fact that 200 domains were available tells me he’s the one who DOESN’T get it
    Reminds me of the idiot”food” domains buyer a few years back spending $’000s on”nut” food domains in .us & other crap.
    Most domainers who had”nut” or”food” domains could see him coming & jacked up prices accordingly.
    Fking chump.
    Wonder what happened to him..?

  12. JaimeE

    Aggro wow, lets play nice.
    Not sure you understood that only 1 was .net, all the other ones are .com, so your examples .net, .biz, etc.
    don’t apply, but irregardless, your right what i believe does not mean squat, its what the buyer believes, and since I know most of the executive decision makers in those companies, I can make an educated guess how this is going to end up.
    But you might be right, a year from now I might be next to the food domain idiot in some senile home with delusions of grandeur. I like tapioca so that might not be that bad.
    That’s the beauty about markets it’s not what you or I think, your opinion or mine, your philosophy or mine, your strategy or mine, and the end of the day its whose broke and whose not.
    So i wish you well Aggro and much success.

  13. Martin

    Please keep us updated and ignore Agro.
    God bless the risk takers…..Obama sure ain’t gunna bless ya.

  14. Show us the money..

    I wouldn’t worry, 2k is nothing in any decent sized business. Its worth it just to test the waters and learn.
    Aggro knows jacksh^t.
    Category owning domains exist at the level where they are profitable to do so, not where it is the source word in the dictionary. If I want ‘used car tyres’ what am I going to search for or type into my browser? really?
    A generic domain is worth substantially more to a wholesaler than a manufacturer and worth substantially more than to a domainer.

  15. MG

    haha, I laughed out loud for a solid minute. But you forgot to mention something about”Virtual Business Foundations???”
    As for the mystery domainer, definitely keep us updated on your experiment.

  16. TF

    Rick, first time poster, long time follower,
    You wrote the list below that came from the thermal scanners post and can you give some”real world” examples from all the top domainers in this industry, Yourself, Schilling, Silver, Berkens etc….of how to do this. From what I understand most of the names you have acquired are from 20 or 30 years ago so of course they have tremendous value now but I would love to see some examples of your process in action from recently acquired names.
    The one thing that no one ever shows is”real world” examples of what they say to do. Please help me understand by showing me first hand a real world example of this process. Please don’t start with a name that you bought for 100 bucks 20 years ago but give me an example of one that you have recently acquired cheap and resold for a good profit. Thanks brother just trying to understand this industry but there is so much secrecy involved that its hard to pick through the fluff.
    Rick wrote,
    Don’t quit your day job. You will need to finance your first few domains
    Read #1 again and again and again. Don’t quit your day job until it interferes with your earning capability.
    Learn here and Learn here what makes a domain valuable and why somebody else would want it. If nobody can ever think of it, probably not going to be very valuable.
    Buy a domain for $1000 or buy several if you can.
    Sell that domain for $10,000. How do you do that? Read #3 and Here and Here. (Give yourself 6months to a year)
    Take that $10,000 and either buy (10) $1000 domains or (2) $5000 names or (1) $10,000 name.
    Take that domain or those domains and turn the $10,000 into $100,000.
    Take $10,000 and go pay something off.
    Take the $90K and repeat #6.
    Have the patience to realize that this may be up to a 3 year journey. But when you get to #9 and do what you did in #6, you will be more adapt at it and you will turn your domains quicker.
    With $900k in your pocket you can repeat #6, quit your day job and in 3 years you can be a millionaire. Maybe less if you are really good at #3.
    Are you asking yourself the right questions? Here are my top 20.

  17. Rick Schwartz

    Better Re-Read my blog posts. I have many contemporary examples but most are just too lazy to go back and read but have lots of energy to whine.

