Times Square Rentals vs Domain Rentals.

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You can go back to my writings in 1996 to see that I always compared a great domain name with a billboard or even a storefront in Times Square. I always saw physical stores as limited in their reach and thus limited in their sales. Domain names are limitless. You can attract customers from the 4 corners of the world. Expansion is limitless. Limitless. In the real world when you have to expand the costs are going to be huge and in most cases you will have to change your location.

See the way I look at life and where we are going is that when the price of Times Square is par with domain name leases, that is the starting point for ME. Go look at the cost of retail space in Times Square. Do the math. Look at the cost of a modest 2500 ft. Retail store in the mall. Pick the nearest city near you, find a decent retail spot of 2500 feet and post the monthly cost just for the rental. What's the monthly $$$ outlay? $1000, $2500, $5000, $10,000, $25,000?? More!!?? (Update, see below)

Then add up the costs. The costs after you walk into the space with cement floors and no walls. The cost of manning that business. The electric, the garbage pickup, the insurance. How about cleaning and maintenance. Don't forget to wash your windows every week.

So when you list everything and even in Times Square you are limited to your audience. THAT is my case and rationale for leasing domains. Land ho!! I can see it from here. After 17 years the parallels will begin to form and take shape.

Nobody has to agree with me. But that was what I saw in 1996 and that is what I see today only more vividly and much more evidence at my disposal. It's the reason I won't do long term leases. Some want 10, 20 and 30 year terms. Sorry, ain't gonna happen because I see what I see and we are right on schedule to arrive in 20 years. (2016 and before)

The power of a GREAT domain name is superior to the best location in Times Square and someday soon they will intersect in value. When? Between now and 3 years. In 3 years there will be no doubt what I have been saying and waiting for all these years. Why sell when you can lease for the $$$ you can sell at and get it back over and over again.

The single clearest vision I have ever had about domains and their proper place in the business world is what I describe here. It's the basis for everything. How do you buy 2 decades of time to watch something bloom and produce fruit? How do you resist the temptations along the way? How do you stay true to a belief?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

UPDATE: Released just hours after my post I think this says it all. Which begs the question....If a company had to close up shop on Fifth Avenue or relinquish their domain name, which would they choose?

  • Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay, rent $2,630 a square foot per year

  • Fifth Avenue, $2,500 a square foot per year

  • Times Square, $2,100

  • Hong Kong, Central $1,856

  • Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui, $1,547

  • Paris, Avenue de Champs-Elysees, $1,129

  • New York, East 57th Street, $1,100

  • New York, Madison Avenue, $1,100

  • Tokyo, Ginza $1,057

  • Tokyo, Omotesando, $972


Diamonds and Domains, You Need to Know One to Understand the Other. Size Does Matter!

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I don't like to hurt people's feelings but I must say I am seeing things that just sadden me.

To understand INVESTMENT QUALITY DOMAINS you need to draw a parallel with diamonds.

A 1 ct. Diamond today of average quality is $5000

A 1 ct. Diamond that is 'D' and 'Flawless' can easily run $40,000 and higher

So a pretty big spread and you ain't seen nothin yet. Please follow as I go to the next parallel.

Now we are looking fr a 10 ct. 'D' and 'Flawless'. Is it 10x the price of the 1 ct. of the same quality? Making it $400,000? No it is not. Is it $800,000? Nope. Is it $1.5MM? Well now we are in the ballpark. So we could be talking not 10X the price but 40X the price. The value.

Now we can work the other way too. Like the majority of domainers. 1/2 carat, 1/4 carat, 1/10 carat. But that is small ball and that is even if you are dealing in diamonds to begin with. Odds are you have quartz. Or worse yet, old broken coke bottles.

Maybe just another Gem. That can be but the chances keeping getting further away.

You can make money focusing on any sized diamond. But the rewards just might not add up and the amount of work will. For every 100 domains you own with no value, you will be paying $800/year or more and increasing. Over 10 years that is $8000. So if you have 1000 domains that is $80,000 over 10 years and if you have 10,000 domains you have a bill of $800,000 over 10 years.

