Domainers are Clueless about Value of Domains

Evening Folks!!

I am sure some domainers sold domain for $1000, $5000, $25,000 or even $50,000. At each and every level, those domainers left BIG MONEY on the table. They were in a rush to sell. What else is new? I started pricing my at $100k ++ back before it ever hit $5k. I watched them climb from nothing to $1 Million and some for even more.

As usual domainers sell way too cheap because they are clueless to the market and what is coming and the true value of a specific domain to a business or to businesses. domains are following the same path. But they are more important and have more value. There just has been no frenzy yet.

3 letter domains are selling for around $25k-37k. Way too cheap!! 1/10 of what the prices should be and probably will be in the not too distant future. domains are worth a MINIMUM $100k! Any less is weak. Selling too cheap. A unique asset to fill a unique need of something very specific and you pull your pants down??!! WEAK!

Now it may not apply to qxz or some other variables that have few exact matches, but it does apply to a large swath of domains. Like anything else, you need to do your homework. You need to do your research.

The difference between a $35k domain and a $350k domain is the seller! There are only a few variables. The sellers price and the buyers price. The sellers circumstance and the size of the buyers wallet. Then it's a game of chicken and a test of wills.

When an end user buys an domain for $35k, they laugh all the way to the bank. Domainers continue to leave fortunes on the table because of their impatience. Play the game the right way and your inventory will be intact and your wallet will be a lot fatter! I will sell one domain for $350,000 and others will show me how to sell 15 of them for $350,000. They do know how to sell more! But they make less and work a lot harder with more risk.

Every time I see an sale for these prices I simply shake my head. Stop giving away diamonds for chump change folks! Desperate sellers getting desperate prices! You will regret in the years ahead.

Rick Schwartz


14 thoughts on “Domainers are Clueless about Value of Domains

  1. Michael D.

    Not everyone has the luxury of waiting it out like you do.

    Besides, different ways to play the market. Some work on volume, other on home runs. Both can win.

  2. Matthew

    I personally find generics more interesting. At least they relate to a product offering. Brand Centric domains took off when google changed their EMD algo and everything became about brand focus. That said, the traffic of an LLL & NNN is pretty useless so unless are part of the Multi-national Monopoly complex or speculating on a liquid market, I do not find the fundamentals very compelling from a market perspective. The only reason I agree with Rick maybe is because the Globe ain’t a market anymore. Its about capital flows and Ponzi.

  3. Taylor

    There has been intense UDRP faux cases against many’s in recent times.

    Most’s are controlled by about 8 parties when it comes to %’s, the same crap keeps getting traded among domainers, and Chinese investors.

  4. Jay

    its very simple follow the Rick Schwartz system
    and you will make money. if you don’t you will end up with a bunch of useless .horse and other pigeon shit gtlds. and for gods sakes why do these idiots sell great domain names for pennies on the dollar? make them pay!!!

  5. Dave L.

    Rick, are you stocking up on these great deals of LLL’s for $25k-$37k? if you choose not to buy a certain for $25k, it is the same decision as the domainer who sells it for $25k. You are both choosing to have $25k cash instead of that domain.

  6. R P

    Hopefully investors learn from Rick’s posts and the comments.

    It’s daytrading vs. long term investing. I used to be a daytrader. Was a tough business, now it’s almost impossible because 90%+ trades are algorithmic. And they get smarter and smarter every time you make a trade.

    I do believe there are very successful domain traders, not many, but some.

    Unless you have some sort of information advantage you are most likely at a disadvantage trading.

    Long term investing is very different. I’ve always been a long term domain investor, since college early ‘99. Over the years diversified and took advantage of opportunities.

    I bought one for less than $4K about 8 years ago. I bought one (because it has area code meaning to me; .net included) for less than $25K about 7 years ago. Still own them both.

    I’m a long term investor in the infancy of internet real estate and diversified. Not worried about what fad is next. The only thing that matters to me is 1. Does that domain have a meaning 2. Is it very easy to remember 3. Can it be easily monetized 4. What is average sales or services price

    Have broken that rule a few times but luckily worked in my favor, and Those will always have some value but much more reliant on a strong economy because they have no meaning that can be commercialied by an existing business without throwing marketing dollars behind them.

    Keyword domains are more blue chip and can handle a storm better imo.

    This is from a long term domain investor perspective. I can speak from a domain trader perspective.

  7. keith

    Rick is 100% right on this they are way too cheap at the moment and I am aggressively buying them whenever I can in the 20-25K area.

  8. Jon Gilbert

    “Rick’s Right” should be a new domain industry expression or truism because it’s true. Rick has been right about many things relating to domain names. As they also say “Time Will Tell” and his track record over time has been proven and speaks for itself. Thank you very much Rick.

  9. ben pedri

    Hey Mr King ,You may want to sell a couple of your one worders and buy a gaggle of of these, So two of your 10 million dollar gems can 1000 of these and you will pump the price up to where you think they should be worth.


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