Domainers that Invested in GTLD’s are not being Quiet. Many of them are GONE!

Morning Folks!!

When you see the domain show for 23 years you see things repeat themselves several times. I am such a moron for not investing in IDN's. Just ask any IDN guy that never found the end of the rainbow.

I am a moron for not investing in .net even though the techies told me to. Now we can see not only is there low demand for .net there is also very low value as well.

I am a moron for not investing in ccTLD's. Now there was a place for those but I did  not want to waste my time chasing those when there were still .coms to chase. And they have less value and less demand than their .com counterparts. So, just not the best way to invest my TIME. But I understood those that did.

I did prove to be a moron myself when I bought into .Mobi. I had a lot of company at the time. lol Remember, when I bought I was bidding against several bidders that went to $150k and one that went to $195k. But when I think back, that may have been a cheap lesson. Look how much I saved not buying into the GTLD .CRAP!! That was when there was just ONE new extension and they failed miserably. Now we have 500-1000 that are doing the exact same thing.

.Win is a big loser for domainers. Back in November 2016, 2 YEARS ago, .win peaked with 1.3 Million registrations. Today, only 549,000 left and dwindling. Godaddy has a whopping 1029 registrations.

Those are domainer dollars being flushed down the toilet. How do I know it is domainers? Well, only a fool would even ask.

Domainers that invested in GTLD's are not being quiet. Many of them are GONE! Even the registries are "Dying on the vine". A term I have used for YEARS to predict the fate of this GARBAGE!

GTLD's have detoured and delayed the demand and diminished values of legacy extension domains. It's nothing more than a cancer on what WAS a HOT and THRIVING Domain Industry. Now look at it!!!!! The only ones you can blame are domainers. They burnt down their own industry.

These folks crapped on their own golden goose and we are all paying the price in TIME and VALUE.

At least I can say that openly now and I don't care if you disagree. It is what I believe!

"When you put a single piece of SHIT in the STEW it is no longer STEW, it is SHIT!" We have hundreds floating around now.

Rick Schwartz



43 thoughts on “Domainers that Invested in GTLD’s are not being Quiet. Many of them are GONE!

  1. Timothy

    Donuts has sold to icann’s #2 man, guess what they are going to do squeeze all these gtld holders renewals and push them much higher.

    The framework of the gtld contract let’s them increase prices by whatever percent they want. Either you drop them, at which point they will reclaim what they deem decent back into their internal inventory as many are doing, or you pay their extortion fee.

    What a great program, and it’s true check out the site was a buzz with enthusiasm
    Back in 2014 and has dwindled to early investors saying the gig is up, with site founders going back to what pays the bills, their day jobs. It’s sad as the same amount invested back in 2014 in solid .coms would yield higher today, instead of losses.

    Last I saw google introed .page with insane annual renewals, The premium renewal undercuts the intrinsic domain value, only person who wins is the registry, you will never outsell the invested renewal amount for a profit.

    The business was for icann to make money, applicants to make money on losing auction rounds, and for the registry to charge inflated renewals, the domainer, and investor was always the pawn who to this day they will tell you they are doing you a favor by letting you buy their extension.

    So many companies are cancelling their applications this month alone.

    How long can these .rip .fan etc continue to keep the lights on, what happens to the people who actually built websites on these crap extensions,

    What happens when the registry screws up, they simply claw it back with a oopsie, no respect, no customer service, just a big F U, well time to give it right back to them. Don’t buy their 99 cent promo crap.

    1. Jay

      Scamming everybody they are! It doesn’t happen often but I’ve heard stories of people registering some newgtld then the registry takes it back! Says, “oops, technical error, that was suppose to be premium”. ONCE is too much.

      Fooling endusers too, some probably aren’t even aware of how renewal works. They’ll buy a domain on promo, build their, site, then surprise! Costs $300 to renew. The high renewal costs are sickening, among everything else. There’s no reason for this!

    2. RR

      Some domain registries charge very little for the first year of registering a domain name in order to get one in, but then for renewals they increase for the next years. Are there any reasonably priced dot com renewals?

    3. WQ

      “and it’s true check out…with site founders going back to what pays the bills, their day jobs.”

      You sure about that?

