Internet Crash Circa November 11, 2000. From Rick’s Vault.

Good morning folks!!

The net continues to collapse. A TERRIBLE sign on THIS side of Christmas. That indicates that things will get even worse.

Mainstream is looking more and more like a warzone as they continue the collapse with LITTLE sign of changing directions.

If you think it is bad now, wait til January, February and March. It will get UGLY.

I would say this one one of the worst .com weeks with TWO very high profile firms ( and and others going bye bye. 

These collapses have little to do with the net and have much more to do with piss poor management in which NONE of them seem to have a clue about SIMPLE math.

But as I continue to say, from the ashes will rise the real internet. I just believe that the face of the net will begin to look a LOT different as BUSINESSMEN begin to populate the net. Businessmen with PROFIT as a goal not some idealistic nonsense with no future.

Rick Schwartz Sat Nov 11 09:09:17 2000 - - message #6636
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3 thoughts on “Internet Crash Circa November 11, 2000. From Rick’s Vault.

  1. Jose

    If the speed of light has not been discovered to get in a month or less to reach the planet Mars, which we can expect from the Internet fiber optic operators there are other ways to surf the Internet faster, but there is no interest.

    Happy day.


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