Do you have Faith in Yourself?

Morning Folks!

I have more faith in people then they have in themselves and that truly makes me sad.

See, I believe that each of us has a gift and unlocking that gift is the key to everything else in life. But for whatever reason folks either don't think about it or afraid to follow their dreams and make it a reality.

In face of all the historical evidence of those challenged by much more, they are paralyzed by fear. Bound in chains by their mind. Afraid of failure like it was worse than death. Some make the leap, but oh so few. Once you figure it out, the rest is just a matter of time. It's easier the second time because you know the path. That path less traveled.

You have to develop a thick skin to let rejection roll off of you. To know that one door slamming in your face will result in 2 doors opening if you don't let it defeat you right there. Every baby falls down but imagine what the world would look like if they feared getting up?

That's why there are waitresses and waiters at Denny's making $50/day and working their asses off and those at the high-end restaurants with busboy and runners and hosts and others to support you and make $500/night for 33% of the work.  IT WAS A CHOICE FOR EACH! And likely the guy at $500 at Chez Max was working at Denny's at one time and learned how to CLIMB the ladder and the way up one opportunity at a time. And he was GOOD on every step of the ladder and that was the passport to climbing it to begin with. The ladder starts at the bottom and anyone that laughs at the guy at McDonald's or Denny's could not last a day doing what they do.

The earlier you harness and control your own human nature is the day you will CHOOSE to work or not. To be productive or not. To try to reach higher and higher goals and achievements or not. Learning that excellent is just 2nd place to perfect. And while perfection can never truly be achieved, it still has to remain the goal. And there are PERFECT answers to questions. There are PERFECT decisions for any decision to be made. It fits perfectly and it is the right thing to do. And even if it does not work out perfectly, excellence as a runner-up and anything above good and very good and you are in EXCELLENT company!

And even if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can still choose to do the right thing. That my friends is the birth of Karma. And if you have faith in yourself,  you will find it easy to always do the right thing. And that has the power to propel us as a person to bigger and greater things if we choose.

Look, we are people and we are flawed. But when we have a chance to rise to the occasion, the challenge, the obstacle, then we have a duty to rise and do what has to be done. And that is the TRUE difference between $50/day and $500 or $5000 etc. and everything in between.

Rick Schwartz


8 thoughts on “Do you have Faith in Yourself?

  1. DomainsCrawler (@DomainsCrawler)

    Fantastic Motivation! My father was a salesman…he could sell the shirt off your back. His motivation and drive…? It was simple…for every 99 ‘no’s’ you get one ‘yes.’ And that is all it takes to open up any door. I’ve only been involved in the Domain Industry for a few years…but I work on it till midnight everyday…18 – 20 hour days…rising to 99 challenges and jumping hurtles over obstacles. It’s my choice, and my passport!

  2. BullS

    The biggest motivation is REJECTION!!
    the Best revenge is always living WELL.

    Heard it from me, I am the living proof.

  3. Mike

    One of your most motivating and encouraging articles. A true masterpiece… Thank you, Rick… And, as always, hat off!!!

  4. Kassey

    “Faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see.”

    Also, as Steve Jobs proved it many times, you must believe it first, then you’ll see it.

  5. George Harb

    That was amazing! It is very timely because my sister who was born on August 20th when this article came out died over 10 years ago because of not having faith in herself. GH


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