The “Dumb Domainer” Industry and How it Operates

Afternoon Folks!!

Ever wonder how some of these crappy domains ever get sold? Well first you need to find a domainer dumber than you are. There is an entire industry now comprised of dumb domainers. They all deal in Pigeon Shit and do everything including begging to sell their crap.

There are no end users buying these domains so you are forced to find the dumbest domainers you can find that still have $$$ in their wallet. But the Dumb Domain Industry is in a whole lot of hurt right now. They are running out of dummies! Now what?

The dynamics of domain investing is fluid. It changes. The demand that was once very high is now very low. The once lucrative business of buying high profile domains for investment is no longer thriving. Those $$$$$$$$$ are going other places. Safer more liquid places.

The demand for domains today is a tiny fraction of what it was 10 or 20 years ago. Unfortunately the understanding of domains by business has progressed extremely slow. Social media bumped domains right off the radar. Maybe the recent developments with regards to who controls the destiny of your hard work when just one jerk-off somewhere in cyberspace can cut you and your business off FOREVER!

So while the dummy to dummy market goes on with worthless domains, it won't go on forever. Crap is crap and somebody will always end up holding the bag of worthless crap.

So happy dummy hunting! :-)

Rick Schwartz


10 thoughts on “The “Dumb Domainer” Industry and How it Operates

  1. DrDomainer

    Rick, please advice the domaining community your view on Google wants to kill the URL?

  2. Mo

    @Rick- Wehn you say that “The demand for domains today is a tiny fraction of what it was 10 or 20 years ago”
    are you refering across al type of domains(?)
    I thought you said not that long ago, that demand for great .com domains is growing.

    Are you now saying that you also see a drop in demand and the price one can ask for them?

    On a personal note- pls continue posting.

    1. Jay

      Pigeon shit is the excrement of a type of bird, the pigeon. Pigeons are often found in urban urban environments and often become a problem. The problem? They shit everywhere! Cars, buildings, sidewalks. The shit is just so unsightly…despite our best efforts, the pigeon always survives to shit on us another day.

  3. Mark Thorpe

    A lot of newbie domainers have a below average eye for domains.
    Makes some of my hand registered domains look like gold. Lol

    Hopefully people will learn from their mistakes, that building their business on anything other than their own domain name, is a huge mistake.
    Gone are the days of “but i don’t know how to build a website”.
    You can build a basic website with a store under an hour now, so no more excuses.
    You don’t see the top companies in the world piggybacking on other businesses platforms, so why would you!

    Suck it up, buy a domain, build a website and join the rest of the business world.

  4. Mike

    I think you’ve made a very good point, when you troll around the various market places for domains; it’s mind-blowing the prices you see for absolute rubbish.
    You just have to look at afternic or ebay for some serious eye opening shocks: names 2 feet long with an unheard of extension for a couple of hundred thousand dollars, slight exaggeration but you get the point.
    The problem is new people starting out in domaining believe what they see and so the problem goes on…

  5. Jose

    Thanks Rick, for being with us again.

    You would soon sell them for 25 to 50 dollars, having read in one of your posts years ago.

    I let expire, all domains that do not sell.

    Times change, and this is like the politics of every country on this planet earth.

    This last one is a shit, that nobody save.

    Happy day.

  6. Anita

    Nice one. My strategy is simple now, if a domain doesn’t have a couple of clear development options to it, I don’t buy it.


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