How to Prevent a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. Rick Style! Thieves take Note!

Morning Folks!!

It' no secret that when it comes to Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) proactive is an understatement to describe my efforts. I am on a personal and professional mission to SHAME these folks in such a manner that folks will figure it out before I have to publicly tar and feather them. Not your style, then get used to bending over.

I get this email over the weekend with a THREAT.

I don't take kindly to THIEVES.

My company **************, LLC. owns the trademark for ************(United States Patent and Trademark Office Serial Number ***********). We would like to inquire about a friendly transfer before we pursue a legal course.

My style cuts thru the bullshit of life.

Read this before you make a FOOL of yourself in public and I OWN your reputation.

So in a nice way, FUCK OFF THIEF!!

You can read plenty more. Like Procter and Gamble. So be ready John.

Your new Trademark is worth SHIT when it comes to my ******.com

Ok John. Now if I EVER hear form you again I will write you up and everyone you know will know you are a lowlife scumbucket thief.

Harsher letter to follow.

Howard, shove it up this guys ass. Let's go Federal and make John as famous as the schmuck from my

Go type that in John.

See how this guy went down.

Fuck you asshole!

Go ahead use this as evidence when you try and REVERSE HIJACK a DOMAIN you have no rights to. I am going to make you famous! Everyone you know will know you are a THIEF!


You got 1 HOUR to apologize or you will be on my blog TOMORROW!

Want to play FUCKER??

Lets do it!!

I get a response 9 minutes later.

Dear Rick,

I apologize and I did not mean to offend you in any way. I was misinformed about the coverage of our trademark, and again I am sorry for my first email. If there is anything else I can do please let me know.



Now I am glad John learned his lesson before I had to do what I do. Domainers need to grow some BALLS and stop being AFRAID of THIEVES and treat THIEVES like a THIEF should be treated.

This will become more and more common place and Howard and I have decided to take the next THIEF to Federal Court and we are going to have even stronger cases and more costly cases to point to. The next CLOWN that even comes NEAR a domain he has no rights to is going to get a lawsuit on their desk and they are going to be made an example of.

With each passing day, there is less an less excuses to engage in Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. So the Law firms engaged in this will be soiled just as much and maybe even more than the would-be thief. They know better. They KNOW what they are doing and so I will be opening a special section just spotlighting the law firms engaged in this practice. They KNOW better! That makes them an ACCOMPLICE!

Rick Schwartz