10 of Rick’s Domains. What Price would YOU Sell them for if they were Yours?

Morning Folks!!

So let's play a little game today. I am going to list 10 domains. You tell me what price you would sell it for if you owned it and why if you like to expand.

  1. TopSecret.com

  2. Unemployed.com

  3. Boardroom.com

  4. FaceFind.com

  5. Stud.com

  6. Queen.com

  7. Homemade.com

  8. iFlirt.com

  9. SXW.com

  10. SmartGlasses.com

Thanks for your participation. Should be fun!

Rick Schwartz

38 thoughts on “10 of Rick’s Domains. What Price would YOU Sell them for if they were Yours?

  1. Rich

    TopSecret.com 200k
    Unemployed.com 2 mil
    Boardroom.com 500k
    FaceFind.com 100k
    Stud.com 300k
    Queen.com 1mil
    Homemade.com 1mil
    iFlirt.com 300k
    SXW.com 100k
    SmartGlasses.com 50k

  2. Michael Anthony Castello

    TopSecret.com – $350k
    Unemployed.com – $125k
    Boardroom.com – $200k
    FaceFind.com $40k
    Stud.com – $1.3 mil
    Queen.com – $1.8 mil
    Homemade.com – $500k
    iFlirt.com – $150k
    SXW.com – $80k
    SmartGlasses.com – $70k – ????

    Some may think these prices are low. Mind you, my estimates are episodic and depending on social trends or corporate manipulation, these names could be worth much more in the future. Domain names are globally still the best game with the most potential for independent financial freedom.

    1. John

      Hmm, I usually like you, I like how you’re the only other person I’ve seen significantly caring about the big picture Google menace, but for tonight I consider you to be “part of the problem.” :) Perhaps you have fallen into the “residential-only real estate” trap of thinking sales data has anything to do with real value.

  3. rathead

    maybe a better question would be to have people put them in order of value. too many personal variables regarding age and finances to have price mean that much. that’s why appraisals are so hard.

  4. John

    LOL, can’t believe no takers yet.

    My full “appraisal” requires time and research, so I’ll just give ballpark preliminary “off the cuff” thoughts:

    TopSecret.com – Killer versatile “brandable,” true worth at least seven figures

    Unemployed.com – Killer. “Jobs.com” may be king, but this is worth at seven figures.

    Boardroom.com – Great brandable. Hard to put a number on without further review, but seven would be totally reasonable.

    FaceFind.com – Yes, I would do more research, but honestly for now as far as I’m concerned this domain is pure crap. Also potential tm issue. So yes, even the king doesn’t bat 1,000.

    Stud.com – Killer, at least seven.

    Queen.com – Commented on this before, solid seven, significantly higher than Rick was willing to sell it to Mr. RDNH before.

    Homemade.com – Killer, easy seven.

    iFlirt.com – Great, seven.

    SXW.com – Great, six minimum (Rick is right about the real value of LLL’s).

    SmartGlasses.com – Wow, potential there. Requires more review, will reserve saying anything.

    As I indicated, these are just off the cuff for now, and I would do more in depth review to be more specific.

    1. John

      P.S. Side note: many years ago I noticed TopSecret.com and always liked that domain, long before I was commenting in any blogs. Pretty sure that was well before I even bought my first computer and formed my LLC.

  5. Sigma

    I wont put a price on these domains, but I will rank them based on how I see their value compared to each listed:

    1. SmartGlasses.com
    2. Queen.com
    3. Boardroom.com
    4. SXW.com
    5. Stud.com
    6. Unemployed.com
    8. HomeMade.com
    9. iFlirt.com
    10. FaceFind.com

  6. David

    TopSecret.com – $xxx,xxx
    Unemployed.com – $xx,xxx to $xxx,xxx
    Boardroom.com – $xx,xxx to $xxx,xxx
    FaceFind.com – $x,xxx to $xx,xxx
    Stud.com – $xxx,xxx
    Queen.com $xxx,xxx
    Homemade.com $xxx,xxx
    iFlirt.com – $x,xxx to $xx,xxx
    SXW.com – $xx,xxx
    SmartGlasses.com – $xx,xxx

  7. Thomas


    Maybe Iflirt could have commanded 7 figures back pre 2007, but today I would say $10-25K type domain.

