From Her Death Bed in 2010…….Mom Turns 90 Now

Morning Folks!!

A little over 3 years ago my mother was on her death bed. I had sent her and her friend on a cruise which was something I did for her 1x or 2x a year since my dad died about 15 years ago. She took very ill on the cruise in 2010 and she had to be flown home by a medical ambulance. If you go on a cruise, always get the insurance. That was a $25,000 expense we did not have to incur.

Doctors wrote her off and could not bothered with an 86 year old. That was until I hired and wrote about NURSE RATCHED and put those doctors on notice that we were watching every move and while they were petrified about their malpractice insurance before the nurse, we turned that into terrified of US and that trumped everything else.

Mom made a miraculous recovery once I grabbed the doctor by his collar and showed him the window and the 6 floors below before he hit concrete. Too violent for you? Tell me when it is your mother and the doctors she had didn't give a shit and just wrote her off. Tell me then.

Now of course I never actually did that. But that was what was in my mind. Can't put me in jail for thoughts! Yet. Am I capable of doing that?

So the question is how do I accomplish that without going to jail? The problem with the doctors was FEAR. So the FEAR I had to give him had to trump that other fear.

Mission Accomplished! Results and everything else. Life and death. No nonsense.

Mom 30 days off of her death bed in 2010 days before turning 87

Mom's 90th

So this week mom turned 90 and she is still living on her own. We still meet on Sunday's for breakfast. She still walks and gets around. Her mind is sharp. At breakfast a few weeks ago we discussed going out for her birthday and my brother made a crack and asked her if she wanted to come to her own birthday party. She snapped right back 'If I am invited.'

Touché. lol

She drives too. Ain't no way in hell any of would get in a car with her. But she drives. She shouldn't. But she drives. Can't convince her to stop. Just stay outta her way. But she drives.

Happy 90th Mom!!

Have a GREAT Day!