Today’s Pet Peeve

Afternoon Folks!!

Yesterday I talked about TRUSTING a site before they get your info. Today I want to talk about another pet peeve of mine. See the Internet is NOT A TV! So advertisers better start to LEARN to stop treating it like one. Learn that a 30 or 60 second spot on a website is INSANELY long!

30 seconds? Imagine waiting 30 seconds for every page to load. That would be like a 300 baud modem. Remember them? Sorry, got off the path. But do IMBECILES really expect me to watch a 30 second diaper ad? Really? 30 seconds. I just want to see the damn CONTENT. Don't waste my time! Don't waste YOUR money or whatever moron is paying you. Stop being desperate and focus on being good. Maybe even have something RELATED to what I am reading about you idiots!

Now I don't like any of those sites that force me to watch something......BUT IF YOU do FORCE me to watch some CRAP I could care less about and makes you look like desperate LEAST cut it to 10 seconds.

Thank you!

And that is 'Today's Pet Peeve' ;-)

Rick Schwartz

Meet”T” Danny’s Secret Weapon

Morning Folks!!

I wrote this on Saturday when I returned home but wanted to digest a few days before posting it.

I wish you folks could be privy to the 'Training' that is going on. See, we are not just unleashing 12 people to do whatever. We are training them with a certain amount of strategies and how to approach an end user. They are representing precious assets and they need to do it in an effective manner. They can't just be a bunch of wildcats. That won't work for what we are doing here.

Plus we are not DESPERATE for deals. We will only do a GOOD deal where every party wins. We have teamed up with to take the worry out of any leasing transaction for both sides.

I look at this industry as a huge pie. So much success to share why would anyone waste their energy on anything not productive? The part of the domain industry built on success and character and enjoying life and achieving big things and having the PATIENCE to see things thru.

This was a VERY fulfilling week. Besides the birth of a product and strategy that would absolutely have Al and Bob and Frank nodding with approval even in their graves, I can tell you I witnessed something special this week and when you see what I see, you will KNOW why I am doing this and all doubts will be removed.

It's a good thing I have 11 acres and no neighbors up there. We screamed and yelled and hammered things out that few would have the patience or stomach for. Of course Danny has a secret weapon. And we do too! 'T'.

'T' is hard to describe. She is a very special in her own right. Believe me, I was the dummy at the table. But when you put certain ingredients together, EXPLOSIONS happen! Dynamite is just how you put certain ingredients together to cause a reaction. Those ingredients each sitting alone at a table mean much less. Put them together the right way and BOOM!

When Danny says he has been working on this before I even agreed to do it, this is not bullshit. This is almost spooky. I don't even know how he can organize himself like this. I saw a 4 hour, one man presentation the likes I have never seen in my life. Several of them. Covering more things than I could write about in a month. I may just give him his own seminar room at TRAFFIC and let him loose for 8 hours. Anyone that wants to listen and watch can, if not, the regular show will be going on.

Talk about LEVERAGING the POWER of the INTERNET. Harnessing the future and doing it in a given space of time. NEED, WANT, DESIRE, VALUE....will soon be reunited with SENSE OF URGENCY!

Domaining is about to be FUN again because folks are going to have more and more options. Stay tuned!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz