Socializing On Facebook or Making Money on Linkedin? Stop…..and Take a “Think” Break

Morning Folks!!

Facebook is a social platform trying to learn how to be a business and have their folks do business. They WILL succeed in time.

LinkedIn is strictly business. Socially driven but all business and getting more and more important.

They are not the same and should not be used the same or even seen the same. But both, along with Twitter, have a place in the eco-system of Internet business.

I stumbled on this at LinkedIn and it is beyond valuable. I have talked about it many times over the years. Here is another perspective.

That reminded me of my BEST EVER post on decisions which is what you are supposed to do AFTER you think. HERE is the roadmap for that process.

Rick Schwartz

6 thoughts on “Socializing On Facebook or Making Money on Linkedin? Stop…..and Take a “Think” Break

  1. Anunt Patel

    i take couple years off to think and wait for a huge opportunity and then go ALL in and make a killing…

    right now…still in thinking period…waiting for that huge opportunity to invest…

  2. LSM

    Facebook has the ability to provide targeted traffic unlike ANY other source. Anyone can promise ‘eyeballs’. The power of facebook is in its capacity for fine-mesh filtration. Anyone here even seen a facebook ad dashboard? Its a marketers wet dream. Make television and print media look like 6000 year old cave pictogram in comparison. I sell fishing poles. Google can deliver me anyone who searches for information on ‘fishing poles’. If you own, you can deliver me anyone who’s curious enough to type that in, add a .com and see whats there. With Facebook, I can nail down age demos, recent behaviors that suggest a hotter or colder interest in my product. Lets bet on conversion rates, I’ll take Facebook and spot the other guy BOTH Google and “type ins” from the bang on domain. It won’t even be close. When Facebook increasing earnings from adspends hit a reliable inverse correlation against Googles decreased earnings from adspends, the paradigm has begun its shift.

  3. Rick Schwartz

    LSM…Agreed on Facebook and I just realized I mentioned nothing about Google in my post. I guess because I see them becoming less relevant while all the others become more relevant for the reasons you state and a load of other things.

  4. UFO

    Everyone knows that physical print media in terms of newspapers is in its death throws… but even online newspapers are morphing. Some are trying to charge customers and LOSING badly. There’s a new model on the block and one I think most will eventually become. That’s basically a blend of infomercials.

    I’ve seen the usual PR driven articles on certain celebs. But it’s now going further along with celebs wearing certain articles of clothing etc and having the paps take photos of them and then having the newspaper with that garment for sale as you read the article. Online newspapers making their cash from eyeballs buying product from sponsored PR activities.

    I’ve had the ability (and know its been done before) where a retailer pays a percentage of their sales in that week from online activity driven by that online newspaper.

    Everything is about cost of acquisition. I don’t think Facebook will always be the cheapest, just maybe at the moment before most advertisers wise up relative to the rates. But they’ll equal out.

    I have always said that Google was like the reference section in the library; they might need to step out more if they want to get the less academically inclined and socially driven. I still don’t see them properly monetising youtube. I don’t think Google understands business, just analytics. I think Yahoo with its new CEO is definitely moving in the right direction, they just might slowly pass Google on the outside track. Google should stop concentrating on geek playthings and turning a margin on volume selling items.

  5. LSM

    There is no question who can serve up better targeted ads, between Google and Facebook. There is literally no competition, whatsoever. If the same $500 buys me IP geotargeted Google searchers for (X) or generally the same amount of activity from Facebook ads but I can control for ALL manner of demos, which leads to more conversions? If I am selling DVDs showing the 1960 Television Show “Home Run Derby” and have a $200 a month marketing budget, where is that better spent?
    On Google where half the people googling “Home Run Derby DVD” are under the age of 40 and looking for Josh Hamiltons performance in 2008? Or on Facebook where I can target men, over the age of 50, who ‘liked’ the “Vintage Baseball” group page and are active members of the Society for American Baseball Research? Which $200 adspend rings the DVD sale register more times? Its not even close.

  6. M Altaf Hossain

    I tried FB but did not experience good targeted ads. Google is like a policeman not business friendly to increase revenue from micro advertisers like us. Drops fill the ocean. Could kindly guide more insights why I was not doing well with FB?


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