Rick’s Pic Updated!

Morning Folks!!

Last week I posted a question about my 10-year-old picture (Oh the pain) and you folks (especially the ladies of domaining Donna, Anita and Naomi) were good enough to respond.

So as a result, voila, the best they could do with what I am working with.

The new improved 6.0 Domain King. Imperfectly aged to perfection.

Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd


But I also took a walk on the "Dark side" for the Battles to come!

Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd

I  want to thank Michael Lloyd of LloydsStudio.com who will be blogging about our meeting soon.

Thanks for your help all!

Rick Schwartz

23 thoughts on “Rick’s Pic Updated!

  1. JBS

    The dark side photo is much more appropriate for your “no bullsh*t” advice. (no offense BullS)

  2. UFO

    lol, you want to have the last photo but as a .gif with matrix type code vertically dropping down…

  3. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Great Photos. I like both. The dark side one, should be accompanied by “Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood…http://www.georgethorogood.com/

    I would not like to bump into the second guy in a dark alley….nooo, sir….

    Beware Current and future RDNH guilty parties!!! The Domain BadAss is in town!!


    The Dark side picture, seems to say; “Do you want a piece of me???, Do you punk???”

  4. Homero A. Gonzalez

    Hey Rick:

    You should run a caption contest for the “Dark Side” Photo.

    No limit on the number of captions one can submit.

    I submit these; “I am bad to the bone!…” and “Do you want a piece of me??? Do you punk??

    or, “RDNH will not be tolerated” or “I dislike Thiefs!, Capishe?”


  5. Louise

    Good job with new pics. The third one is the best, with a subtle smile, relaxed silhouette, and looking straight at the viewer. It’s a more serious expression which looks at the world quizicly, the way you do! You look at the camera like you’re looking out at the world, saying, What can I learn from you? It’s nice.

  6. Anita

    As a replacement none would be my vote – I think you need to get Michael/someone to photograph you at your desk or relaxing at home – if you want to get a comparative shot to your 2003 one. If I had to vote on one out of these the “dark side” one is the only one that looks remotely natural (perfect for RDNH posts – “My Eyes are on you, scum”), The others are just normal head shots that should probably be on your passport :-) One of the other recent photos you shared previously – the one in the white suit looked smart.

  7. claudio carreon

    Rick- appreciate you sharing with us. Great up-grade pic- cheers to the future, wherever it may lead. Thanks..

  8. Neil

    Rick, the one on bottom is the best!
    Your DeluxePhotographer.com is really,really very good.
    Kind regards,

  9. Naomi

    Great job, including the “Dark Side” :-) Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the kind mention – much appreciated.

  10. Lucas

    Hey cool photos! I like the most the last 2. However the first 2 could be useful to make “predators” think that you are an easy target… only to discover later that you can also be the guy in photo 4! … and the predator becomes the prey! :-)


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