  18. TF

    Hi Rick,
    I didn’t realize by asking a simple question that it is considered whining. In no way, shape or form was it meant to come off like that. I just see lots of blogs about domains and lots of domaineers putting people like yourself on pedestals, but most in this business are were they are because of names they own from 20 years ago. Yes, props to you for having the foresight to get those names but show the rest of us how to do it without having the luxury of going back in time and registering a bunch of free names.
    I will re-read the blog posts. Thanks brother for your time

  19. JaimeE

    TF is bringing up a common issue, please allow me to clarify something. Earlier when I said I”got it”. It was logically assumed I meant Domaining as probably most Domainers see it.
    What I meant was that Rick saw that in the near future there is going to be thousands of warren buffets. Now don’t interpret that to mean thousands of wealthy people. We already have that, what is meant is thousands of individuals making money not thru investing in a market, but by investing in businesses, either thru acquisition or creation, that is what I meant.
    It seems to me that many Domainers see Domains as either Lottery tickets that have a price within, Bonds that will mature in the future, or collectibles with intrinsic value. All viable speculative models which will make God willing all of you very wealthy.
    But understand that Manhattan Island brought greater wealth to the developers not to the land owners.
    Now whats missing are the businesses, or business developers, (Don’t mistake this to be website developers, that is a component).
    Using an analogy, many Domainers if not all, have fat juicy Red Domain apples ready to be picked, just don’t have any apple pickers or don’t know how to pick them themselves.
    So one possible baby step forward is to join forces with entities like business incubators, Aggro senile busness developers (BDs) like me often are part of them, its where seniles retire.
    Simply put BDs don’t care about the market, real estate, Equities, businesses, Gold, and yes Domains, its the process that matters.
    So swinging to achieve Rick’s homerun might be to start hooking up the Domainers with Business Developers to pick those apples.
    That is what I meant by teach a man how to teach to teach others how to fish and you feed the entire community.
    … oh yeah one other thing just an observation, if you as a community allow trolls like Aggro to derail your focus, your champange wishes and caviar dreams will take longer.
    oh oh the meds are fading fast ……

  20. C. Chambers

    I’m sorry, but how is it that you consider this mans letter as some sort of ‘accomplishment’?
    He’s expressing precisely the same newbie sentiment we see with every person who ‘discovers’ domaining and believes they’ve found something that nobody else, as they proceed to hand register all manner of worthless dross that they sincerely believe will set the world on fire.
    Some years back, I recall reading on a domain forum, a user who wrote an elaborate and detailed message about how he was going to sell his for one million dollars, pursuant to the billions of dollars that flowed around a particular industry. He spoke in very affirmative tones, even went so far as to guarantee it would happen!
    Likewise, would anyone care to go back and read the”3d” posts on domainer forums from a couple years back? There were several people who talked precisely this.
    I fail to see any substance to this mans claims, but I should note that domainers have consistently impressed me with how little they’re willing to accept when determining who’s credible and who is not.

  21. brand

    you know hes not the only one who has found a little secret to domaining.
    i found out a way to see more bids and offers on my domains.
    i let them expire and have godaddy take them over, then sit back and watch the bids run high.
    i to have found the magic
    this comment is not for jamieE,but just wanted to thank a few guys on this blog for calling a spade a spade.
    there is no formula to this..if you watch storage wars or pawn stars and they have a piece appraised, they always say[TO THE RIGHT BUYER]..another mans trash is another mans through it against the wall and hope it sticks.
    thanks..aggro, and thanks c.chambers.

  22. brand

    rick…just was wondering how the sale of those .co’s went.
    you had a huge list..just be waiting for the results.
    i appraised a few and the ones i appraised had 100million in freq traffic..keep us updated.

  23. TF

    OK Rick, I did what you asked and went back and read all of your posts from the first year of your blog which was 2007 and the only thing I learned about actually buying domain names was this one quote from your September 28, 2007 blog post.
    “So when folks ask”Can you get into domains and be successful if you started TODAY?” The answer is YES, but when they ask ME how to do it…..I can’t tell them. It is a different set of circumstances and I would have to STUDY the market for several days, weeks or months to create a new formula”
    …..and also that the first domain you ever bought was on December 27, 1995 but every other post in the whole year of 2007 was talking about T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and type in blah blah blah. Not one tip about buying names.
    I am doing as you asked and re-reading your blog posts and will update you when I actually find something useful. Thanks brother for your time

  24. Rick Schwartz

    Funny thing in common with all the shit mouths in domaining.
    They never use their real name.
    They change their name like wind changes direction.
    They can never point to any of their own accomplishments.
    The only way they feel important is to rip others down.
    They never actually add any value. But sometimes I feel bad that they are stuck living with themselves.
    Just shows the vivid difference between kiddie domainers and business people.
    Brand, I read 5 years of your comments. You’re a fake brown nosing idiot.
    Not 1 legit comment. How many names do you post under?
    Many of the other douches here use their fake name 1 time and then post under several handles.
    You guys are meaningless. Complete losers. On display for all to see.
    The only thing that gets you satisfaction is to try and bring others down.
    But you are all assholes and any friend that supports you is an asshole. PERIOD!
    Brand, Chambers, and Aggro….useless human beings. Trash talkers!
    Given the choice of betting on Jamie or you clowns……not even close.
    You guys have LOSER tattooed on your TONGUES! Go find the kiddie pool and play there.
    I post to share diamonds and I get shit talkers in return. The only thing to do with shit talkers is to rub their face in the shit they came with and verbally stomp their asses into it.
    Now run along kiddies back to the basement with the other losers.
    Have a GREAT Day!
    I know I will. That felt GREAT!

  25. TF

    Rick I said,
    ” I did what you asked and went back and read all of your posts from the first year of your blog which was 2007″
    Just so we are clear it is mathematically possible to read all of your posts from 2007. Today I will read 2008 and possibly more.
    Your rant is ridiculous but these are the reasons Domaining gets no respect. One of the top domainers in the industry and this is how they talk. Sad……… Thanks brother for your time

  26. Rick Schwartz

    I edited my initial post. My apologies for not reading the”2007″
    But TF Ask any REAL domainer with a REAL name in this industry if the answers are here? Ones that make 6, 7 and 8 figures. Not the 3 clowns posting here.
    If you really want to find the answers, you will. If you want to remain ignorant, you will.
    I would not waste my time if I did not want you to find out the answers. But I am also allergic to bullshit. So if you don’t find any diamonds in the mines of my posts, it is not because they are not there. Let’s be 100% clear from the get go. It is on your shoulders to find the info. It is not my responsibility to feed you!
    So when I read blah, blah, TRASH like this it is hard to take you seriously:”in the whole year of 2007 was talking about T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and type in blah blah blah. Not one tip about buying names.”
    That is not the ATTITUDE of somebody looking for answers. That is the ATTITUDE of somebody that is more interested in being self righteous than improving their lives or finding the answers to the questions they pose. So your ATTITUDE gives you away and I don’t waste my TIME with ATTITUDE.
    If that is what you came away with reading 2007, don’t waste your time reading the rest.
    Domaining is the way it is because of the likes of those 3 clowns and looks close to adding a 4th. Your choice”Brother”.
    Good luck!

  27. Rick Schwartz

    btw…as for the shit that some throw around……You can’t be credible yourself when you are invisible. When you are a ghost. When you don’t allow yourself to be held up to public ridicule like you do to me and others, In short, you are COWARDS with nothing to show or you would be PROUD to show it. I am not calling you names, I am stating a FACT! LOL
    Just for the record……I only put domainers into three groups.
    Here is one of those groups:

  28. Joao

    Welcome to Domaining Jaime. So, if you like tapioca and your name is tipical portuguese…are you from Brasil?
    I really want to follow your business status, so stick around!

