.App making a Splash. Moving from #525 to #13 in just months! Rick Invests!!

Morning Folks!!

This spring .App was released by Google and it has steadily moved up the charts and poised to be #13 as they have more domains in the zone file than the 3 right in front of them and they have no drops as of yet.

Why is .App doing so much better than most other extensions? Well there is a long list and if you are a domain investor you would have created a list. I am sure some can add to my quick thought up list.

  1. 3 letters. They did not reinvent the wheel

  2. It refers to something specific

  3. The specific thing it refers to is a huge moneymaker

  4. There is actually need, want, desire and demand

  5. There is steady growth

  6. It is backed by Google

  7. Thought of by Google

  8. Godaddy is the #1 Registrar which indicates end user adoption.

  9. You can make your fortune with an App and many have.

  10. It's the only GTLD that Rick Schwartz actually took a risk and invested 6 figures in

  11. It's 1 of only 2 new GTLD extensions that Rick Schwartz would even consider investing in

  12. The renewal rate will likely be higher than most other if not all other GTLD's

  13. There is a rhyme and a reason for end users to use, adopt and notice .App

  14. Until .Web comes to market, .App will remain a steady grower.

  15. Most other GTLD's mean nothing, are nothing and will always be nothing but worthless. Bills not assets. Liabilities.

That said, .App is still a big gamble. But if you go into a casino to gamble, at least pick the best casino and look for the best game at that casino. Then look for a table full of end users. But just like any casino, you have to go in prepared to lose every penny in your pocket. Plus in domaining you lose with renewals as well.

I am no fan of Google, but they may have a winner with .App.

Rick Schwartz

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43 thoughts on “.App making a Splash. Moving from #525 to #13 in just months! Rick Invests!!

  1. Rick Schwartz

    Berkens and I teamed up and targeted dozens of premium .App domains during their early access period and I hand registered about another 100-200 of them for myself.

    Of course neither of us have much experience picking winners. ;-)

    4 sales in 4 months is much better than most gtld’s which may not have 4 sales in 4 YEARS!

    Plus Google was smart and pretty fair about their release. Unlike some.

    1. Mark Thorpe

      I figured you and Mike would team up and buy a bunch of .App domains. Lol

      I still think .app domains will slowly catch on. Slow and steady wins the race.
      As for .Web, who knows when that will become available.
      .Web premiums will probably be a lot higher than .app premiums.

      Some .app domains that I own nameselling.com/app-names

  2. Matt

    I do not understand how an ecosystem [applications] that do not require domain names, utilize a “.app”. Exactly how does a “.app” ecosystem develop?

    1. Tony

      This is the best comment on the board. Apps don’t need websites or advertise via domains. In fact, the more popular apps become, the less dependent on the internet they are altogether.

  3. Franz

    u should stick to your . com domains that you bought decades ago.

    remember when BErkens bought buya.horse?! lolol

    u guys really know how to pick winners.

    1. any who

      really 1.5 million apps how do you find a good one? Why do the top ten app earn 80% of the visits? So you build a 20K app how do you market it? with an image? I phone app store? So you can have a max of 15 apps on your screen how do you find an app that you need? how does one app compete against another app?

  4. BullS

    I have all these nice app domains
    leakyapp.com–for finding leaks
    moleapp.com–for moles
    poopapp.com–an app to identify the animal poops–established site
    virusapp.com -gets lots of offers

    make offers!!

  5. Travis

    The keywordapp.com can be had for 1-10k fairy easily, all the top app names carry heavy premiums, this goes against everything you preach?

  6. Jose

    I must disagree a domain (.com) also with app have been created many successful applications in the world market.

    For example, I am working on the creation of three applications with extension (.com)

    I only have one (.app) bought for 500 USD, four letters and registered for three years.

    Happy Day.

