Is it Time to Update Rick’s Pic? What Say You? 2003 vs 2013

Morning Folks!!

So my wife is looking over my shoulder yesterday morning and says maybe it is time to update my 10-year-old blog photo. lol


ok, why not. I guess you can see what 10 years in front of this screen and the domaining industry has done. lol

The before, the after. Oh the pain!

So do I switch? Or has the other picture been "Branded"?

What say you?


2003 vs 2013

Rick Schwartz

17 thoughts on “Is it Time to Update Rick’s Pic? What Say You? 2003 vs 2013

  1. Altaf

    Hi Rick,
    10 years before was younger while 10 years later much more groomed personality. As Alina loves to see you in groomed personality why not to switch?
    But we love your both pics, so suggest keep both side by side (before and after).
    Congrats and respectfully,

  2. Anita

    I’m sure a hair color makeover + studio appointment can make you look even better than either of these shots. Its definitely high time, after all you are a celebrity!! And your wife will love it. Irrespective of age, the better we take care of our appearance the better and healthier we feel.

  3. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Rick, there’s a small detail; I see no Crown and Cape… Ha Ha Ha!!

    As per picking a picture, I would have Alina choose. (That’s the smart thing to do…)

  4. Amazing Larry

    10 years is a long time,for a photo. Profile pics should be like 5 years out max. More like just 3.

    2003…memories…those were good times.
    Everything. forever. changed…after the 2008 market meltdown.

  5. UFO

    Yes, time passes far quicker than we all realise…

    One of my fav domains turned 18 a week ago… lol…

  6. LSM

    If you went on a dating website and met a woman who turned out to have been using a picture a decade old, what would you think of her?

    The new one looks fine. You haven’t really aged that much, but who even cares. Wear age with pride. It’s is the prize we win for having done enough stuff right when we were younger to get us to this point, alive.

    Everyone who stopped aging today died. They lost.
    The rest of us got a day older and won.

    Hooray for age.

  7. Naomi Estment (@naomiestment)

    I far prefer your 2013 look and agree with Donna, but also suggest having fun with a professional portfolio shoot that gives you a great selection of images to use in different places – including a beauty of you and your wife together. Enjoy :-)

  8. Danny Pryor

    Well, I’m no lady (interpret as you deem most humorous), but I think the older picture has more enthusiasm behind it. Besides, you haven’t aged much at all, so any argument about the pic just being too old is out the window, as far as I’m concerned. Photoshop will correct or create a variety of sins, of course, so my recommendation is the pro headshot. Barring that, the older image is the one I’d keep using. It has become a bit of a branded shot.

  9. Jonathan L

    I think you should consider two images; the first one use the 2013 image as its real and honest, forget photoshopping and other ways to alter, your current image is great. Second, you should have a image with dark glasses, dark or black clothes and portray yourself in a more sleek, bad boy image and use that image when you post about reverse domain name highjacking… let those pricks see a picture of a man who is not so friendly looking… Thank you for all your contributions, you are appreciated and respected…


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