Dump the garbage and go after the diamonds. Size does matter. People need funds and they are looking for creative ways to make that happen. There are bargains out there. Those that get rewarded in 5 years are the ones taking a risk today. Is there any real risk in buying a category defining name? The game is not to invest in liabilities but to invest in appreciating assets. Sorry, but out of the thousands, only hundreds are getting it and it is rare to see anyone come in the industry and at least pick meaningful domain names.

8000 crappy domains is a pile of crap at the end with a big bill attached. I have crappy names and this year I have combed through my list and deleted the first round. Next year I will do it again. More information means new decisions and new areas to allocate funds.

1/10 carat diamonds are not meaningful. But ones as small as 1 Carat can be. Smaller than 1/10? Maybe dust in the wind. Your time, your effort, your money.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Economic Outlook for 2013″Terrible, I am Very Worried” Ben Stein

Morning Folks!!

What is your economic outlook for 2013?

'Terrible, I am very worried'

Ben Stein 11/10/12

And I tend to agree. 2013 is going to be challenging year. Possibly the most challenging since 2009. Each time the economy seems to be getting off the canvas another wallop comes and we fall flat and confidence gained is confidence lost.

Now NEVER confuse bad economic times with opportunity. There will also be lots of opportunity. People have less money, their debt is going to rise again and at some point there is a risk of going bust.

The fiscal cliff is coming and chances are we either go over the cliff or the medicine will be severe and taste really bad. You and I are the ones holding the bag. Never forget that. Most Americans work harder today to get less, buy less, have less and save less.

I think you will see mass moves in business in where they decide to locate. California is not the best place to open a business today. Much better to do business out of Nevada. USA may not be the best place to do business after all the dust settles and there will be countries and locales looking to court your business.

A global shift is happening. Companies will have to rethink how and where they do business and live in the future like never before. Stable governments, with great lifestyles and friendly to business with low taxes etc.

We always need to be nimble and change things when those things get out of whack. Things are out of whack and Niagara Falls is just weeks away. No matter the cure, the pain is going to be noticeable and severe. Those that are not at full throttle risk everything. Their 'Sandy' will just look different.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz


What is JointVentures.com and Why Will it Work?

Morning Folks,

I want to take a few minutes and answer a simple question I have posed above. What is JointVentures.com and Why Will it Work?

Always good to start at the beginning. For a number of years I have responded to domain inquiries with a short answer...'Not for sale'. But about a year or more ago I started experimenting with the response. 'Not for sale, lease only'. Not everyone was interested but some were. Enough that I decided that the time was right to employ what I always wanted to do. Be a landlord in Times Square.

And why not? It was a model I had already done on large scales with Candy.com and Property.com. A model that worked for PunchBowl.com that later led to the deal we made. Then on Luv.com and a handful of others. I actually did my first deals in 1997 and 1998. One that lasted 5 years and grossed me $125,000/month during that period.

See for the past year I have been running this text link on the top of nearly all my parked pages: 'This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease. Click here to inquire.' I would send them to WorkSmarter.com and DomainDevelopers.com and try to have them see what I saw. It started to work and I was engaged in a number of meaningful conversations and negotiations.

Then I connected with Orville and he had an idea how to use my words in an old fashion sales letter using JointVentures.com and I said let's give it a shot and test it and see if this thing will fly.

So the entire idea was to lease MY domain names. Then something else happened. I started receiving emails from end users looking for a particular niche. I had nothing important to offer. That is what got me thinking about the possibility of approaching other domain investors to fill that void. I made a post and casually mentioned that I might do this for 3rd parties. Then my email box blew up and before I knew it I was doing listing deals. One of which I will announce later this week.

See what will work for me will work for others if they meet the criteria. A simple criteria. Domains I need and domains that are capable of being leased MUST appear as a category in an old, thick yellow pages. Simple. If you don't see your keyword listed, it just won't work. If nothing else it gives you guidelines of what I am looking for. So if you say that category was not around at that time, ok, but the point is by giving the yellow pages example you know what I am looking for. EXACT MATCH categories with a .com on the end. Simple. One a two word domains with extreme value.

