One Step Ahead, or One Step Behind Defines Success and Life.

Morning Folks!!

There is a choice in life if you are one step ahead you put yourself at risk sometimes, but you also put yourself in a position to be handsomely rewarded. And as that saying goes:, when you are not the "Lead Dog," the view never changes. Aka Always looking and chasing the Ass in front of you instead of setting the pace and watching the scenery change. OUR CHOICE!

Succeeding is an acquired art. For some, it comes more natural than for others. But success and winning is a repeatable recipe. But you can't repeat unless you keep all the key elements in place. The elements acquired over the years. That's why it is so easy to spot a failure so far in advance or success so far in advance. They wear this invisible billboard that only a trained eye can see.

I wish everyone great success because I believe we each have a gift and once we discover our gift, success will automatically follow IF we act and and seize that opportunity It's like water running downhill. It just happens and you can depend on it as long as you have water and the hill.

We are all slaves. Period!! If you want to eat, have shelter, and you were not born into wealth you are a slave. We don't own our own time, and we don't own our own souls, they are mortgaged to the hilt. So we are slaves to these bills. You can be a slave to renewal fees on domains and all your other recurring bills, or you can be Master of your Domain. It's just 2-ways of looking at the same thing and then putting things in order.

Be a slave to a good work ethic. Be a slave to efficiency. Be a slave for your dream idea. Be a slave to your own being, your honor, and your character, and you will be disciplined in many different ways all designed to free you of those mental chains. Slavery today is mental, not physical. If you are a slave to bad habits and wrong-minded thinking, it is you, and only you holding yourself captive. Now you have the key, unlock your mind and critically think about everything you believe and see which thoughts survive with your new found freedom.

My advice, don't be a slave to anyone but yourself and your concept and your work ethic. As a slave, it deprives you of the time and space to think and apply your own ideas. If your boss owns you, and you are not the boss, you are a slave. When you don't own your own time, you are a slave

People think of just one step as nothing special. I am here to tell you that the difference between you being one step ahead or one step behind is life changing. Simple is what makes the world go round.

Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “One Step Ahead, or One Step Behind Defines Success and Life.

  1. Alex Verdea

    “My advice, don’t be a slave to anyone but yourself and your concept and your work ethic. As a slave, it deprives you of the time and space to think and apply your own ideas. If your boss owns you, and you are not the boss, you are a slave. When you don’t own your own time, you are a slave”

    Rick- What if you have a bad work ethic or a bad concept or operate with bad data, and you are unaware? You can own your time, and you can still be a slave. If one operates in mediocrity they are a slave period. How may people do you know that own their time and they waste it? :)

    I also think that you don’t necessarily have to be the boss.
    The solopreneur thing might not be the right path for everybody, so having a boss doesn’t make you a slave.
    Instead I think you need the right vehicle. So what’t the target?Set a huge goal and THEN figure out what vehicle you need to get into. Then you need to figure out the amount of ACTION you need to take to achieve that goal.

    Most people/organizations set goals and targets(including new year resolutions etc) to small. Halfway in the year they think they can’t achieve that target, sales, goals etc so they LOWER their target in order to “make it attainable” and “keep people/staff/yourself etc motivated” and still come up short. WRONG!

    Write this down:
    Never ever lower a target, instead increase ACTION-the doing-!!

    Some domain investors out there are getting beat up everyday because you only have 1 or 2 deals you depend on, so when the prospect comes back and says “hey meet us in the middle -win-win-deal” “hey we can only offer half” etc YOU make sense of it and DROP your price and give your product away.
    Then you get on Rick’s forum etc and whine like a little b**ch that Namebio reports all these names selling at a loss, and that Rick bought all the good names back in 1996. :)

    I suggest set a massive goal, take an unreasonable/crazy amount of action and never ever lower your targets. Do it consistently and persistently long enough and You will never be a slave to anyone ever! The amount of courage you have will determine your bank account balance…that’s another topic for another day.

    Hope my insight provides value to Rick’s audience.