    4. Snoopy

      I doubt any of the registries are making money. Icann has made a lot, don’t think anyone else has. Volumes were 10% of expectations and the whole thing is now contracting.

      Suspect most of the registries being sold are firesale’s.

  2. Jay

    Startups are using new Gtld, cctld. Some thought Gtld would be good for domainers, but now endusers have 1000 to choose from! Usually a dozen dozens that are ‘fitting’ for their cause. Maybe they’ll get big and go after the .com, but those startups are FEW. FEW compared to what you would have had coming after your .com, doing it right from the start! No matter how good your 1 word.ngtld is, price it at $500 and enduser has many similar options for under $50! Many still want .com, but NOT for $1000+ anymore. The fire is started, monkey see, monkey do, and they are, many are using the new gtld, but with 1000 to choose from, NONE of us are winning. Bye bye domainers, hope you have professional type domains, because your cute ones are done!

    1. Rod

      The thing is, these startups are going with the newgtld because the
      .com isn’t available, or they aren’t willing to shell out money for the right domain.

      They also aren’t going to pay up for the newgtld with rare exceptions for the ones who drink the Kool aid.

    2. Snoopy

      Very few using ntlds in my view. Ntlds have 1% market share all combined. The majority of the market is split between .com and hundreds of cctlds.

      1. Jay

        yes they are using ntld. go look at TECH on twitter, everyone is using ntld for their website! 1% isn’t fair when it’s JUST starting to catch on. Doesn’t mean they are good investments for us. Can’t invest when they have 1000 tld to choose.

  3. Powerpoint

    “When you put a single piece of SHIT in the STEW it is no longer STEW, it is SHIT!”

    Turd Curry, so to speak.

  4. Richard

    Have you checked Sears today, Rick?
    They plan to restructure their debt as early as the weekend.

  5. Brad Mugford

    Yep, a lot of the fake it until you make it crowd never made it and disappeared.

    I still see some new gTLD “experts” on various forums and blogs. They talk about their sales and when pressed they often fall back on the classic excuses like they don’t report sales or they are subject to NDA. LOL


  6. Jay

    I Strongly Agree.
    These gtld people can kiss my @ss.
    gtld ext like .best are for idiots. doesn’t make sense does
    If you own any gtlds you still have a chance to help the domain industry by DROPPING ALL OF THEM.

  7. mikeh

    There was a guy named Phil Harris who bought 80% of the domains, he made one big sale, but his annual renewal bill was going to be $45,000 per year to maintain that portfolio, I doubt he ever covered his purchase, plus first year renewal, but a large majority of those dropped, and were re-registered in 2018.

  8. steve

    “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Warren Buffett

    When the domain industry tide went out, the shore was spotted with toxic .crap, .manure. .fungi and the air reeked of .sulphur, .methane and putrid .carrion.

    Ships carrying chests of gold coins and legal tender, to be distributed to smart domain investors of .com, turned back and never reached port.

    GTLDs littered the harbor. Their peddlers had absconded.Their .carts, .boutiques, .wagons shuttered. Windows .shattered.
    .Gone .Vanquished .Disappeared
    Domain Town will recover, the optimists say. But there will be no more fake .tulips allowed in Domain Town.

    1. Patricia Kaehler

      I’d go peek at before I’d take time to navigate over to…

      Actually… I wouldn’t bother with either… Just thought I’d throw my 2cents in… LOL


  9. Joseph

    Any thoughts on .app domains? Yes, I know, it is another new GTLD, but because it is backed/owned by Google and has built safety features which makes HTTPS required on all connections to .app websites, it is surging in popularity. With mobile devices becoming the norm, apps are increasing in numbers and making inroads to websites. Are they pigeon shit too or can we position them under a more favorable light?

  10. Tony

    Dear Rick,

    Your posts get better every day.

    Back in the day I fell for the .mobi story hook, line and sinker, thanks to the constant hype about them coming from the Domain Masters podcast. Now I want to say thank you very much for consistently speaking your mind about the new gTLDs right from the moment of their inception. Because of you I avoided wasting a whole lot more money on useless cr#p and bought some good .coms instead that I am happy to hold onto. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

  11. steve


    I purchased some .app domains because I develop apps. In retrospect, I wish I would have saved those monies for other costs.