So when folks send me a list of hundreds of names I will simply send back and ask which of them are an exact match for a yellow page listing or equivalent? Most will have ZERO! But this is the north star of domaining. These are the domains that will have the greatest value FOREVER. These are the domains I focus on and they are still kicking around for affordable prices.

The broader, the bigger, the more profitable the category, the more that domain will lease for. The lease will do a few things. First of all it buys time. Secondly it takes a Multi Million dollar domain name that would take about everyone in a company to approve and make it a $5000 budget expense that could be categorized under advertising or a number of other things or departments. That is a $5000 decision vs a Multi-Million Dollar one. BIG difference.

In the meantime the company that leases the domain also begins a relationship with the owner that could eventually turn into that $3.5 million sale. They can test drive. They can see the value. They can tie up the domain so their competition can't get it. They can get the right of first refusal if an offer comes in.

But leasing ONLY works with domains such as I have described. Inventory for the sake of inventory is not the game I am in. I only want the domains I can see a 3rd party leasing and then eventually doing something long term. Now others will surely try this. But the one ingredient they can never have is ME negotiating in YOUR behalf. Somebody negotiating because they believe in the value just like you do.

As folks see the quality of the domains we will do this with they will realize the true opportunity given to both domain investor and end user. Now if you have the domain listed for sale everywhere, I can not help you unless the price you set is way above the market.

This is the right time for this to work and I have a proven model going since 2008. In the coming days I will lay out more information. All I can say is without changing anything you are currently doing, I can take domains making $3 a month and turn them into $1500/month and more. The first one I will be announcing will be $5000/month. $60,000/year for a category domain name representing large sales.

As a bonus to those of you that have read to the end, I may as well tell you our first listing. First of all thank you for reading. Secondly....Rings.com is our first 3rd party listing. A BARGAIN for $5000/month. Rings.com will lease because for a guy that sells RINGS, there is nothing else on the planet that can transform his business overnight like that. Nothing. $5000 and you change your destiny or at least have the opportunity to.

Need, Want, Desire. I have written about it extensively.

We all need to have our premium domains that are making $5/day to earn $50/day

We all need our $50/day domains to make $200/day

We all want to make as much for our traffic as we can.

We all want steady income streams that we can depend on.

We all desire to hook up our domain names to a wildly successful business and receive income and royalties for life.

We all desire to make sure we leave no money on the table when we negotiate.

We all realize that for anything to work well, everyone involved needs to come out a winner.

The need, want, desire is also reflected in the buyer with even more reasons and a much bigger upside.

17 years ago they did not know they NEEDED a domain name. They recognize that need today.

17 years later they WANT a category killer domain name but too late and can't afford it.

They would DESIRE a pathway to an end and so would the domain owner.

This is what timing is all about. This is what happens when common interests intersect.

This is how I plan to demonstrate the future for myself and many others.

Simple formula, simple, plan, simple basis and simply unbelievable deals because the formula I use is just repeating what I have already had success with. You no longer have to give your domains away on the cheap. Category domains are the domains with value and futures and tens of millions more are going to die on the vine.

The $60,000 annual risk is not much of a risk if you actally sell rings. It's nothing more than a magazine ad except you have the option of buying the magazine if it performs to your liking. In advertsing you win and you lose. You run bigger ads in the winners and remove the losers. The opportunity of an exclusive option on a category defining domain name has value in and of itself.

Stay tuned!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Rick’s Guide to Domain Blogs and Bloggers and Daily Must Reads

Morning Folks!!

One of the main questions I get asked is where do folks learn about domaining? They say they are confused and don't know who to listen to.

I tell them the same thing for years. Read the domain blogs. Check out the domain forums and learn what makes one domain have great value and a similar domain with no value. My yellow page's example is a GREAT starting point. 'There is a test to see if you really have a category killer domain name or not. It's a simple test. Pick up a big, old thick yellow pages and see if your domain name is an EXACT match with a category heading. If it is, you own a category killer domain name. You have a winner. The bigger and more profitable the sector/heading you own, the more your domain name is worth. Yellow pages, not Google.' You may even be able to be creative and expand the category. Perhpas with geo prefixes. There are so many paths once you know the path and what to look for on future paths.

