A Good Contract Starts and Ends with Good People

Morning Folks!!

A good contract starts and ends with good people.

Pretty simple. It's at the core of how I view things.

No contract can protect you from bad people or people who can't follow thru.

So that means that the people who sign the deal are the most important. Their character is key.

How do find out if they are good or bad when you don't know them?


The contract stage is the courtship stage. It's like planning a wedding and your nerves will always be tested. It is just one of the elements involved in getting to a contract to begin with. Lots of flirting along the way. Many times taken way too seriously. After all the discussion before the contract is just a business flirtation. To see if you want to go steady and then get married. The contract, the marriage license, the pre-nup are all the same.

Some folks are walking calamity's when it comes to contracts and they always find themselves on the short end and then trying to enforce something not worth enforcing. They usually have a few elements in common and did not have a pure meeting of the minds and then expect too much. Those deals are destined for failure.

I am sure most of my readers have many active contracts. Some contracts are weak and some contracts are strong. But A good contract starts and ends with good people with good will that agree on a common set of circumstances and have a clear meeting of the minds. If's and then's. If this happens then I get that. If that happens, you get this. The simpler it is the stronger the contract is.

And today we are busy taking care of our portfolios, in time that will change and our #1 job will be keeping track of more and more contracts. Each domain name married off and on their way with a contract to a partner you have yet to meet. Exciting times are coming!

Rick Schwartz


One thought on “A Good Contract Starts and Ends with Good People

  1. Neil

    Good morning,
    King R, you are for sure one of the few very good people on this planet.
    People are bad. To make a deal with them, fuhgeddaboudit.org…
    I invite you to NY, where they start the deal threatening and cursing.
    Kind regards, grandcentralterminal100.com


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