The Sky That Never Fell. Progress Never Hurt the Market, It Reinvents it!

Morning Folks!!

Ever notice most so-called experts are clueless? Who deemed them experts when they never get things right? They may be "Professional Experts" because they are social climbers that hang with the Kool Kids. Those are folks that know very little, but they play a part and pretend to know what the hell they are talking about. Most don't have a clue. How many times do you have to be wrong before you lose your title of expert??

Experts come in every field and every walk of life. Some even in the domain business. You can probably name a few right off the tip of your tongue. The pretenders.

They say things according to what the Kool Kids like and want them to say. Puppet and Ventriloquist. Countless in domaining over the years. I call them "Intellectual Body Snatchers".

But to understand what goes on in domaining you have to be acutely and keenly aware of the motives of everyone you speak or listen to. If you don't do that as a habit, you are basically getting into the car of a man with candy when you were 3 years old. Maybe it's time to grow out of that trait or at least recognize that trait when you see it.

Advertising was "Weaponized" decades ago. The Beef industry vs. the Poultry industry. That was the first one I ever recognized and is still invisible to most humans.

Another famous one was Las Vegas Vs Orlando and Disney. Those are the top 2 destinations in the USA and each tried to hurt the other. It's been going on for decades. Billions of dollars are at stake each and every WEEK! Maybe, DAY!

The Insurance industry fights with humor. I like that! They sell sizzle with a little steak.

McDonalds advertises by inspiring as does Nike and others.

The single worst offender may be The National Weather Service. Back in the 1980's they changed their software and ever since then their predictability levels have gone down 75% or more. Want the weather, the Farmers Almanac from 200 YEARS ago has a better predictability rate. There are national motives and local ones. Misinformation moves millions of people to plan perhaps not to go to the beach cuz they say it will rain. That keeps people and MONEY in the city. That's called a MOTIVE!

There are silent wars and there are loud wars.

AT&T vs Verizon is an example of a loud war. Other companies go after each other. Hertz and Avis for example. But that was before weaponization of advertising.

But now let's get to Jobs and Progress. Progress never lost a job. It reinvented and created new and better and safer and more rewarding jobs. It has done that throughout history. It may displace some in the short term. It will enrich in the long term. It always has and always will.

The point of all this is to illustrate some of the invisible crossfire that is and has been happening all around us. You can choose to be aware of all this or not. But as a business person, as a domain investor, as someone looking to better their lives, these are important things to develop not ignore.

When you can see what can't be seen with the naked eye, you will find an opportunity. Lots of opportunities. They will cross your path all the time. It's another dimension! Oh, I forgot, they don't teach that to you in College. They can't. How can they teach what they don't know and don't see? Higher education?? Maybe not!

And that is why on the days or weeks or months that I decided to find a great domain, there is always one to be had and millions not worth looking at. But the good domain jumps off the page. They stand out from the crowd. Domain trophy hunters recognize them in an instant. Have Berkens, Shilling, Rosener and myself look at a list of 1000. Bet we would pick the same 3 domains almost every time. Allow the masses of domainers to do the same thing, they will won't pick the same ones.

The latest shiny object is marijuana domains. There will be some of value. But let's say 1 million of these names have been registered. Maybe 10 million. So many domains start with "420". Less than 100 have value and even less will be bought by end users. You better have something really good. Just cuz it starts does not give it value.

I have some of these type domains. for example. Which leads me to "Prefixes" and "Verbs" and "Nouns." "" is a domain "Vein." You can put "Get" in front of so many words, goods, and services. Same with "Visit." It's a franchise within a franchise — Visitmiami.Com,, etc. So I would rather see a newbie or others drill down on those that ARE still around than wasting time and money with silly and confusing new GTLD's with no circulation.

Again, this is simply history repeating itself in a different form but with far greater rewards. I have about 15 domains starting with "Get". My first one was I guess you know where my mind was at. I immediately saw the great potential online to get laid.

I completely missed the "Visit" franchise. That was a good one!! I had to settle for visit domains using .co and not .com and since there was no demand for .co, I let them all drop and, YEARS later they are still sitting there for registration.

Here is some more history in 2 unrelated fields. Pilots vs Doctors. The ONLY reason we have our health care crisis TODAY is because of WEAK DOCTORS back in the 1950's that acquiesced to the insurance industry instead of having the BACKBONE to stand up to them. Compare that to pilots. To this day a pilot can and WILL refuse to fly a plane that is either unsafe or go up in unsafe weather. The Pilot has the final call. That's a BIG and very important difference and outcome. One group had BALLSm and the other did not!

