The Story of Purchase, Use and Earnings

Morning Folks!!

Last year I listed as one of my top 10 domain puchases/bargains. I even listed what I paid for it. The price has no bearing on what the value or what I may eventually sell or lease it for if I choose. The potential buyer can TRY and use it against me but it will be a useless effort and a waste of their energy. It will fall on deaf ears. If you want 1997 prices.....come back in 1997.

So in August of 1997 I was able to acquire I probably tried to buy as well that same day. I'd have been overwhelmed to have gotten both but as we know has gone on to great things with their #1 Candy game.

But I was happy to get and in those days there was much talk of Princess Diana being Queen. That was  2 years before her unfortunate death.

But that was not the main reason for the purchase. I was thinking more on the lines of a "gay slangqueen is a term used to refer to flamboyant or effeminate gay men" according to Wikipedia. And thinking that way earned me into the 6 figures because that traffic was very valuable. It still is.

Of course today when you think of the highest and best use you may think of a rock group that most of us enjoy. They use Queenonline. To my knowledge I have never been contacted by them. But back in 1997 mainstream had yet to embrace the Internet "FAD"!

The great thing with a domain like this is I have my choice of how to use it. Where to use it. Where to point it to. I can move that "Door" to any subject I like. If the Royal Baby had been a girl, we might be talking about the future queen.

As a matter of fact TODAY, I am redirecting all traffic with a "Door" to this post. Thousands of you come to and I am sure many of you will not find what you are looking for. Then again I am hoping a few of you take a moment and comment on what you were looking for and intending to find here. It may be different from the ones mentioned above as new "Slangs" and new "Things" happen all the time.

Thanks for your time!

Rick Schwartz

PS: One of the reasons I see problems with Search is if you are on Google looking for THE "Queen", the Queen of England does not appear until page 3.  Where does that leave the others using "Queen" as part of their name, good or service? The "Disco" Queen. The "Roller Derby Queen". The "Homecoming Queen". The Queen CITY".

8 thoughts on “The Story of Purchase, Use and Earnings


    In 1997 I was more excited about discovering “email” and being able to communicate with friends at a nearby college. If only had knowledge of domains back then aye??

  2. Bob Fontaine

    Great name with, as you note, multiple meanings, uses and users. Seems like the perfect name to use under the Condomains theory of ownership.. where perhaps 4-6 different parties/subjects share the Index page, with links leading to the path chosen by the user. THAT would result in, refined, truly valuable traffic.

  3. Vicky

    I think that Queen the band should own this domain. It’s a damn shame that you own it instead. :-(

  4. Rick Schwartz

    The band “Queen” has never contacted me.
    But how about “The Queen” herself? She has not contacted me either. Which queen would get it?
    Thousands of women are queens and so are a few men. :-)
    The Bee has a Queen and so does the ant.
    There is a queen in chess and a queen in cards.
    And so it goes. So why any of them over me? And if they really want it, nobody has asked or offered. So why not me?

  5. Queen Charis

    Hello, I am contacting you to purchase the name Queen.Com.
    Please email your price.
    Thank you.


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