The Invisible Man in Domains. Time to PISS OFF the End User! And Others!!

Morning Folks!!

So we are talking with a lease candidate. We know they are having folks whisper SHIT in their ears.

Each deal will come down to MONEY! Every one. We have lots of room to find the right mixture like gas and a carburetor in a car. This could be a closing pitch perhaps.

Look, how do you see this dovetailing with your current business and budget?
This is the main question for each company.

So the accountants chime in and no accountant supports an expenditure like this. Nor do they understand sales and marketing. Plus they can not see past December 31, of any given year. That is how they are wired.

Don't get me wrong. I love my accountant. Been working with him for over 20 years. But he is my accountant he does not run my business.

So if you accountant is driving your train, we have nothing to talk about. You already lost control. Have a seat!

Your SEO folks are telling you that this is no good and don't waste your money.

But sorry, your pal the seo guy is covering his own ass. Worrying about his own business. What would happen if that expense was eliminated?

Better yet, imagine what an seo guy could do with a category defining domain name. If he says it does not matter, he is 50% right. But last time I looked, 50% is a failing grade by any measure.

So if your SEO guy is driving your train, we have nothing to talk about. You already lost control. Have a seat!

Like my accountant I have been dealing with my attorney for about 15 years. Not only is my attorney my business partner and very close friend, but he is an attorney and he knows to let me make the business decisions and his job is to make sure my decisions are clear of any dangers. That's it! He does not run the business either.

So if you lawyer is driving your train, we have nothing to talk about. You already lost control. Have a seat!

So here we have what I call 'Headwinds'. But in sales it is taking these headwinds and explaining it in such a fashion that it becomes tailwinds. That is the magic in sales.

So Mr. End user, we don't have to be in your meetings to know what is going on. It is called human nature. It is called predictable. It is called following the herd mentality. These are the pitfalls on the way to a good decision and a meaningful and long lasting relationship.

What are you scared of?? If we are right you transform your company. In the remote chance it does work out, you walk away. That's called opportunity with little or no risk.

And remember one thing bud, you took a RISK going into business and chances are not one of the folks whispering shit in your ear EVER took a risk! Never stuck it out! Never had it all in!

They work for you, or do you work to provide THEM with jobs? Which is it??? Are you too timid to piss them off? WAKE UP!

How many schmucks passed on before somebody figured it out? If you don't know that story, read it here. Where is Borders today? They closed all their stores. Why? Type in your browser. Then type in your browser. What do they sell? Who is still in business? Which company is smart? Which company is out of business? This is not hard folks! You don't have to know jack shit about the Internet to figure some of this out. So stop depending on those that don't understand BUSINESS!

Then maybe your seo guy will throw the example in your face.

Well I was a major stock holder in at one time. The management buried that company. They were horrible. I lost 7 figures from their mentality. They lost 90% of ALL their business with a silly mistake that they refused to correct. Morons!

See when you typed in in the browser bar like MILLIONS of people were doing during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade back in 1999 you got a 404 error. See the MORONS there, the seo dept, There IT folks, saw no need to fix something they did not even see, know about or understand.

So the MORONS forced the folks to format to or you would not get to their site. I was off the wall calling and emailing them and never so much as got a response. MILLIONS of daily visitors lost. MOST lost forever. How long would it take a consumer to try and walk in a door to find it locked and not walk away? IDIOTS!! And look whi drove THAT train!!!

SEO and IT and both are CLUELESS when it comes to sales, customers, business. Wake up!!! It's like making your FILTHY dishwasher in your restaurant the HOST that seats people!! ARE YOU INSANE???

So THAT is the reason failed and you can blame their techies and seo gus for it! It will never be reported. How can they report what they don't know, understand or even see? MORONS!

Bet you NEVER heard that story!! Why?? Cuz nobody gets it!! These morons to THIS DAY don't get it and they were the BITCHES that put the company outta business.

This is a lifelong game. Decisions made in 2013 will have ramifications that will last as long as each of us have been in business or will remain in business.

So it comes down to dollars and how can we tailor this to fit. If what we say unfolds as we say and what we have said for 18 years is already on the record, then MR Ceo you are positioned to take BIG advantage of this decision instead of just a side entrance. You are in a position to dominate instead of being dominated.
You pass or your fail and you have to realize this is YOUR decision. We have either made our case or not. But PLEASE don't rely on advice from folks that are not qualified to see 5, 10, 20 and 30 years down the road. When your children may be sitting in your chair.

Stop delegating important decisions to folks that are NOT CAPABLE of making them!

I would normally tell you to 'Have a GREAT Day' but today I will be a little more blunt. Wake the fuck up before it is too late!

Are you offended?

So it is more important for you to be offended than to grow/save your business?


Rick Schwartz