  7. John

    One advantage I see is that if people see Example.app on the street, they are probably likely to realize it’s something they can go to on the web. Conversely, even for some new TLDs I actually like and consider good, I think that battle has not even begun and if they see Example.tld on the street they will have no idea it’s a web address or site.

    1. staff

      It’s about secure apps. For any new App market: (GPlay, Apple etc): App-ID equal .app Registry-ID (Whois) equal SSL cert +(optional) equal Chamber of Commerce-ID).

  8. Larry Scott

    I don’t see how this is going to help the internet in any way. Google will have to kill off something. Itunes /Google Play and ,apps for mobile applications cannot coexist (unless they are going to be used for desktop apps and who uses desktop anymore?)
    Something has to die.

    .app are botch domains

    1. John

      Larry…people search for “app” and “apps.” It also happens by pure coincidence that as an end user I’ve been about to be promoting a couple of “apps” for some days now – via the Internet.

      1. Larry Scott

        You do understand that if everyone starts hosting their own apps via website that there would be little use for Windows Store, Itunes & Google Play right? Most people when they think of downloading an app for their phone think of the mobile stores.

        .app domains are just going to populate Google’s search engine.

        1. ding dong

          you could. But a .app indicates its an app for a mobile device. And the .app gives a searchable address for apps. Currently there is no searchable address for apps. So loan.com you would expect to find a loan offer. Loan.app you would expect to find a mobile friendly loan offer. I think .app will be a winner. How big I do not know. However .app will find a home in the url ecosphere. And who will control this unique search address? Google not apple. or the apple store. I could even see loan.app using the block chain to further differentiate itself from loan.com

          1. John

            Yes of course. Your .app site merely then leads people to get the app, which could mean simply linking them to it on both the Apple and Android destinations for instance.

            1. Larry Scott

              Which is going to do exactly what i stated, populate Google search engine. If these .app websites are mobile application websites that lead you to the mobile stores, that website would be of very little value because I can simply go to the mobile store and search for what I want. It’s like adding an extra step to get to your apps.

            2. domain guy

              No, it does more than lead people to your .app. It could brand your ad. It could make your .app more competitive in the marketplace. It could position your .app over another .app. all right here’s a real life example. Fannie Mae securitized 26 billion dollars in green mortgage mbs last year. Mostly multi family apt bldgs. Green mortgages are .5 % lower than traditional mortgage rates. Europe is 5 years ahead in the Energy efficient mortgage industry. Recently launched Emap. EEM is the acronym for energy efficient mortgage. EEM.com is gone. Every single EU state could use EEM.ru, EEM.eu, EEM.se, EEM.sr Every country could use their ccTlds. How about EEM.app could be used world wide. Its descriptively branded, International recognized, short 3 letters, and could position a green lender in USA and the EU.

        2. staff

          You can think of it as the brand protocol vs website. ClientServer – apps imply a custom client app/ custom actions (where settings are separate tool)

  9. Samit

    .ooo is now 1 rank below .app, just means there’s one born every minute, not that they’re worth anything.

    Though of the two, I’d prefer .app, but I think I’ll wait and watch.

    Unlike you guys I can’t afford to risk six figures to see if it works, or not, think I’m going to do better w/ my keywordapp(s).com or brandable ‘app’ .coms, let’s see, should be interesting either way.

    1. domain guy

      yes you could have bought .app on the 7th day there were able to register able for $10.00 at godaddy. And I registered 4 different 3 letter .apps

    2. ding dong

      while you are sitting and waiting others have already purchased their .app. You do not buy when there is an expensive track record. Rick gave you 15 good reasons to invest .app by now. There is 4 public sales of .app. It’s called deductive reasoning risk reward, or speculation analysis. While you are waiting you did not diversify your domain portfolio with the new kid on the block. A .app has no country of origin it is world wide. I think it may already be too late for you anyways.you have failed to grasp the conceptual concept. Reminds me there are thinkers, talkers and doers. No don’t invest in any marijuana .apps you sit and think about it. While google will not let any marijuana related industry advertise. Yep already a 20 billion dollar industry that cannot advertise.

  10. domain guy

    And this is a key free education from the domain king. And not one intelligent comment about it. Rick analyzed the risk/reward with .app. Outline his 15 reasons for singling out .app over all the other tlds. Used profits from earlier domaining and reinvested into a tld that has significant upside potential. Limited his downside risk partnering with Berkins, and selected a few for himself. What was the other jv rick disclosed? meet.me for 450K? Noticed Rick invested first, then released the info. You also notice no free education here. No list of Ricks 100K .apps. I would bet there is some numbers on the list, all short single words, 3 letters, and I also bet if you saw the list you would recognize every single .app domain.This single post offers a lot of value for newbies. and all I read is smart ass remarks. If had earned 20 million on domains I would not share one single word.These comments indicate the domain kings time and intrinsic knowledge is not appreciated.

  11. Johan

    Rick, to me .app isn’t a specific category. Specific Gtlds are .loan, .marketing(I own a few), .rentals etc. And .web is also not specific. Even less specific than .app.

    Gtlds are mostly turds. They are like My Space. Stick to .com Rick and save your money!

    Btw, I remember back you made a similiar post about .Mobi.. Right?? :)

    1. John

      Seriously? It doesn’t get any more specific than .app… And constantly throwing up a gamble he could well afford on .mobi is bogus. Big whoop, even I hate .mobi, and even I don’t bat 1,000, does anyone…

    1. John

      No, if you really mean that you are surprisingly clueless, otherwise the real question is if you are the one who is trolling. Accuse the other guy of what you are doing tactic? And I’ve even worked in IT in the past, even as an application (“app”) developer, so I know all about how the word “app” can be used differently, and nobody needs to tell anyone the current usage for mobile is what the whole world thinks of for the term “app.” Unless you want to suggest Google itself was that clueless, ay?

  12. Johan

    Dude stop it!


    General and Specific Words

    General Words are words that name a group or a category of a set of things, people, idea, and the likes. These terms are usually used when you want to discuss an idea as a whole. Examples of general words include: furniture, money, equipment, seasoning and shoes.

    Specific Words are words that, through the use of modifiers, name a specific idea, thing, person and the likes. These kinds of words are used when you want to limit your discussion to a particular idea. Examples of these words would include rocking chair, dollar, gym equipment, pepper and high-heeled shoes. The degree on how you can be specific on certain terms usually varies. Like, for example, gym equipment. Although it is already specified on what kind of equipment it is, you can still be more specific and make use of a term that names a certain kind of gym equipment.

  13. Tony

    I bought a stack of .apps in the first month of availability, and have already had offers on 4 of them.

  14. Garey

    I agree with Rick.
    You can search for crypto coin in Google Play and find 300 apps. Or you can type in cryptocoin.app for one. You can advertise cryptocoin.app and people will remember that this domain name is for a cryptocoin app. I am sure you can see how marketable the app domain name can be.

  15. ding dong

    yes .app is marketable. You study what the market leaders are doing. Google is a leader in search. apple has the Iphone apple store android has nothing. Goggle spent a lot of money on .app this is no fluke. Trillion dollar companies know what they are doing they have research teams, data scientists, keep users data up to 18 months, pay billion dollar EU fines. Bing hired 300 phd data scientists and have less than 15% of the search market. .app is utilitarian serves a specific purpose. That’s the first clue. Second clue was gay.app sold for one million instantly a 200 million dollar start up sees the potential with zero bidding. I bet we will see 500k for loan.app, I could see 300k for weed.app
    I could see 150K for 420.app and I think pretty quickly. How about 500k for cbd.app with all its medicinal applications? With a social following of epilepsy kids acting normal? And parents opinions.

  16. Snoopy

    300k registrations so far is a disaster. They are competing against weak competition and still aren’t doing well.


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