    I believe Queen is the most valuable .com on the list. Probably worth about $2M to the right buyer.

    1. John

      What iFlirt represents never goes out of style. Not till this world is finished. And people would really like that one. $xxx,xxx would be the discount level, just like $2.x mil was a discount on Queen.com. I felt Queen.com should have been priced more like $3 – $5m when Mr. RDNH came along to try and steal it.

  8. Rod

    TopSecret.com – 500k
    Unemployed.com – 750k
    Boardroom.com – 500k
    FaceFind.com – 25k
    Stud.com – 200k
    Queen.com – 1m
    Homemade.com -500k
    iFlirt.com – 25k
    SXW.com – 300k
    SmartGlasses.com – 150k

  9. Terence Wyche

    TopSecret.com 250k
    Unemployed.com 100k
    Boardroom.com 100k
    FaceFind.com 20k could go for way more!
    Stud.com 300k
    Queen.com 1.5 mill
    Homemade.com 150k
    iFlirt.com 10 k – 20k
    SXW.com 70k or more !
    SmartGlasses.com 10k No research just looking at the names ! nice !

  10. staff

    TopSecret.com / 3m + 2% shares, cloud storage /
    Unemployed.com / 2.5m (global network), 1.5m (US based network) /
    Boardroom.com / 1m, franchise only /
    FaceFind.com / 2m, smartphone app /
    Stud.com / no comment /
    Queen.com / no comment /
    Homemade.com / 10m + 2% shares, Alibaba way /
    iFlirt.com / 1.8m, chat app /
    SXW.com / 2m (specific industry level supplier) /
    SmartGlasses.com / 12m + 1% shares /

    If can’t sell It today, I’ll keep sitting on it, tomorrow is another day and another opportunity.

  11. Stovinci

    Stud and Queen are the good ones, probably a few millies for each.

    They rest maybe a mil each.

    1. John

      Yes, 8 figures is not unreasonable for that one too. That’s why I say “at least seven” for others.

  12. Jay

    TopSecret.com 71,000
    Unemployed.com 410,000
    Boardroom.com 1,399,000
    FaceFind.com 169,000
    Stud.com 29,999
    Queen.com 299,990
    Homemade.com 379,000
    iFlirt.com 89,000
    SXW.com 46,000
    SmartGlasses.com 329,000

  13. John

    Here’s one thing people don’t seem to realize, all the way to the top of the industry, and they should:

    Everybody is aware and harkens back to the great famous sales of yesteryear. What they generally fail to realize is that a lot of the great sales of yesteryear, no matter how high they appear on the all-time lists, were actually STEALS for the buyers in terms of real life, real world, real end user value. And of course we know they were only the ones reported. Think of LasVegas.com for instance. One of the biggest examples that was known early is Loans.com. I’ve said it before and will do so again: BOA executives probably roll around and writhe on the floor laughing to the point of tears every single day before work about what a steal Loans.com was for only $3 million. And see what the guy behind the purchase of Hotels.com for $11 million said about that. The list goes on…

  14. Snoopy

    1. TopSecret.com – 200k (very common term)
    2. Unemployed.com – 80k (I think selling it is unlikely, negative term)
    3. Boardroom.com $2million (gold!)
    4. FaceFind.com $50k
    5. Stud.com 300k (sounds a bit porny otherwise would have said higher)
    6. Queen.com $4million (likely thousands of businesses called this)
    7. Homemade.com $1million (great name but not sure it will have a high number of cashed up buyers)
    8. iFlirt.com $25k (cool sounding but dated with the “i”)
    9. SXW.com $100k (average combo)
    10. SmartGlasses.com $100k (think it is an unlikely sale now, tech term and not brandy)

  15. owen

    $10 million for Queen would be like pocket change for Queen the band ,(top advertiser for keyword on Google) who use QueenOnline (.com). The 80s band is still among the top ten bands, grossing $70 million a year from concerts alone (like $200K a day), another $20K a year licensing music to commercials for toyota and coke and more, plus merchandise, album sales (300 million), streaming royalties, and a piece of all clicks on ads on their songs on YouTube with hundreds of millions of views. And this month a $100K a show residency in Vegas. So why haven’t they called?

    1. John

      Sad, isn’t it? Freddie M. was one of the best rock singers and performers there was, but from childhood he got into it for the gain. A friend of mine also told me of an interview in which he frankly admitted that he did it for the money rather than any loftier notion (surprise), and that he believed in “art as commodity.” Combine that with certain types of rich people Scrooging and crying over every penny except for what treasures and extravagances they like to splurge on, and I can see how some just wouldn’t want to pay. This is speculation of course, but if this is more or less accurate, then no doubt it would have influenced the whole band. But this domain is also great and valuable well beyond them.

    2. J.G.

      You should see the trillion dollar petroleum crude oil industry. I concentrated my domains in this area and I have had some companies ask me if I still wanted to keep my domain names with the expectation that I would release them so that they could pick them up for just registration cost. They got upset when I told them that they were for sale. The domain name petroleum.com which I do not own has been for sale for some time.

  16. Stew

    Lets play another game.
    What are your high offers to date for each (that you turned down)?

  17. Domain Prince

    1. TopSecret.com $200k
    2. Unemployed.com $200k
    3. Boardroom.com $300k
    4. FaceFind.com $35k
    5. Stud.com $500k
    6. Queen.com $2m
    7. Homemade.com $150k
    8. iFlirt.com $35k
    9. SXW.com $90k
    10. SmartGlasses.com $100k

  18. Elroy

    How about we play a different game?

    What was the highest offer that you turned down for each to date?


  19. rick

    Hah! It is far harder than it appears and it is mostly
    LUCK to sell domains like these for big money.
    The skill came in acquiring them.

    Rick never markets domains and I don’t do much either.
    Many of us have domains we BELIEVE are great but we have had them for years, many years. One of the biggest things in the stock market are ETFS. I assume most of you heard of them.
    They are like mutual funds but you can trade like a stock.
    Their sales have exceed mutual finds and continue to grow.
    I own ETFS.com. A few million from a major player is nothing. But NO offers ever. There are advertiser that spend more each year in Barron’s that they would pay for this killer domain. Big sales are not easy. But Rick and I have had just ONE sale that has paid for ALL of our domains! So patience is key.

    1. Jon Gilbert

      No matter what business we are in, it appears that that one big sale win from a person or company with much more money is what can take, make or break things into another level. It is good to do something and to get some kind of recognition for it. Recognition can come in a lot of different ways whether social and/or economic. These days it appears that getting the attention of some major player to want and buy what you have is the key.

  20. Rich

    I’m not sure why all the people that participated in this game appraised “Unemployed.com” at low five figures when it is such a powerful name that has to do with looking for a job.

    Beats me!

  21. Larry Scott

    I love Unemployed.com and Boardroom.com. Its not a really fair question because in my current state I’d sell for $1 million just because I don’t have a million. If I had more money than I needed I would sell Unemployed.com for around $10 million and Boardroom.com for $3-5 million.

  22. Andrew Hyde

    The real question is, what does Rick price them at? Those are some fantastic names!

    TopSecret.com personal favorite, but the question I ask is what would you sell at this address. In consideration of that, Homemade.com would be the most valuable.

  23. Jose

    I am not the most suitable to assess these 10 premium domains.

    Although I would like to know how much they would pay me if they were mine and negotiated with my Broker, it would be different and he understands me.

    If they are yours, why do you sell them?

    When your policy is not this? If you are not sorry, excuse me.

    Happy Day.

  24. jeff schneider

    You are all missing a very nuanced Strategic Point. There are a lot of people who only consider the sales price of a (.COM Equimoditty Platform Asset).This is a HUGE Tactical mistake !

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    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) (Former Rockefeller IBEC Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed CBOE Commodity Hedge Strategist) (Domain Master )http://www.UseBiz.com

  25. steve

    TopSecret.com 150 K
    Unemployed.com 225 K
    Boardroom.com 350 K
    FaceFind.com 75 K
    Stud.com 750 K
    Queen.com 1 million
    Homemade.com 115 K
    iFlirt.com 125 K
    SXW.com 175 K
    SmartGlasses.com 225 K

    That’s me. I’m sure you (Rick) can get more.

  26. Rick Schwartz

    According to Estibot the total for the entire list is $1.8 Million.
    That’s the lowest combined estimate on the board.
    More proof they are not good for domainers. It is flawed.


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