Is it TIME to Make a CLAIM against the RDNH Domain if it is not a .Com?

Afternoon Folks!!

So I had a thought. What happens after a company is found guilty of REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING? Well I think it opens the door for a suit targeting THEIR INFRINGING DOMAIN NAME. How's that?

I believe that will hold water and maybe that is the penalty and we don't need a law. We just need to start biting back and that is EXACTLY what I will use as a strategy on the next case. Imagine taking THEIR domain using the same techniques they did except we actually have a leg to stand on as they copied US.

If they start a knife fight we have the right and the ability to go nuclear on them.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Whoopie-doo, But I Thought of it First!

Morning Folks!!

No matter what counterpart of the .com domain others get or got, I thought of each idea before they did. I love that registrations are time stamped. Imagine how much harder it would be without that?

So Whoopie-doo, but I/we thought of your idea YEARS before you had a clue about the idea yourself. So fight me/us or join me/us. I/we will win the fight and you will still end up joining me/us. Why? Because it is in YOUR best self interest and the sooner you recognize that the FASTER and STRONGER your company will grow. Or not. Because at some point it will be ME that will be competing against YOU. Or it will be me and your competition fighting you in the marketplace. So a potential asset could become a threatening liability. Is it worth the risk? Ask Borders. Ask these folks who risked their reputations to get the .com.

Like I said there are an infinite amount of ways to climb this mountain. While others tried and died, I studied it. I decided what the TIME SENSITIVE things were because in 20 years I could just imagine what would be going on trying to grab a domain name.

So I started by securing the land first. And as I acquired the land I began to lay the path for where it would someday lead to. Of course everyone laughed at the fool looking 20 years down a road they could not see 20 days in front of them. I even explained how this was a 'Unique moment in time'. Well that moment has passed and we are in for 1900 re-inventors of a once in a lifetime phenomenon that will likely never repeat itself in the same form or fashion.

And yes, many will find success there. But that success will come in different forms at different times and it will be CAPPED. They can try and change the course of the river, but they will always end up right back at .com because without .com they will always be missing THE most important piece of the pyramid. The global piece. The credibility piece.

So go .whatever.

It is not a threat, it is an opportunity that leads everyone back to .com.

.com holders, your traffic will go up with each and every success. It may be years to see that success. But you are the big beneficiary. They all work for YOU! Me! They are our visible partners and we are their invisible partners. But when they never came to the table, that was a MISTAKE!

So as an industry we are going to have to endure a lot of predators from this point forward. But we do have the power to fight back and we have the power to slay the giants and we will and have.

Most importantly, as my 20 year vision starts unfolding, and that has already begun, then I will have dozens if not hundreds of examples to point to as partnerships that have flourished and are growing and the most important ingredient was having the patience and waiting 12 years to begin that part of the journey back in 2007 when the writing was on the wall. Now going on 18 I can clearly see everything on the horizon from my vantage point. That vantage point has been tested and tested and tested and it is a keen vision most of which has already unfolded. The cake is out of the oven and the last process begins of decorating and transformation.

And when I get accused of them all being 'Parked Pages', I can point to dozens or hundreds of examples of my visions and while others pissed away untold billions of other people's money, my sites will just be gaining notoriety and you will see what an overnight success looks like and why those 'overnight successes' take 20 years to be recognized.

And do you hear those footsteps? Those are the army of domainers that know what is coming.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

CyberSquatters Meet CyberF*uckers

Morning Folks!!

What should be the penalty for a Fortune 500 company that is a cybersquatter on Steroids? Going around calling US names when in fact they are engaged in THEFT?

Time to fight fire with fire. We have been called cybersquatters for many years. Now those convicted of REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING will be known as CYBERFUCKERS! This evens the playing field! They won't like it! But now at least many companies and their legal representatives are members! Charter Members! Just like us. Except we did nothing wrong and they did.

Maybe we will upgrade their name to something more mainstream, but for now they are what they are!

They will try and muddy up the water with what is coming, but as they are EXPOSED by us, they will retreat. The next CYBERFUCKER that comes after me is going to FEDERAL COURT and I am going to show the world that there IS a penalty for REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIKACKING!

I am going to show via a jury of my peers that when you take a CYBERFUCKER to court, you win and you win big. I wish it was me and P&G. But I will get my chance and I will take it. When these FUCKERS try and steal a domain it is more than property. They are stealing your dream, your lively-hood and when they get caught, the ONLY way to fight the is in the light of day and make sure their own customers watch it!

Don't want to be a Cyber Fucker? It's easy. Just don't engage in REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING. If you do, you get all types of labels and names put on you. Most would just call you thieves. But I like something more colorful. Memorable. Descriptive as I can and as I did right here.

Have a GREAT day CyberFuckers! The greatest penalty of all. Circulation of your bad deeds!

I'll clean it up in a few days, but I want to be on the record of exactly how I feel about these SCUM COMPANIES and the Attorneys that they use that represent them that KNOW BETTER! They CONSPIRE to STEAL and we have PROOF! I will use that proof every chance I get and ONE DAY it will EXPLODE in their face and their PR departments will go ape shit.

And one more thing....oh let me save that for another post!

But in the meantime, here is to RELEVANCE without SEO. Always time for that!

Google reverse domain name hijacking

Google procter and gamle reverse domain name hijacking

Now I have to focus on RDNH but I prefer to spell it out so everyone understands it. I am not that lazy that if it takes 1 MILLION times to write out REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING then I will write REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING those 1 million times until everyone on my list has their own page!

Rick Schwartz