When you REALLY want to find answers, whether you like what you find or not, simply FOLLOW THE MONEY! Who gains, who loses. You will then be able to unmask motives and define the real situation, not the one painted for you and composed for you. And when/if they get angry, BINGO!!! You just hit a nerve and that means you just got SMART!

Courses are being taught in classes about domain names by people that have never been in the domain industry, and nobody here has ever heard of them. How is that possible? How can that even work? WTF are they teaching them?? Wouldn't WE like to know? And imagine if they are teaching your kid, while you are spending $250k to put them thru college to be guided by people with a lack of experience and credentials. I sure as hell would be concerned. More concerned about that than "Progress" hitting the job market.

When I was in school they were scared that all the computers would put humans out of work. Can't we agree that the "Experts" got it ass-backward? AGAIN! Computers created more jobs and opportunity in places where there was no opportunity for a million years! It provided the greatest financial boon in the history of mankind. It may be up there with Fire, the wheel, electric, the phone! The experts are IDIOTS! Kind of like consultants. They are always between jobs!

When you study history in different forms it creates a blueprint for the future. That is the remedy for chasing yesterday. Don't chase tomorrow, you can untangle things and predict tomorrow with a fair amount of certainty. Then ACT!

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “The Sky That Never Fell. Progress Never Hurt the Market, It Reinvents it!

  1. Mark Thorpe

    You’re right, Marijuana domains are they new shiny object. Speaking of Marijuana domains, i sold recently.
    I also own and a few more weed-related domains.

    1. BullS

      Everyday I get huge offers for my marijuana domains , no hurry for me to sell,, and so many more…

      My branding is buy marijuana from the or

  2. John

    I was about to reg a “get” domain I thought was good within the last 24 hours or so, but decided against and also imagined how you guys would have the attitude that they all suck and my reg was such a bad move…

  3. Bill Kara

    Amazing writer… and great post.

    Only point Id counter is about the doctor and the pilot. Both are guided by the same thing and it’s not standing up to anything it’s – self preservation. Monatary or actual. The underlying motivator is the same.

  4. Coffee Bean

    This is a symptom of the lack of legitimacy the domain market seems to enjoy.
    Along with that, seasoned domainers are exiting and so there are fewer voices to warn newcomers of these false prophets who have for years preyed on newbies.

    These “experts” appear everywhere- offering everything from “Forex” to “SEO” classes etc. It’s a load of crap. In some countries, these classes are considered scams due to the fact that people are defrauded.

    These experts remind me of Sergei Mavrodi.
    It’s typically like this:
    1. This expert can help you start a successful career in Forex/SEO/Domaining.
    2. You must pay this “expert” money to get access his “valuable knowledge”.
    3. He’s got more classes now, and you must attend all of them to be up to date with the sudden complexities of the domain market.
    4. He has written a book, and so you should buy it.
    5. And so on…

  5. Vee

    Regarding doctors, I think they were not weak to stand up to the insurance industry, they were opportunists that got a bigger paycheck due to the insurance industry and healthcare industry.

    Here is a good blog post about the problems in health insurance and healthcare in USA and solutions how to fix the problems and lower costs:

  6. Jose

    The experts that you write in this post are very different from those of Woodstock 1969 those people who like peace, freedom, love, marijuana …, friendship, study in Universities of each state of the USA and all have a The war against Vietnam and the policies of the political experts that had never fought in a marsh of homemade traps full of nails and a dozen inexperienced young people jumping into the air in pieces, were patriotic.

    Your expert mothers receive a notification that your son had died heroically.

    In the musical film Hair it is revealed that it is the friendship towards another with different ideas but also an expert in fighting for freedom that in the end loses the friendship for another inexperienced who wanted to give his life and fight for his country, with the true ahead military experts who watch on television lie to the hundreds of thousands of young people who die or be crippled for life without insurance to work and return to the same as before and many commit suicide by leaving them aside the citizen experts from the US that prefer to see bags and coffins full of patriots.

    The History of Woodstock 1969 being very relevant those young people became “Yuppie” (short for “young urban professional” or “young, upwardly-mobile professional”) is a term coined in the early 1980s for a young professional person working in a city

    His struggle for freedom and peace saved many lives of young experts. of his age.

    Happy Day. Jose.

  7. Johan

    People need to put food on the table. An easy way is to pretend to be an expert in an field. I think of life coaches and motivational speakers, that sell tickets for events.


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