P&G Buys Swash.com AFTER Being CONVICTED of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking!!

Morning Folks!!

As reported by DomainNameWire.com, P&G finally stepped up to the plate and bought the domain that just weeks ago they had been found guilty of trying to Reverse Hijack with THIS DECISION and many follow up posts by yours truly.

I think we will reach a watershed moment this year and while attempted hijackings are up, they will crest and then begin to recede as so many decisions are against them. Plus they are realizing that there is more than a loss involved. ME! I am the SOB that is out to destroy them just like they were out to destroy some unsuspecting domain registrants and their dreams.

So when it comes to REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING we will closely monitor all developments and we will do whatever it takes to stop it. Once they get convicted, their reputation is owned by ME to do what I see fit with as far as circulation of their misdeeds.

Rick Schwartz

Bing: Maybe You Shouldn’t Trust Google for ANYTHING!

Morning Folks!!

Bing has Balls!!! They have been going after Google and BRANDING 'Scroogled' for months. I wrote about it back when they started the campaign. It is brilliant. Here are my on record statements and posts about Bing.

And in one of their latest commercials they actually state 'Maybe You Shouldn't Trust Google for anything!'

See it here

Rick Schwartz

The Man that Traveled a MILLION Miles to Attend T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Morning Folks!!

What if I told you that one of our attendees that most of you know has traveled a MILLION miles to come to TRAFFIC shows over the years. You would probably think I was exaggerating. So let's count. Each trip I count as 12,000 miles. 24,000 miles round trip.

So if he went to 10 TRAFFIC shows that would be 240,000 miles. 20 shows would be 480,000 and when he attends the Vegas show which will be 24 out of 25, he will be well over 1/2 million miles and well on the way to 1 MILLION miles.

So is Michael Gilmour insane? Ok, please don't answer that. Anyone that actually likes me is a bit insane. But Michael is a numbers guy. Plain and simple. He knows numbers. He is insane when it comes to numbers. The only guy I know I would trust my numbers to because he is really good. And the most important number he discovered is when he spends $15,000 to come to a TRAFFIC show, he gets so much bang for his buck that he is willing to keep spending some DAYS on a plane to travel half way around the world.

36 hours from when he steps out of the house until he sees a hotel room on the other side of the world.

WHY would anyone do that? What is your excuse not to?

Well let me have Michael Gilmour explain it in his own words with this video.

Michael, like many others, you have been part of the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. family since the beginning. We are BLESSED to be surrounded by some of the world's best and most talented folks. It's been a hard fought battle over the years but that battle is not turning into a celebration.

The curse of the past was it was hard to find others to work with domainers for all types of reasons and biases. Today and in the future that is no longer the case. We have proven our skills and our visions have been ROCK SOLID!! ROCK SOLID!

That is now being recognized and we are attracting many folks from different backgrounds that no longer see us as predators taking what we should not. But the practical business people we are that have laid claim to the most sought after land in all of history.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is NEVER an expense to those that attend or there would be no reason to keep coming back! TRAFFIC MAKES you money it does not COST you money!! DUH!!!!

Rick Schwartz