Now there will be things on Google today that did not appear in the old yellow pages. Porno, SEO, and other terms. But the starting point should be the yellow pages. Understand those classifications, add on a .com and that is a guide to valuable domain names. The bigger the section, the more advertising by different companies, the bigger the sector and money to be made. The ones that adapt best to the Internet. Insurance comes to mind.

First if you are a blogger, a tip of the hat to you no matter who you are. You have invested some of your valuable time into helping others and maybe helping yourself at the same time. But nobody can read every blog so I am going to give you my shortlist of daily MUST reads. These are the blogs you should be reading each day. If they are not on your list, you are lost in space. You are probably paying too much attention to those that know less than you. Now everyone always gets in trouble when they do one of these because they missed this one or that one. But for those needing direction and a starting point, this is it. These are the 5 MUST reads each and every day.

1. DNJournal.com is your starting point. Hall of Famer and Award winning 'Domain Industry News Coverage' 2005 Ron Jackson has been chronicling each and every significant event and news for the domain industry for the past decade. His mild mannered, take no sides, just delivers you the news of the day in a consistent fashion.

2. TheDomains.com is where you keep up with everything domains. Hall of Famer, Domainer of the Year 2009 and Award winning 'Best Blog of the Year' 2011 Mike Berkens catches the news and trends like Willie Mays in the outfield. For a guy that does not have to do this shit he is a factory of news items throughout the day. He plays editor, cub reporter and mild mannered news anchor all in one. Kind of like Superman. I don't know how he pulls it all off. But it is where I go to stay on the cutting edge of not only domains but outside factors that may influence domains and business in general that we are all affected by.

3. TheArtofTheName.com is Hall of Famer Adam Dicker's latest entry into blogging with his new video blog. Adam runs the #1 Domain Name forum at DNForum.com and his contributions to the domain industry are countless. But his latest video blog goes a step beyond as he shows you step by step methods that WORK! All you got to do is copy what he does and repeat, repeat, repeat. So simple!!!!

4. DomainSherpa.com is for in depth interviews and one hell of an archive over the past couple years. 'Award winning Best Blog of the Year 2012' Michael Cyger has interviewed many of the leading figures in the domain industry including yours truly. Each interview is different but there is a common thread in what all have said and that hidden thread tells it all.

5. Elliotsblog.com by Elliot Silver because in his award winning Best Blog of the Year 2010 Elliot shares real time experiences of what he is doing and that has great value.

Also pay attention to the comment section which rounds out many of the blogs. Just ignore the mean spirited noise and you will do fine. Now there are many others that make contributions and you need to keep tabs on.

Two others that must be mentioned but don't blog regularly:

7Mile.com Hall of Famer and 4 Time Domainer of the Year (2005, 2007, 2011, 2012) Frank Schilling only blogs several times a year but when he blogs you better read it several times. Period.

Whizbangsblog.com by Michael Gilmour. Numbers may bore you but there is only one person I have ever met in domaining that knows numbers even better than me and that is Michael Gilmour. He does not blog each day but he is worth paying attention to.

There are also some vivid personalities. TheFragerFactor.com is like Russian Roulette. But Owen is so far in front of things that most of us have to figure out what the hell he is saying. But there is gold and diamonds in his marketing mind so dismiss at your own peril. Speaking of Russian Roulette, DomainGang.com comes to mind. But this one should wait until you are completely fluent in domaining or you will be very confused. MorganLinton.com shares his experiences while traveling the world. When DomainShane.com stays on topic he has some posts worth reading when he shares his experiences and real world comparisons.

That is what blogging is all about to begin with. Sharing. Sharing the successes and the failures and the ones that died on the vine. There are others as well. But these encompass most of the personalities. But other blogs are worth paying attention to.

If you want some very valuable free legal advice, you should read my partner and Hall of Famer Howard Neu's NeusNews.com

Some, like DomainNameWire.com are more geared to news and hitting a mainstream audience. DomainIncite.com, WannaDevelop.com and HybridDomainer.com also carry interesting articles and solid information. All can be found on Domaining.com or Domainsville.com and there are many more that have news and items of interest. Here is a list of most domain blogs. There are dozens and dozens and dozens.