  29. JaimeE

    Ha, Thank you Joao,
    no i am not brazilian although i have dealt with many and they are a beautifull people, both physically and spiritually.
    i’m from central america.
    Chambers, Brand your right I am a newbie in Domaining, I never said i found”the way” just a way, and maybe it is obvious to all of you.
    I find myself as giddy as a child in a toy store and you have clearly matured and disregard my childlike inquisitiveness. But lets be clear, as far as building business models, thats a different story.
    and would welcome an opportunity to go toe to toe and learn from you”masters” in that area, no ghost, no trolling, just full transparency.
    For the rest that understand that learning any new body of knowledge there are levels of growth, trial and failure, discovery and adventure and ultimate in my opinion, it is the path not the destination that intrigues me.
    Case in point, again this is another thought one of about ten paths so far, again this could be a”duh” to all of you.
    Then I will be known as the person”who has an exceptional grasp of the obvious”, by the way TF this is some of what Rick is talking about, although he did not outright write it, the spark came from his words.
    If your city is like mine, you see guys twisting signes that they buy gold. (gold market play) Well for less than $100 at vista print, i am getting signs that i buy domains and provide a site where they can give me the info, use students and my car,same concept.
    Now yes will most be crap, probably, but what if i get a diamond in the rough?
    It is my experience that it will probably be somewhere in between a pile of crap and a pile of diamonds.
    Keeping in mind that if and when i buy it outright, if I convert it to a business, those sellers will continue to get cash for it without lifting a finger.
    Long time ago I learned that if i freely give i freely receive.
    Generosity is not only good business, but good for the soul.
    CAN I HEAR an AMEN sister and brothers….. :-)
    Now let me get back to mowing, the wife is eyeing me suspiciously.

  30. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    We all know how to tell the truth,when we are not tied financially to someone or something. The whoring that goes out to domainers about the flavor of the day extensions is part and parcel to agendas tied to Money. Is it any wonder that Domainers are confused?
    A case in point: The best thing that could happen to our Industry is to have Domain Names known for the very powerful marketing tools that they are. Barriers to this happening are many. Ad marketers, Domainers loaded with other extensions, Old world B School Marketing Doctrine (That does NOT work in Cyberspace!), Google Bullshitting to get theyre share of the pie.
    All the while Domainers And Businessmen get hosed, With all the wrong Information. All in the name of opportunist Capitalism. Watch now how I will be attacked for being Truthfull. I do not give a,
    F–K I cannot be bought.
    Now heres the skinny, Truth = no Ego or Money ties.
    1. Truth for everybody is that best possible defintion of a Web Address is Virtual Business Foundation
    2. .COM extension Secondary market foremost most important investment for suuccess in Cyberspace, second in importance would be fresh registry .COM extension.
    I could give a F–K that I labelled my site a Virtual Business Foundation, you know why? Everybodies Domain name is a V.B.F. !!
    There are those who shoot themselves in the foot saying to themselves Hah he just wants to promote his Site. BIG MISTAKE,in missed oportunities for us all. By the way our detractors love this fact.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  31. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Those who think the .com secondary market game is over are ill informed to say the least.
    The secondary market in .COM extension hasn’t even cleared away 10% of the smoke screen that Google , Ad Marketers and Registrars and Domainers loaded with other extensions and others with agendas to hide the real values of Virtual Business Foundations awesome Strategic Marketing capabilities.
    Those who have already sold have jumped the gun and will miss the most historic price multiple explosion of any asset class in history 7/22/12
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  32. the truth society

    So your Traffic rewards- a chance to change things!
    Shane and Arco will complain it’s an old boy network- where are their awards. It’s time!
    And how about Morgan who sells thousands of eBooks telling you how to do it- buy .org then .TV and now says forget the last five years worth of advice he should have listened to Rick Schwartz.
    And what about your critics- who won’t post under their real names but you know who they are and where they live in that board game place. How about rounding them up, burying them in sand up to their ears and letting everyone they’ve offended take turns throwing stones at them the way justice for such an offense is carried out in Iran. Yeah turn the equation around- shit on the pigeons!
    Time to put on some brass ones and tell the truth.

