2012 Nominations for Best Domain Blog

Morning Folks!!

Today we are going to release one of our most popular categories and as you can see, there is some tough competition on this list. Congratulations and good luck to all the nominees! You all deserve great credit for putting yourselves out there.

In Order of Best Circulation Estimates

TheDomains.com (Berkens)

DNJournal.com (Jackson)
ElliotsBlog.com (Silver)
DomainNameWire.com (Alleman)
DomainShane.com (Cultra)
Domaingang.com (Acro)
DomainSherpa.com (Cyger)
DomainIncite.com (Murphy)
MorganLinton.com (Linton)
NeusNews.com (Neu) Declined
HybridDomainer.com (Hackney)
WhizBangsBlog.com (Gilmour)

TNTNames.com (Eccles)

RicksBlog.com (Schwartz) DECLINED

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “2012 Nominations for Best Domain Blog

  1. Anunt

    All the blogs are great…but if I have to choose only one…it would definitely be thedomains.com
    ALL you guys are extremely hard workers…
    Especially for putting up with commenters like me in the comment sections…
    I apologize to ALL for my harsh comments…
    Thanks for not banning me and allowing me to post…
    Keep up the great work and Congrats to ALL

  2. ADAM

    Those domain blogs are nice but domaingang.com should not be among them. Domainganing.com is gossip blog without any real value to pro domainers.

  3. Shane Cultra

    Thanks for the honor. I’ll take”One of the Best Blogs” title any day. No way I beat out the great blogs that Elliot and Mike put out but I don’t see them nominated in the”best plant grower” category either. Thanks again to TRAFFIC and to all for the nomination.

  4. Kevin

    TNT?? If ‘all’ one has to do now is note what domains are available or at auction to be considered an ‘industry blogger’, and get nominated for such, gotta feel some empathy for those who have been wasting their time with industry news and related stories! Eeek! These times sure are a changing.

  5. Morgan

    Thanks for the nomination, I am honored. Can’t wait to be together with everyone in Florida, something tell me this is going to be one of the best TRAFFIC’s yet!!!

  6. David Eccles

    Thank you so much for the nomination! We are a very new blog (3 Months Old), and are ecstatic that we got nominated! Congratulations and good luck to all the blog sites that have been nominated!

  7. steve

    I vote for DomainSherp.com
    He is the Larry King of domains.
    I was surprised he was that good.
    He makes Rick look like that guy from brazil who sued for saveme.com

  8. Talk like this

    My vote goes to DomainSherpa.com…
    and Dnjournal these are the kind of blogs that keeps us alive…
    Sorry for Rick ;(


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