Skim the headlines for what you like. I have read information of value by almost all bloggers at one time or another. We have all traveled here on different paths and in different shoes. Some of us are very passionate about what we do. We are driven. We have something burning inside that has no clock and we do what needs to be done whenever and wherever it needs to be done.

So a tip of the hat to all the domain bloggers. But for those that are looking for direction and don't know who or what to listen to, then I have listed the ones that may have value to you and hopefully you get the starting point and path to have success in domaining by understanding what makes some domain names valuable and so many more that are with no value, worthless.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Category Killer Domain Names….Defined. Premium Domains……Remain Undefined and Less Than Premium

Morning Folks!!

There is a test to see if you really have a category killer domain name or not. It's a simple test. Pick up a big, old thick yellow pages and see if your domain name is an EXACT match with a category heading. If it is, you own a category killer domain name. You have a winner. The bigger and more profitable the sector/heading you own, the more your domain name is worth. Yellow pages, not Google.

Don't have any domains in your portfolio that match? Then your domains must fit into the 'Premium Category' and surrounded by other domains claiming to be premium but in reality are just worthless. That just means it is harder to weed out. Not every great domain will pass the test above. Many great domains have value for other reasons. Reasons no automated valuation can provide, read or weigh. But I can.

I will be using that test with JointVentures.com when we officially open for business in the days ahead. When we open JointVentures.com, we will be very selective in choosing 3rd party domain names to lease out. We are focusing on Category Killing domains that have traffic, mean something and makes you 30 cents a day or $3 a day or $10/day under-performing on PPC. Domains making $100/day can demand and command much more. Thousands more.

Our model will lease domains at a minimum $1000/month. However most domains we lease will be $1500, $2500 a month or more with annual increases based on the importance of what your domain name represents in the RIGHT hands. Not only will it blow the doors off your PPC earnings, it will be steady income that you can count on and opens doors for royalties and a big payday down the road.

The minimum lease on a listed domain is 1 year. However most customers are looking for 3,5 and 10 year terms. We will negotiate on your behalf while staying in close contact with you along the way. But to do this we will only accept domains that I believe a 3rd party would have an interest in. We want quality and lifelong deals. We don't need massive inventory. We need QUALITY inventory looking for long term deals with end users. Now is the time for those multi million dollar domains to stop asking for millions and lease for thousands and tens of thousands. That is the path to unlock those millions. Let me repeat. THAT is the path to unlock those millions. A path I have repeated many times now. Many of your domains are better than anything I have to offer. That's the opportunity at hand.

Each contract is unique to the situation and we have a number of them to work with and more will be added as deals are done. We will also be announcing an alliance with Escrow.com should both parties require extra security or need a neutral party to hold paper. We don't have to change the game, we just need to understand that leasing a domain comes with less headwinds and big opportunities. It creates and demonstrates value. It is a winner for all involved and it is SIMPLE!

I leased my first domain in January 1998 and that lease deal lasted 5 years. PPC came and there was a way to make as much or more money but those days are gone. At least for now. Then in 2008 I started moving back to the model that started it all for me. Today more than 50% of my income comes from leased domains. It is my focus and I have the expertise and not only understand the value of a leased domain, but know how to match it with a qualified candidate. I know how to negotiate and not settle for $50/month. I know how to say 'No' to those that have ideas that don't qualify or are not the best use of the domain name. Bottom line, I know how to lease domain names. The key ingredient once again is patience and understanding of what the TRUE value and what that domain represents when exploited to the fullest.

We can't accept domains that are listed for sale everywhere. Once you associate a price with a domain, I can no longer be effective or help you. We will categorize domains and we will also have 'Domain Calls' as we look for specific categories to fill the need of an end user. End users that we already have.

This may not be a game changer but it will be an effective way to stabilize and increase your income while still using ppc or whatever you are currently doing. It will be a way to open a dialogue with an end user with a long term plan. It plants a seed with a fantastic chance of success. It gets folks to think! It keeps you an owner and in control.

We have the an effective domain name in JointVentures.com. We have a proven and effective formula and we have the credibility to follow through. We have contracts that will fit most any scenario and we will add as needed. Lastly, you have ME negotiating in YOUR behalf. I will turn down as many as I have to on the way to finding the best partners for the long run with the biggest ideas and the highest percentage of achieving it. I will be looking to match passionate end users that will make all the difference in the world.

I will be articulating more about this service as we closer to officially opening. Success will be based on what we have to offer and that is why we will be saying no to most submissions. Let me repeat. We are focusing on domain names that would be a heading in the yellow pages. An exact match for the yellow pages. Or a department in Walmart. It must be category defining. Mean something to an audience of whatever and whoever. That is the qualifier. The sweet spot of what we are looking for. Others may qualify, but they must be meaningful and a domain that would be highly desired. So better be selective in what you send.

Now let me be on the record and clear. I built this mousetrap for me and my domains. That was it. I opened it up several weeks ago and did not even saying anything or promote it until it leaked out and a few blog stories appeared. Nothing more. I had no idea it would take a turn like this. However during the process we have had demand from domainers as well as end users so I see an opportunity to expand it and have an important innovative way to get the most revenue out of your domain names because it dovetails with how I see things going and how I have aimed for all these years. This is the moment and this is the time. Each new deal makes the next deal easier.

So instead of just trying to sell your domains and getting those nasty emails back, this presents your domain in the same way they would lease retail space or lease a car. Just like you can plan better with steady stream of income, so can they when their budget is in tact. They get to try their idea. They get to see if it flies with a modest layout of cash over extended time. It fits into their BUDGETS and that has a value when you see John Jones through their eyes. It's all about their damn budgets so here is a way to meet their budgets for $18,000/year or $180,000/year. A number of domains can COMMAND 6 figures a year in revenues. Year after year. Budget it under 'Advertising'. That won't work? Try another category. Big companies with tiny problems and big opportunity to snag a category killer.

Let me list the finest domains that big business can embrace and put a revenue stream ticket on it instead of a for sale sign. When folks ask you to buy, tell them 'No, we lease our domains only'. It has been very powerful for me and you can NEVER replace a unique asset. So don't. Monetize it by leasing it. State a sales price that is higher than the market and let commerce begin. That's the ticket to fulfilling the value and doing it without great risk. Hope you see what I see. I will negotiate as if it were my own domain and I am only focusing on domains that fit the profile I have described.

I want to take 10 of your domains that are GREAT and making embarrassing numbers on PPC or whatever your current solution is and list them and make pennies into thousands. You can still use your domain in the exact same way you do now. Just allow me to fill a need and a void in the market that I SEEEEEEEEEEEEE and we will both be well rewarded as this next phase of this business unfolds.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

How Low the Bar is and How Big the Opportunities are. What are so Many Missing?

Morning Folks!

Hindsight is always 20/20 but to calibrate for the future one must look back so you can learn. Over the years I have miscalculated on a number of things. Things that I did not see coming or truly understand. But always factors in the total equation whether I/We like it or not.

Even tho I had a 20 year plan I woke up every single day asking myself is this the day? Is this the day that it just all starts falling in place for folks and since water runs down hill they will eventually figure it out? Is it tomorrow? Next week? Next month? Next year? Realizing how slow the masses would take, that 20 year plan is what has kept my sanity. I did not overestimate the power of time and progress. And while I have done everything in my power to bend it ever so slightly, it bent in directions I never imagined.

For example. There was Network Solutions. The only registrar. Just one. Incompetent as they were at the time, just 1. So registrars today are some of the big dogs. I just saw it as a penny ante game with a mountain of work, 24 hour tech support, security issues, privacy issues, all types of issues. Not to mention the technical challenges and skills needed in a full employment society at the time.

I never expected the cat fights between domain investors. Usually over stuff unrelated to doing business. Just never saw it coming to the magnitude it once did. I always expected sharp and productive people to also be constructive.

But the single biggest thing that has surprised me over all these years when I look back is how low the bar is, how big the opportunities are and how low folks have aimed. In a sky full of stars and opportunity (and there is not enough time in life to hear about everyone's successes) many have aimed mightily low when it could have been high,with a realistic set of goals to carry it out.