  33. Altaf

    @the unidentified writer
    “….you were out there in the jungle with a machete, It’s easy for people to be Monday morning Quaterbacks or criticize how you incorrectly swung the machete to chop that vine, because grabbing a weapon and standing at post requires energy, purpose and balls….”
    I loved this part of his writing. He explained everything possible that, Rick you did for the domain industry to come up to this level. It needed enough energy, time (also family sacrifices),vision, tools to guard the post like a fort. Those nay sayers will be perished but you will be in the history for the impossible tasks you did tirelessly year after year. We salute you Rick, next gen will salute you for the rest of their life for giving them a path how to be Warren Buffets. Keep up the good deed! If possible please disclose his name (like Tonny) & contribution to be read for knowledge.

  34. Joao

    Cool, now we know that Altaf and Jeff Schneider are the same. 100% Gratefully, to both personas as well.
    @Jaime, Its another market to explore. I still find many great names to hand register. I am talking about generic keywords. Keep an eye on that if you can. Are you going to make a blog about your journey?

  35. JaimeE

    Yes, i already have the name (you’ll love it), and several menus. Will be geared more towards the business development side. Will let you know once its done by next week. Already develop a clean way to greatly minimize trolls, ghost, and things that go bump in the night.
    – Maybe templated forms for people to see and use
    – I’m also a Lean Six Sigma black belt, so show some simple ways to stream line processes. (Think like a franchise not like a mama/papa business)
    – Good or Bad Real time tracking of”business development experiments” with lessons learned. Like Rick, want to keep myself accountable and for all to see.
    – Good or Bad – anatomy of a”business development experiments”, what went thru my mind as I developed the various strategies for a specific domain(s).
    – The challenge: Crazy things to do to start a business as cheap as possible and grow it to a certain level.
    eg. I will go give blood for $50 bucks, well maybe $60 ’cause like Charlie Sheen, its Tiger Blood……
    Then try to register, buy, negotiate, partner with a domain and develop a business around it.
    my personal record is $75 startup (not in domaining, in vintage airplane parts – would never have believed there was a market for that)…. i can beat that (to the theme from rocky).
    please provide any other suggestions?
    As crazy as it sounds, i rather build a 100+ small golden egg laying geese from nothing than get one big fat golden egg.
    Hopefully one of you”Experts” will reply how stupid this is and how it won’t work and destined to fail, and how i’m both a Newbie and Senile (i guess thats like Jumbo Shrimp), and your probably right, but crap like that always fuels my engine.

  36. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    The arguments back and forth about Generics and Brandables is just a matter of semantics and interpretations.
    There is no difference between a Generic and a BRAND ! They both can be equally effective as in a Pure Play Generic BRAND.
    I think people are confusing the two because of old perceptions created by Old World Marketing doctrines.
    ” Put simply you need pure play Branding on both the right and the left of the Dot.”
    .COM quite simply is the worlds most recognizable BRAND. when you combine that with a pure play Generic Brand or well recognizable words or Brands, you have a Winner regardless of whether your Agenda calls it a Generic or a Brand, they can both mean the same exact thing. Its all just semantics and how you use words as Branding Handles.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  37. Show us the money..

    JamieE, you need to elaborate why you think 100+ small golden eggs are a better bet. Then I’ll answer.
    If your a newbie then perhaps it is a low cost way to learn but if your actually doing something beyond simple net data then you seriously need to sit down and work things through.
    How about start by hand regging which is available (or was by the time you read this) and then I can at least think you are half credible as a net player.

  38. Anunt

    JaimeE, u have a great positive attitude…u will definately find a road to success one way or the other.
    Just remember, the bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you refuse to take the turn.
    Best of luck to you buddy!!!
    Rick, calm down…relax…u gonna have a freaking heart attack…breathe…relax!!!


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