Are you a Domain Wallflower or Are You IN the Domain Game?

Morning Folks!!

Many folks are wallflowers that sit on the sidelines and then they wonder why this and why that. I wonder wtf they are doing on the sidelines to begin with? The rate of unemployment is irrelevant when there is more opportunity today than at any point in the history of the world. Can you even get your heads around that?

I know these folks are charming, dress well and can talk smack. I know they can point and criticize. I know they can complain. I know they can be bitter. I know they can blame. I know they don't want to be where they are at but guess who is responsible for that?

They don't believe in opportunity or seizing it or making hay when the sun shines or Murphy's Law.

Profit is a dirty word. Sales are a foreign word. Start-up may be another name for looking for a paycheck.

Maybe it is time to get off their ass. Get out of their comfort zone. Do something different. Stop looking for other people's money and start making some of their own. How? Sales, Profit and something folks NEED, WANT and DESIRE.

Then again maybe they just won't. Because the best predictor of today and tomorrow is still yesterday. So wallow away wallflower. But if you want to get in the game, start by stopping and thinking of a long-term strategy that you can repeat over and over and over again.

Some folks exercise in the morning to get things going. I like to ruffle a few feathers and that gets me going! Why? Nothing happens until you get out of your daily comfort zone.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “Are you a Domain Wallflower or Are You IN the Domain Game?

  1. jeff

    Whats worse? Seems like big guys are in a panic and very confused or being on the sidelines or newbies?

    Something to think about over the Friday LOL.

  2. Greg

    I think they would rather be a “reverse domain name hijacker” than a pornographer

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Me—->Parking Company——->Google——–>Pornographer.
      Sorry, I have the least involvement as I don’t provide the porn. I just provide the people looking for porn. Big difference. No pics, no content, no liability.
      Like the bus driver dropping off people at a casino to gamble. Driver does not gamble. He just gets paid for dropping off the people that do.
      Me—->Parking Company——->Google——–>Pornographer.

  3. UFO

    I have a lot of confidence in the right domains rising in value but there should be a realisation that as time progresses and the market saturates there will actually be an attrition in use of high end domain names to serve markets.

    As users cluster more and more around centralised domains (as they become habit) it will become increasingly difficult to engage them on alternative sites (for the purposes of ecommerce).

    Domainers should realise that after 20 years of internet use their domain should be productively engaged and if it’s a wallflower perhaps that is telling them something unless they’re a holdout and there’s plenty of people knocking at the door.

  4. Danny Pryor

    “Start-up may be another name for looking for a paycheck.” Yep.

    You know what else is a term descriptive of a person looking for a freakin’ paycheck? “Serial entrepreneur”. Would someone kindly explain WTF that is supposed to be?

    I’m tired of watching all these morons invent or make use of terms, all for the sake of appearing to know something they know not. Oy!

  5. (@gtldnamesellers)

    Great point Danny, Interesting thing about “startups”… Anyone ever done any studies about the success vs. failure rate? The failure rate for the cash strapped businesses with passion but in most cases little business knowledge is (I’ll bet) tremendous. The success rate for the folks that raise the capital and pay themselves for the obvious wisdom err… opportunity to have been associated with these endless chain of failures is (I suspect) pretty handsome probably why the keep pushing startups and long term operations…. hey there goes another startup … and another . What do they do? Why… they’re startups of course wanna invest? it’s going to be HUGE. What is it? It’s a startup! Duh! RALMAO


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