Big goals consist of hundreds of mini-goals. Daily goals, hourly goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, quarterly goals, annual goals, 2 year goals, 5 year goals, 10 year goals and even 20 and 30 year goals. Right now I am transitioning into my 40 year goal plans. Oh yes, I have one. I plan to live in comfort. That's what it is all about if you don't want to be panhandling on the street when you are 75 or 80. Or having to move in with someone because your circumstance forces it.

I have been amazed that so few can marry a dream with a circumstance and create a reality. And when they do, the goal is either so high that failure looms or it is so low that success matters very little. It's about assigning a value to something and have somebody else agree.

The future is about 7 billion people jumping up and down yelling ' Me, me me, here, here, here and in a crowd of 7 billion you need to do things to stand out. Stand out. Be above and trenscend others. When there are 7 billion people all 6 feet tall and you are 7 feet tall, you stand out. When you are on a mountain you stand out. When you are in the sky, you stand out. So when I see the future I see 7 billion people looking to stand out. But to stand out, you need to first start by being outstanding. And to be outstanding you have to have a mindset that works that way. Your domain name has to stand high and on its' own. It may be the only thing that defines you in the future to help you and others stand out.

This is the story that Loren Stocker sent me and the event that Bart Starr related on his first day with the Green Bay Packers and I think it IS perfect!

“When Vince Lombardi walked into the meeting he looked us right in the eye. He said, ‘Gentlemen. We’re going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we won’t catch it, because nothing is perfect. But, we’re going to relentlessly -- and that’s how he blurted it -- chase it. Because in the process we will catch excellence'... And he said, 'I’m not remotely interested in being just good.”

Mediocrity rules the majority of 7 billion. Some don't even make it to that level. So when you set your mind correctly and approach things in a certain way, that is what bends success in your favor. The sky truly is the limit. But you have to define that sky and a plausible way to get there. Long term and steady. Undeterred by anything or anyone and driven and fueled by passion and excellence. Few forces can hold energy like that back.

The only reason I can speak about this is because I started 'Sub-mediocre' and have seen the sights up from that depth so I know they exist first hand. The stages are easy to spot and the quicker and younger you figure it out the more rewards and dividends you will get in life. Your blessings help others in the process in a multitude of ways.

So when you wake up tomorrow know there has never been another day in the history of mankind with more opportunity and the tools that kids like me could not even dream about. The power we each possess is ours to use as we see fit. You are the artist and you can take your canvas called 'Life' and paint any picture you desire. That is some awesome power!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

My Exact Goal for 20 Years. Selling vs. Leasing and 20 Years of Patience!

Morning Folks!!

As a rule I don't sell my domain names. 17 sales in 17 years and getting ready to announce #18 in the coming weeks. But sales is not my goal or direction. Leasing is.

So when I have a goal I state it far and wide and make it public. That keeps the pressure on me to achieve it. So here it is. By my 20 year anniversary in domains, I will have more than 100 leased domains getting anywhere from $1500 month up. I already have a number of these in place and have 4 more I am in the final stages of negotiation.

These are creative lease deals and I plan to share in the success as many as I can. Candy.com and Property.com set the stage for the others that I will be announcing later this month. Most if not all with long term deals and exit strategies. Not anything different then I did in 1997 but that was another era and this is a much bigger market that took 15 more years to mature.

I have had to wait nearly 2 decades to finally employ my strategy. I had to wait for the market to come to me. To come my way. To accept my solution because that solution has been around for hundreds of years. Just the resistance to that solution has been strong until now. When I quote a sales price folks laugh. When I state a lease price folks negotiate.

Long term leasing is my way to guarantee income for as long as I can and have the base income at an acceptable level and be less affected by market conditions. Just transforming my engine from one of PPC to that of being a landlord and transforming domains to much higher and dependable income levels.

In the days ahead I will be making a formal announcement about JointVentures.com that has been up and running for several weeks now but am still putting the finishing touches on. Eventually we may open it up to 3rd parties with category defining domain names. Category defining is the key. Would you likely see that domain name as a category header in the yellow pages? That's the key.

JointVentures.com is an in your face, old school selling piece developed by the guy I have partnered up with for this project. More to come in the coming weeks.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz