Where are the Top 500 Domainers Now?

Morning Folks!!

I can rattle off 100 names that have not been seen in months or on very limited occasions. Where have they gone? What are they doing?

Well most folks greatly underestimate the talents of domainers. Especially the top 500. We were happy to have 3rd parties to work with but as time went on those 3rd parties helped themselves more than us and so domainers started to unleash some of the talents and skills we just have laying around.

Just look what has happened in the last 2 years and if you can't see it and you can't figure it out then you have not been paying attention.

List the top 4-5 PPC companies 2 years ago and the list may look like this


Today the list looks more like this:


As you can see 3 of 4 are now run by domainers. That's impressive and that illustrates exactly what I am talking about. And have talked about. How we will all be sheared away into different orbits and projects. This is just one example. PPC. But I can point to sector after sector as domainers take back control. But most are starting to focus on which domains to turn into businesses and many are succeeding and many more will follow!

The stage is set!

Good job! Well done!

But anyone that underestimates the talents of these 500 do it with the risk of getting it all wrong.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz