The Truth Lies somewhere in the Middle?? TOTAL NONSENSE!!

Morning Folks!!

I hate the phrase, "The truth is somewhere in the middle." I reject that. Always have. It's total bullshit. That in and of itself gives a LIE, much more weight because the TRUTH is already compromised. DUH!

In situations every day from courtrooms to a car accident it is not surprising when one party outright lies about the facts. So, if you are accurate and tell the truth and folks use that flawed standard as I described, then what??

My deceased brother was a great bullshitter but he also was a liar. I saw him in action. He would lie about something and I would challenge him. He would say they are lying too (talking about the other party) and the only way to confront a liar is to make up your own lies. He said nothing makes them crazier than dealing with another liar. Touche!

He explained about lying and perjury. He said if they locked up everyone that ever lied in a courtroom, half the population would be in jail because in the courtroom it is not uncommon for one or both parties to lie. That's what a court deals with and tries to filter thru. Lies! But you can't compromise the truth and the facts.

Lying is a bad deal to begin with. It's weak. It shows a lack of mental strength and character. Sometimes, maybe even most times, people understand the truth. And circumstance and motivation etc. Compare a mother of newborn stealing baby formula from a supermarket vs. a man stealing a bottle of wine. I might call the police on the wine guy, but I would give a case of baby formula to the mother and then follow-up in the days ahead to make sure the baby was ok and had formula.

I see countless people in life that lie as a routine. There is not even a reason for most of them to lie, but they do it out of habit. They are wired that way.

As I explained yesterday, once a salesperson lies, game over! See I have only one real allergy in life. I am allergic to bullshit and I can't stand liars. So, the only way you can handle a liar is to avoid them or invent a bigger and better lie to make them nuts. They have no plan for that and they will wilt on the spot!

The truth being in the middle is a copout. It seldom is. Deciding who is credible and who is not is a harder task. So never be mentally lazy when you are trying to figure out the truth.

Rick Schwartz

9 thoughts on “The Truth Lies somewhere in the Middle?? TOTAL NONSENSE!!

  1. Erich

    I have figured that all of my so called “good friends” lied to me and betrayed me. Then I completely cut off all connections and communication with all of them. I think what hurts these kind of people most is when you just ignore them. I have read lots of stuff about “narcissist” people and the best way to deal with them is to ignore them. I have experienced this in practice and it works great. It is also important to cut-off all connections with them via a prayer to archangel Michael…

    1. Erich

      Liers always think that they are more intelligent than the people they lie to. But the good thing is: they reveal themselves and their lies with their gesture and facial expression. Liers also need to have a great memory in order to remember their lies, which is what they are ususally lacking. You just need to ask questions and confront them. After a certain time, they entangle themselves in contradictions and (without even knowing) they reveal the truth. These people not only have a lack of mental strength and character, I would say most of them have psychological issues.

  2. Andrew Hyde

    Time always reveals the truth. And, malicious omissions are lies too, just like bearing a false witness. To quote John Wayne, ‘I can handle a thief, but I have no use for a liar’.

    1. Doss

      Normally I would just keep scrolling and ignore this drivel. The idea that truth is center of all things has credibility . None of us can re tell an account with out our own spin . Then there is the he said she said seeking to take credit or lay blame the truth being in the middle
      Liberal left conservative right both use half truths to obtain an agenda
      The way is straight and narrow is the path
      Many are called few will find it
      Truth knowledge wisdom
      So the saying “ truth is in the middle “ refers to much deeper contemplation than than who shit in the oatmeal.

  3. John

    This “truth is somewhere in the middle” has been a pet peeve of mine for years. I refer to it as “intellectual correctness.” Not surprisingly I’m not the only one who invented that phrase for it, but I did from my perspective.

    Given your (Rick’s) recent treatise on “bulls**t” in the world of business, I would suggest that your “allergy” is really against the form that I referred to their as “lying bulls**t.” That’s the virulent kind, the destructive kind. Amen, hate it too.

    Truth is actually a far bigger passion for me than domain names and business. That’s why I’m constantly “truth telling” in the blogs and saying things that tend to upset the apple cart of domaining “establishment narrative” and propaganda.

    By the way, how did forcing those Estibot figures to appear with every listing at the NamesCon auction work out for everyone anyway?

  4. Bul

    Does that mean you no longer support Donald Trump? I have never seen a liar like him. He is the president of the greatest country in the known history of the world and he still lies about every damn thing.

  5. Jose

    The truth must always be above the lie in many courts of justice and in others that are sentenced to death.

    The truth-teller is innocent postponed when he found out that telling the truth and the one who lies in front of the court for being racist, for being religious and having his beliefs has medals for his courage to say and swear in court his truth that in the end, They were lies.

    Make a list of all the liars who have sent death row to many innocents.

    The court lies, the juice is a pure lie, this one who talks behind his oval table, let’s say, and so on to an incalculable infinite.

    Happy Day. Jose.


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