    Alex Verdea

  2. Reuben

    Well, to tell you the truth, in domaining, I am not a loser. I made more money than I lost, but then I regret having been in this business for almost 8 years because, even though I am not losing, I am not happy with the profit I have made so far as I fell and think that it would have been better if I were doing something else. something more rewarding and enjoyable. I feel like this because I know I have talents to execute things almost perfectly.

    I believe if you have a well-thought project and you execute it very well, which I know I able to there is no way you can fail unless there are other factors you can not control. But domain business is not like that, it almost is a luck-based business for the ones who started it not very long ago as most domain names that people would not resist to buy on actions are taken already.

    What option is left there for me? I have to buy the already registered domain names for a considerable amount of money and then wait until an end-user comes by, and that is, if he/she comes and makes a profitable offer, and this can take many years to happen, if it will happen at all. This is the main reason why many people who own premium domains names decide to sell them on auctions as they are tired of waiting an end-user that would make a decent offer, and most likely they will sell it at a loss, but if he/she were one of those people who were there when this thing started he/she would sell a domain on auction and not lose as he/she hand registered the domain long long time ago for a couple of Dollars.

    And believe me or not, many domainers, even the pioneers, are quitting this business as it almost amounts to lottery. All these many domainers can’t be wrong. The problem is end-users scarcity, they have too many options, an endless world of alternative domain names.

    I remember Rick saying the following in one of his articles and which I am quoting bellow:

    “””Domains are far from Dead. Can’t say the same thing about Domaining!””””””

    Morning Folks!!

    “”””Great domains will be in demand for as long as we can see and probably much further. Just like a phone number or a physical address the domain name is here to stay. Domains will still be alive when we are all dead!

    As for “Domaining”, that’s an entire different story. If it were not for know-nothing newbies, most companies in the space would have nobody to prey on.

    Most domainers I know are doing everything they can to liquidate. The pioneers want out. But even with their gems it is simple why demand is down. As I have said repeatedly, the future is about ONE domain, ONE project, ONE need, at a time. The days of mass registrations by existing companies is over!! The only ones buying multiple domains are domainers and most of them are going broke and going broke fast cuz they keep buying pigeon shit.

    They don’t make an announcement when they disappear. They slither away into the sunset never to be heard again””””

    THIS ARE RICK’S OWN WORDS. Rick recognizes what I have been saying.

    So when I analyze all this I started liquidating my domain names step by step , even if at a loss and start my projects.
    I have about 8 projects, but I already concluded 2. I will show you the projects when it is the time for me to do so.
    I am an inventor, innovator, a creator, what am I doing in domaining???

  3. Reuben

    I checked the top of Namebio daily sales report page for today Friday. All domain names but 1 sold at a loss.

    1. Rick Schwartz

      And the fault for that is by the seller or the market or desperation or they overpaid or they bought marginal domain names?? All 5? More?
      It’s NOT black and white as you make it out to be. Drill down to find real answers, scratch the surface to feel good.
      You could say the same things about many stocks or commodities or real estate at times.

  4. brian

    Thanks so much Rick, this is really wonderful article and life changing. I have bookmarked this article for my daily reading

  5. Jose

    Yesterday I could not write in his post “Investment in domains: The slow dance of the millionaires!”

    But if you read the same and as always fantastic what I like most about you is that you do not hide, you always have a word or phrase to answer.

    Today request the withdrawal of Estibot because you really believe that he was a slave of valuations without a value of his own.

    How to write @Reuben in your comment, it was more to do projects and then buy domain, now do the same I have many projects of domain names (.com) that they buy based on the project that I have waiting to find the keyword to be able to find free register the domain (.com).

    I let many expire because to renew after a while no one wants to buy and before renew and lose money now change your mind, it is better if you can buy a premium domain with an appropriate investment to my future sale or Startup that is properly written as your idea and Trademark.

    I have more hope in this new stage than to return again of these last 20 years, everything to start with the death of my brother (RIP) year 1999, the death of our father (RIP) and mother (RIP), the death of my cat (RIP) in feminine, the divorce with my wife and finally the friends (RIP) that I have lost in all these years.

    You can never forget, I prefer to remember the good times, this gives me more strength to innovate projects with the speed of the world in which we live.

    Happy Day. Jose.


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