    Selling domains is very challenging these days, even with key word .com domains.
    Will .App domains become valuable in the future? It’s possible.
    Will there be a huge aftermarket demand for .web domains if the extension launches? Possible. But I don’t see it.
    I could not have predicted the massive failure of the GTLDs. I came close to throwing some big monies at some extensions such as .cam, .med, .fund and others. Glad I decided to not take on that risk. It would have been a disaster.

    1. Mikeh

      What does .web achieve that .net can’t?

      We have all the facts, we been down this road countless times, why do people keep F in up?

    2. Frank Meester

      take your pic

  12. Yusup babay

    I agree with you Rick Schwartz.
    I started a domain business in March 2017. Within 1 hold I have 2500 domains of 2000 domains .com and 500 gtld. and in 2018 I did not update 450 gtld domains that were of low quality. I only retained 50 gtld, which were of high quality like ticket. org, flexible. org, hoodia. net, cargo. xyz and others.

    and I am currently only focusing on investing in .com

    best regards

  13. Jeff

    I invested heavily into gTLDs and I’ve made so much money off of them. More than you would imagine making in your life. You’re a broke idiot.

    1. Mikeh

      Jeff, I ran alot of whois searches on GTLD’s don’t remember seeing any Jeff’s with constant registrations.

      Would love to hear of even one of your $25K+ sales?

    2. Mikeh

      The names I ran into a lot were Chad Wright, Phil Harris, some Konstas guy from Greece, Dan from Florida, Mike Berkens, Innovative HQ these were the constants on many of the better gtld’s.

      Never a Jeff, who made so much money, unless it was made by losing auctions to other extension operators.

  14. mike

    No BS I bought GTLDS against some of my better .com’s in a defensive position. The first week there were many inquiries, actually for the first two years it was decent. Now the inquiries have come to pretty well nil, to tire kickers using parking page inquiry forms thinking they are pre registering or something.

    I invested in them, there was some good decent sales, but you had to invest in the better terms. One company even paid me $25K for a domain that cost me $100 to register in the first week, as it was their entire business category, and they were scared. I asked for $100K, their counter was $25K paid right away, I am so happy I accepted, I would never forgive myself.

    It was getting those early sales, that you had a chance, right now these guys are sitting ducks, there is just crickets chirping, the roosters are not coming home to roost, there is no moo’s coming from the barn, she sheep have flown the flock. Nobody is spending .club kind of money inviting 50 cent anymore.

    It is all about how can we keep the ship from sinking, promo sales work great up until time of renewal.

    Don’t be fooled, this was always fool’s gold, it glittered the same way, smelled the same, but it was never the same.

    Take it from someone who has been on both sides of the fence, there is nothing like .com. Where you can literally take a $10 name, and 3 months down the road get a $15K offer from a corp entity, these kind of miracles still happen, there is plenty of .com potential. Don’t let the naysers tell you all the good names are taken, not even close.

  15. steve

    There was a recent post on from a gentleman from Australia who had done a bit of number crunching and data and predictive analytics on the domain aftermarket revenues and the downturn in steady domain sales.
    His analysis was that the annual domain selling aftermarket is about 300 million USD. Of course, private transactions are not included into the equation.
    .Com obviously would have the bulk of that pie.
    Then? .de,,.me, .org, .co, .io
    And market share for the gtlds? 3% and declining? Or?

    1. Snoopy

      I saw the blog post but where did that article show a decline in domain sales?

      The fact that people are spending $1billion to chase $300million in domain sales is not new! Most people lose in domain investing and that has always been the case and will likely never change.

  16. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    Googles failed attempt at supplanting The Strategically superior (.COM Equimoditty Platform Asset Class), with inferior new TLDs/GTLDs, is now all but over with. Google built their massive Digital Monopoly Platform almost predominately with (.COM Equimoditty Platform Assets) as their growth engine Catalyst. Ironically Google who lived by the sword, will now die by the very sword they created. JAS 10/15/18

    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger) Former ( Rockefeller I.B.E.C. Marketing Intelligence Analyst/Strategist) (Licensed C.B.O.E. Commodity Hedge Strategist) ( Domain Master)


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