A Blog Post is Not Complete Without Comments

Morning Folks!!

As bloggers we are in the media business. Maybe not to the degree of BIG media, but media nonetheless. What we post has to be informational, entertaining, relevant, or something to make it have life. There are many blogs with no movement. No comments. Some posts are like that. This may be one of them.

But my blog post is never complete without folks like you chiming in and completing thoughts I may have left out, clarify or challenge. The post is just the start of the conversation. It tries to get the ball rolling. Puts a subject out there, sometimes provocative, for discussion and that collaboration is what fills in the holes.

When I surf the net and stumble on a blog post, it is the comments that take on a life of its own. This gives the added value that turns a 1 dimensional read into a living and breathing animal. And animal it can be.

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “A Blog Post is Not Complete Without Comments

  1. BullS

    As I said before, if there is no “BullS” on your comment, it means your blog is worthless.

    *** hint hint– I am a paid professional commenter…(hire me)


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